incredible reasons to visit Rome in winter

winter in rome

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Rome is one of the world’s most fascinating cities to visit and Rome in winter is amazing. Crisp yet sunny winter days are the perfect weather for outdoor sightseeing, while cooler nights call for hearty pasta dishes and red wine.

The city is popular all year round but crowds dwindle in the winter so you can enjoy the sights with fewer people and get your coveted photos of the Trevi fountain.

At Christmas there is a festive atmosphere

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Rome in winter


Best pasta eating weather

I can eat pasta in any weather but if you’re like me then it seems to taste even more delicious when it’s cooler outside. There’s nothing quite building up an appetite wandering the streets of Rome and then finding a small trattoria or cosy restaurant for a pasta lunch. Somehow your carbonara is

Fewer crowds

Christmas lights and festive cheer

Rome starts getting ready for Christmas in early November. Stores and restaurants around the city decorate their windows for the season and the atmosphere is truly festive. Being the home of the Roman Catholic church, the Vatican is a focal point for Christmas celebrations.


If it’s not Christmas for you without a Christmas tree you won’t be disappointed. There are huge Christmas trees outside St Peter’s basilica in the Vatican and the Colosseum.

Seasonal dishes

Beautiful winter light

Best weather for sightseeing

Hotel prices are cheaper

Views for miles

Will you book a winter trip to Rome


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