After hours upon hours of research, I felt like I was getting nowhere. Planning our dream trip to Italy was starting to feel like an extra job. Discovering places to go and things to see when we got there was exciting but I was wondering what to prioritize to make sure our trip was special.

The internet had uncovered so many options and when I consulted my trusty guidebooks for Italy, they only had a few pages dedicated to some of the towns I wanted to visit. Even then, most of the information was background and the history of the area. And that was not the help I needed to plan our great Italian adventure.

I needed to know how we could fit this into our travel plans. Was the information up to date? And, were the sources trustworthy? 

What I really needed was a way to find things to do in each place that suited our interests. A resource that included highlights and some off the beaten path secrets. I didn’t need a full historical context or story behind each place but was looking for a quick summary of why we should include or remove it from our plans.

I was also looking for detailed practical information about arrivals, departures and getting around.

How could it be this hard?

Introducing Untold Italy ESSENTIAL GUIDES

Concise printable PDF guides to popular destinations in Italy. Our guides provide essential information for your trip so you can plan your days efficiently and see and do the things that most appeal to you and your travel companions.

$US 17 - buy now
$US 17 - buy now
$US 17 - buy now

What makes our GUIDEs different?

We compiled Italy’s must see and do experiences plus off the beaten track ideas into concise, easy to digest printable PDF guides to some of Italy’s most popular destinations.

We’re committed to giving you the latest information. The guides are refreshed and updates sent to you after our 6 monthly review.

With our ESSENTIAL GUIDES you will

  • Slash your trip planning time so that you can relax and get in vacation mode
  • Discover the highlights and our favorite hidden secrets of popular destinations in Italy
  • Day trips to factor into your planning
  • Learn where to go for the best views so you can take amazing photos
  • Know the best places to eat – no tourist trap meals for you!
  • Learn what to order – try the local dishes and wine
  • Know what to pack

What’s inside our essential guides

  • A very brief history and context of each place.
  • All the essential sights and attractions on one page for each destination including minimum time to visit
  • Best view points and experiences you must have in each place
  • Favorite restaurants and gelato stops based on years of research!
  • Link to our online map with addresses of all places mentioned in the guide
  • One page packing checklist
  • Format you can print or keep on your phone (no carrying huge guidebooks around or sifting through articles)

Buy your travel guides here

$US 17 - buy now
$US 17 - buy now
$US 17 - buy now

Meet your Italy trip planning expert

profile - Untold Italy

Ciao friends!

I cannot wait to help you plan your trip to beautiful Italy.

This is the country I love to visit most of all and after over 30 trips to Italy I’ve learned a few things about where to find the best carbonara and how long you should plan to spend at the major sites.

Italy is best savored, not rushed.  And the best way to make sure you have plenty of time for strolling with gelato and soaking up the atmosphere in the piazza is to make sure you plan your trip with precision. We want to make sure you leave plenty of buffer time for those la dolce vita moments and never have bad gelato!

Andiamo! Let’s get planning!

Katy Clarke

Founder Untold Italy travel site and podcast


Are the guides up to date?

Our guides are checked for accuracy and refreshed every 6 months. If there has been a material change to the information we will send you a new copy free of charge

How long will it take for me to get my guide?

Our guides are published in digital PDF format so you will receive them via email as soon as you make your purchase. We will send the bonus booking site guide in a separate email.

Can I get the same information from a physical guide book?

Possibly. However no guidebook we know of has simplified the information on what’s great to see and do in these locations without lengthy explanations. Or grouped them in logical interest areas.

You won’t find many of our restaurant and gelato picks in the usual guides either. We take the taste testing of our food stops very seriously!

Can I find the same information online for free?

No doubt with hours of searching and meticulous details you can find similar information. However, the challenge with the internet is can verify the source and freshness of what you are reading. 

We work with contacts all over Italy to bring you the most up to date and correct information and will send you an updated guide when there are material changes to our guides. 


Do the guides include detailed explanations of each sight and attraction?

No. There are plenty of resources available both online and in book format to help you with this already. We created our Untold Italy Essential Guides to simplify your planning and choose the things you want to do quickly without having to read through lots of text. 

There is definitely a time and place for understanding the history and symbolism behind the sights in Italy. In fact, we’ve written lots of articles on this. But for your trip planning, these essential guides will help you plan your Italian days with ease.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital product we don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please contact us at service@untolditaly.com should you have any problems with your order.


We know that the sights and places to visit in Italy are the things you’re probably most excited about. But, you’ll also need accommodation, transport and activities.

So we’re also sending you our favorite booking sites for Italy cheat sheet so you can stop trawling websites, book your trip and relax.

Amazing guide

I looked through the Venice guide and it is amazing!  You did a wonderful job putting all that together!

Cassie / USA


Thank you Katy, the Venice guide is fantastic… love love love it!! I desperately want to be there!!

Kirsty / Australia
$US 17 - buy now
$US 17 - buy now
$US 17 - buy now