Italy Trip Planning Made Easy

A step by step guide

Want to plan your dream trip to Italy without the overwhelm? Learn how to create your ultimate Italy trip in the vacation time you have available and be ready to make the most of your experience when you get there.


Sitting on the coach heading back to Venice airport, I was full of the memories and experiences that I would forever hold close of my first time in Italy. They were magical days and my heart was full of wonder but there was something at the back of my mind.

While I appreciated the security of knowing we had a tour guide there ready to answer questions, sometimes the tour schedule didn’t suit my mood, I felt a bit rushed or we skipped some of the experiences I know I would have loved. And when I looked back on the trip, we actually didn’t ask the guide much at all. It was a lot more fun figuring things out on my own.

I vowed that the next time I returned to Italy, I’d plan the trip myself including all the details and experiences that were important to me.

That was me on my very first trip to Italy and continental Europe. I’d taken a bus tour of the Italian lakes that stopped in Venice and Verona and had a wonderful time. But, I knew if I had planned the trip myself it would have been even more memorable. 

The challenge was:

    • Where should I start?
    • When should I go?
    • Where should I go?
    • How would I get around?
    • Where should I stay?
    • What important details did I need to know?

I knew I wanted to plan my own trip but the planning process became overwhelming.

As soon as I went online there were hundreds of websites, opinions and options. How would I know what were the right ones for me and my partner. And it was taking so long. The amount of information available was turning planning our trip into a full time job

I wondered, should I go back to the drawing board and join another group tour. Thinking back, apart from the scheduling challenges, there were some people in the group I didn’t connect with. This was an experience I wanted to share with my loved ones, not random strangers.

Or should I hire a travel agent who could look after the details for me? But, I really wanted to build this trip on my own and anyway, could an agent offer me what I was looking for and would I get the best deal or just the ones the agent was paid to promote.

“I was going around in circles!”

So far, to get this trip planned I had spent (conservatively) 100s of hours on

  • DIY online research and trawling through huge amounts of information. I wondered is it credible? How do I know what recommendations are right for me and my travel companions. It was taking so long and I was getting overwhelmed with choice
  • Searching for another guided tour of Italy – maybe I could find one that had schedule that covered all that we wanted to see (too many churches? Am I right?) with people I may not like spending time with
  • Investigating travel agents – but would they have my best interests at heart. Could I find a good one that showed me options beyond the one that gave them the best commission?

It was starting to feel like a full time job and the effort was sucking the life out of the joy and excitement I felt about planning my own trip.

Ultimately I wanted to plan this trip myself but I knew I needed help

Which is when I started looking for tutorials to help me plan my trip to Italy. I didn’t find any that were thorough enough or addressed the critical getting around and managing transit times and methods effectively. It was really frustrating. After many trips to Italy I refined this process down to a fine art and now I want to share it with you!

Imagine if you could build your dream Italy trip – flights, itinerary, accommodation and activity choices, insurance and packing in a few days, knowing that the choices you made would suit you and your travel companions and create memories that last a lifetime in a matter of days.

If you’ve been spending hours trawling the internet getting nowhere, stop right now. You can plan your dream trip with an itinerary full of experiences that you’ll be proud to share and put the fun back into your trip planning.

Introducing “Italy Trip Planning Made Easy”

This is our step by step guide and process to planning your dream trip to Italy with ease.

We’ve streamlined the Italy trip planning process to bring you an essential step by step guide to building a plan that you and your travel companions are going to love. Avoid the overwhelm and stay focused on the actions you need to take to make the trip you’re dreaming of a reality.

If you’ve been wondering how to fit in everything you want to see and do in Italy, you’ll learn how to build your own itinerary without help from agents or tour companies. An itinerary that takes you to all your preferred highlights and experiences so you’ll have memories you treasure forever.

You’ll get huge satisfaction planning a trip for your loved ones from start to finish that includes the right accommodations for your budget and experiences that can only be had in bella Italia. 

Plus, as we navigate a new era of travel, we keep you up to date on the latest requirements and must knows for travel in Italy with respect to Covid.

what’s inside

This online course has 7 modules that take you through the trip planning process, including deciding where to go, booking flights, critical documentation, itinerary planning, accommodation selection through to packing.

Each module includes video and audio tutorials of the specific actions you need to take to get your trip planned and booked. We’ve included a workbook, downloads and checklists to make sure you stay on track and your information is clearly organized.

Module 1Inspiration organization – Map out all your ideas before you start
Module 2Documentation – Make sure your crucial documents are in order
Module 3Flights – Find flights that work best for your travel plan and budget
Module 4Itinerary – Create your base itinerary that you refine until it matches your dream trip
Module 5Accommodation – Where to stay – best districts / style
Module 6Getting around – When to drive or take the train, plane or ferry
Module 7Pre departure – Final itinerary plan, wifi access, arrival info, packing lists

    • Bonus module – Covid considerations for travel to Italy. Requirements and restrictions are changing quickly. We’ll update the latest official advisories and answer your questions about traveling to Italy in the time of Covid.
    • Bonus – Italy tips ebook – all our must know tips for traveling Italy with ease in one handy document


  • Italy Trip Planning Made Easy private Facebook community – a place where you can meet to discuss your travel plans, queries and frustrations with support from fellow travelers and Italy travel expert Katy Clarke from popular travel podcast and website Untold Italy.
  • Monthly Q&A coaching session in the group with Katy where I’ll answer all your travel questions and help you address where you’re getting stuck.


profile - Untold Italy

Host of the Untold Italy podcast and Italy Travel Planning community, Katy has a life long passion for bella Italia that started on her first trip there over 20 years ago. Having completed over 30 trips to Italy including its iconic cities, picturesque towns and classic coastal resorts, she is passionate about helping others create their dream trip to Italy.

After so many trips to Italy, Katy knows not only the destinations but also the important practical information you need to have a stress free experience in a country you’re not familiar with. She is in regular contact with friends across Italy to ensure that all the information and tips provided are accurate and up to date.

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Italy Trip Planning Made Easy is a self paced course that fast tracks your trip planning to build your dream Italy itinerary in a matter of days. It includes:

  • 7 learning modules focused on key areas of trip planning specific to travel in Italy
  • Private Facebook community for coaching and support in a friendly and fun environment
  • Monthly live Q&A where you can ask your burning questions 
  • Bonus – module on travel in time of covid (will be updated regularly as situation changes)
  • Bonus – Italy tips ebook – all our favorite must know tips for having the perfect trip to Italy in a handy ebook

Price – $US 149

TIME SENSITIVE – We’re opening up the program on June 1st 2021. Join today and access an extra exclusive group Q&A session with Katy with a limited number of presale members.




When does the course start?

The course will be available for early adopters on 1st June 2021. We have a limited number of presale spots available for that date. If you join us then you’ll have access to an exclusive group Q&A session with Katy where you can ask your travel questions and get feedback on your current travel plans.

Is there any point planning a trip right now due to Covid?

Yes! Apart from the well documented benefits of trip planning on your mood, when travel becomes possible there will be a rush on flights, accommodation and other travel services. Those who are well prepared with a bookable plan will be best place to secure deals and potentially limited flight opportunities.

Can I travel to Italy at the moment and what are the restrictions?

Travel to Italy for tourism purposes is currently under review for many countries. The situation is fluid with announcements from the Italian government expected throughout May and June. What we do know – the vaccination program is underway and many tour operators have told us they are fully booked for the 2021 fall/autumn season.

It is likely that a combination of proof of vaccination and/or testing will be required in order to enter Italy.

Our bonus “Travel in the time of covid” module will be regularly updated as the situation changes and you’ll have direct access to Katy who tracks all the official announcements to help you make the best decisions on when and how to travel.

How long does the program take

This is a self paced course that can take as little as a week to complete taking one module per day. We will release two modules per week for the next 3 weeks. The final module and bonuses will be available in the 4th week or sooner depending on feedback. You will have lifetime access to the course materials however so you can fit it into your schedule

How long will I have access to the course

You will have lifetime access to the course materials and can access the materials at any time once they are released.

Will I have access to assistance should I get stuck?

Our founder Katy will host a monthly travel Q&A live in our private Facebook group. Each call is recorded and made available to course members to view at any time. We are, of course, available at any time via email if you have any technical queries. 

What if I can’t make the live calls?

You can submit your questions prior to the call and watch a live replay


Do not hesitate to contact us at ciao@untolditaly.com and we would be delighted to help.

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