Episode #152: Dishes to try in Bologna and the Emilia Region

  Emilia is part of the Emilia-Romagna region where you’ll find Bologna, Parma and Modena. With famous products like Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and the Balsamic vinegar di Modena, this area is renowned within Italy and around the world as a foodie destination. Alongside these wonderful products, we talk about some of dishes […]

Episode #151: 2023 Italy trip planning with 2022 hindsight

  If you’re planning a trip to Italy in 2023 or beyond, it can be invaluable to learn from the lessons of 2022 travelers – about what has changed, any mistakes they’ve made & other tips & tricks. Recent events have meant changes to world travel in general and Italy is no exception, and with […]

Episode #150: What to Wear in Italy: A Guide to Planning your Italy Trip Outfits

  What to wear on your trip to Italy? The short answer is – whatever you like! But while we all want to feel comfortable when we’re on vacation, it is a time when more photos than usual are being taken and you’re eating out more than you would at home, so we also want […]

Best Hotels in Trastevere Rome [2023 edition]

best hotels in trastevere rome

If you’re visiting Rome for history and culture, you should definitely stay in a neighborhood that embodies the city’s character. In this article we share the best hotels in Trastevere, a popular district that pulses with a vibrant charm. An ancient district of the Eternal City,  centuries of history and tradition blend perfectly with funky, […]