Trip Consultant Profile

Trip Consultant Profile

Olivia Windsor

olivia windsor untold italy trip consultant



Rome • Tuscany • Piedmont • Umbria • Sicily • Puglia • Italian wine • Foodie trips 

I’m an Australian living in Italy for 5+ years and recently married my Italian husband.

Together with Katy, I create the itineraries for our Untold Italy Tours, so it’s an absolute passion to plan trips around food, wine, culture and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

I have wine qualifications and run an Italian wine website called Italian Wine Tales so I especially like to plan trips around winery visits, food experiences and great restaurants.

I’ve lived in Bologna, Turin and now the beautiful yet chaotic city Roma!

I love the hospitality, warmth and generosity of the Italian people and the incredible diversity of food, culture and landscapes here.

My favorite thing when traveling in Italy is to find slow food experiences and destinations a little off the beaten path.