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highlights of the amalfi coast

Episode #014: Amalfi Coast highlights

Are you dreaming of the Amalfi Coast? So are we! Constantly it seems. This stunning stretch of coastline is recognized as an area of great physical beauty and natural diversity by UNESCO. Combine that with a rich culture, colorful houses and the azure blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and you get one of the […]

untold italy podcast episode 12

Episode #012: Thinking of Italy and tips for reorganizing your 2020 trip

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and not what anyone planning trips to Italy this year expected. As we post this update, Italy is in lockdown with schools, universities, shops, bars, restaurants, museums and attractions closed. In this episode we share our disappointment at canceled trips, send a big hug to our friends […]

episode 11 - getting around italy

Episode #011: Getting around Italy by train, car, bus, plane and more

Wondering how to get around on your trip to Italy? In this episode we talk about the best transport options to choose depending on your itinerary. Getting around efficiently will ensure you maximise your time in each place you visit. So you can relax and enjoy seeing the sights. Show notes Understanding your transport options […]

insiders view of the cinque terre

Episode #009: An insider’s view of the Cinque Terre

Visiting the villages of the Cinque Terre is a bucket list item for many. But what’s it like to live there? Riomaggiore resident and Cinque Terre insider Amy Inman joins us to tell us about her beautiful home and the unsung winemaking heroes who maintain the fragile landscapes we swoon over. Show notes Can you […]

accommodation in italy

Episode #008: Accommodation in Italy – hotels, AirBnB, agriturismo and more

Booking accommodation for your trip to Italy can be stressful. If you’re not sure of the best locations and style of lodging to expect, how do you know if you’ve made a good choice? Show notes We both love finding the perfect stays for our trips to Italy and are here to share our favorite […]

tipping in italy

Episode #007: Do you need to tip in Italy?

Tipping is a subject that confuses many visitors to Italy. This is because we each bring with us cultural expectations of what is and isn’t acceptable when giving tips. In this episode we explain tipping in Italy compared with the culture in the United States, Australian and the UK. Show notes If you’re worried whether […]