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Episode #213: Wines of Southern Tuscany – Brunello di Montalcino and Beyond

Listen to “Wines of Southern Tuscany – Brunello di Montalcino and Beyond” on Spreaker. We uncork the story of Brunello di Montalcino wine and the revered Tuscan wine region, in the Val d’Orcia, where it is produced. Each bottle of wine holds not just a vintage, but a sip of the captivating history and dedication […]

Episode #211: Eating Out In Italy – Etiquette Tips and More

Listen to “Eating in Italy: Etiquette Tips to Make the Most of Your Trip” on Spreaker. Food and eating in Italy are not just seen as sustenance but a part of the cultural experience and a passionate topic of conversation. We delve into Italian food etiquette – exploring the vibrant market culture, the nuances of […]

Episode #210: Travel Smart to Italy – Your Guide to New Regulations and Important Dates

Listen to “Travel Smart to Italy: Your Guide to New Regulations and Important Dates” on Spreaker. If you are traveling to Italy in 2024 or 2025, it would be wise to brush up on the latest travel regulations and important dates to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to Italy. We share info on some […]

Episode #209: Delicious Winter Dishes from Tuscany

Listen to “Warming Winter Dishes from the Heart of Tuscany” on Spreaker. We take you on a culinary journey through the winter delights of Tuscany. When people think of Tuscany they might picture idyllic sunflower-filled summers or the iconic grape harvest, but winter in Tuscany is a magical time. Comforting, hearty food based on seasonal […]

Episode #208: Introducing the Amazing Artisans of Venice

Listen to “Introducing the Amazing Artisans of Venice” on Spreaker. Venice has always been a treasure trove of artisans whose skilled hands have woven the fabric of tradition for centuries. From the elaborate mask makers, the gold and glass jewelry makers to the leather, wood and print workers, these artisans embody the essence of Venetian […]

Episode #207: How to find the perfect stay for your Italy trip

Listen to “How to Find the Perfect Stay for your Italy Trip” on Spreaker. Accommodation options in Italy range from swanky hotels to cozy Airbnbs, charming historic B&Bs or retreating to stunning agriturismo or Masseria in the Italian countryside, amongst other unique and interesting options. We guide you through the rich tapestry of Italian hospitality […]

Episode #206: Barolo – King of Wines and its wonderful region

Listen to “Brilliant Barolo in Piedmont – Region of the King of Italian wines” on Spreaker. Wine is an important part of Italian culture, with over 450 grape varieties grown across Italy’s 20 regions – and the wine produced is always designed to pair perfectly with local dishes. Barolo, affectionately hailed as the ‘King of […]

Episode #205: Best Ever Tips for your 2024 Italy Trip

Listen to “Planning Your 2024 Italy Trip: Our Best Ever Tips” on Spreaker. Planning a trip to Italy in 2024 and beyond? As you gear up for an unforgettable adventure, meticulous planning can be the key to transforming your dream trip into a reality. To help you navigate planning a memorable trip to this enchanting […]

Episode #204: A sparkling Sorrento Christmas

Listen to “A Sparkly Sorrento Christmas” on Spreaker. If you think of Sorrento, overlooking the Bay of Naples, in Southern Italy, chances are you’ll picture scenes of the summertime. Our guest Lee Trapani from Gourmet Girls Italy Food Tours shares why winter and especially Christmas is a magical time to visit Sorrento, enjoying steaming plates […]