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Episode #190: Vicenza – Elegant Renaissance City Near Venice

Listen to “Vicenza – Elegant Renaissance City Near Venice” on Spreaker. Vicenza, in the Veneto region of Italy, is often overlooked – with visitors to the region heading to Venice and Verona. But there are plenty of reasons to head to this Italian gem – that is hiding in plain sight. From Vicenza city itself […]

Episode #189: Pour Yourself a Glass – Discovering Italian White Wines

Listen to “Pour Yourself a Glass: Discovering Italian White Wines” on Spreaker. Sipping a glass of chilled, delicious Italian white wine is often featured in daydreams of an Italian summer trip. Wine making and drinking is a big part of Italian culture and has been since Roman times with generations of families having poured their […]

Episode #188: How to enjoy the incomparable Italian Coast

Listen to “EP188 Untold Italy Coastal Escapes MASTER” on Spreaker. A trip to the beach in Italy might conjure up images of living la bella vita on the Amalfi Coast, but with nearly 5000 miles of coastline, Italy has so much more to offer than the 34-mile stretch of the Amalfi Coast. The Italian coast […]

Episode #187: Cheap Eats in Italy – Tasty Street Foods to Try

Listen to “Tasty Street Foods to Try in Italy” on Spreaker. Italian street food is not only delicious, easily available and budget-friendly but it is also a reflection of the local culture and traditions. In Italy, the locals have developed their own traditions and snacks based on what produce is available and often to help […]

Episode #186: Captivating Catania – Sicilian City of Charm

Listen to “Captivating Catania – Sicilian City of Charm” on Spreaker. The stunning island of Sicily has been receiving some justified attention recently, and its second city of Catania should not be overlooked when planning a trip to Sicily. Often in the shadow of her more famous sister Palermo, beautiful Baroque Catania sits at the […]

Episode #185: Venetian Cicchetti – A food lovers guide

Listen to “Venetian Cicchetti: As told by the Cicchetti Queen!” on Spreaker. A trip to Venice would not be complete without sampling some Cicchetti – the famous small bites you can order with a drink in the Osterias and Bacaris of the City of Canals. Unique to Venice, Cicchetti are best enjoyed with some delicious […]

Episode #184: 2023 Summer update from Italy

Listen to “Summer 2023 Update from Italy” on Spreaker. Travel to Italy has never been more popular, which whilst for good reason, means for those visiting soon or planning their visits now, there are some things you need to consider to help your trip run smoothly. We share tips on where to go, how to […]

Episode #183: Wheeling around Italy: Accessible Travel Tips

Listen to “Wheeling around Italy: Accessible Travel Tips for Your Italian Trip” on Spreaker. Italy is a country we believe everyone should visit at least once in their lives. But some of the things that add to Italy’s charms, like cobbled streets and hill-top towns, can be a challenge for anyone with accessibility issues.  We […]

Episode #182: A Tale of Roman Pastas – Part Two

  Rome’s mouth-watering pasta dishes induce such passionate discussion that this is part two of our chat with Roman local, food tour host and former chef Nesim where he shares the tales, techniques, and tips for Carbonara and Amatriciana. Find out where to taste the best of the famous four pasta dishes and other pastas […]

Episode #181: A Tale of Roman Pastas – Part One

  While we often proclaim that Italian food is more than just pasta, there’s no getting away from the fact that the pasta you’ll eat on any trip to Italy is usually incredibly delicious and unforgettable. And Rome’s four main pasta dishes are definitely something to seek out on a trip to the Eternal City. […]