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Episode #127: Best of Untold Italy – A Wander through Trastevere

  We’re headed back to Rome, the Eternal City, revisiting another of our most popular episodes –  A Wander through Trastevere. Our guest, award-winning travel journalist and author Maria Pasquale is a Trastevere resident herself and guides us through the cobbled, vine-draped streets that make up this charming neighborhood and tells us about the best […]

Episode #126: What is an Agriturismo? (and why you should stay in one)

  Staying in an agriturismo is both a special and immersive experience. It is a great opportunity to see and feel the real Italy, but what exactly is an agriturismo and where do you find one?  Agriturismo loosely translated means farm stays but can encompass a simple self-catered stay on a farm through to some […]

Episode #125: Best of Untold Italy – Packing for Italy

  We’re revisiting one of our most popular episodes and topics – packing for our trip to Italy. Our guest, sharing her tips and tricks was podcast regular and all-around Italy guru, Corinna Cooke, author of the Glam Italia guides and boutique tour leader.  Show notes In this episode, we look back on one of […]

Episode #123: 5 tips for learning Italian fast

  Learning some Italian for your trip is one of the best ways to enrich your travel experience. When you’re in Italy, there’s so much satisfaction in ordering your very first gelato and getting a smile back when you manage to say what you once thought was a total tongue twister. But where to start? […]

Episode #122: Amalfi Coast Hikes – Alternatives to the Path of the Gods

  Nothing can prepare you for the jaw-dropping beauty of the Amalfi Coast coastline and one of the best ways to see it and experience it is on foot. There are over 120 trails along the coast and whilst the Path of the Gods might be the most well-known, there are many alternative hikes that […]

Episode #121: Islands of Venice

  Venice is famous for its canals but the lagoon that surrounds Venice contains many fascinating places that most visitors don’t see – mostly because they don’t know what is possible. These lesser-known islands of Venice are so important to the city’s ecosystem –  for food, wine, and culture. With well over 100 Islands in […]

Episode #120: Mistakes to avoid when planning your trip to Italy

  Whether you’re new to travel in Italy, or you’ve not been for a while and your trip planning skills have gotten a little rusty, we’ve put together a list of some common mistakes to avoid when planning your trip to Italy. Show notes In this episode, we look at some of the things that […]