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Episode #118: Fine tuning the details of a trip to Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast

  In this episode, we share a live session from our Italy Travel Planning Facebook community, where group member Jen joined Danielle Oteri from Feast Travel for a trip consultation – which is an itinerary review with suggestions on how to structure your trip and make the most of your time in Italy.  Jen and […]

Episode #117: Porchetta, Pasta and Panzanella – Dishes from Umbria

  In this episode, we head to Italy’s green heart – beautiful Umbria, where you’ll find beautiful green pastures, hills topped with ancient villages, and important Medieval cities and discover its wonderful dishes made with porchetta, pasta, panzanella, and more! Show notes We talk to Letizia Mattiacci, a cookbook author who runs a cooking school in […]

Episode #116: Extend your Italy trip budget with these travel hacks

  Travel prices in Italy and across the world have been, for lots of reasons, creeping up for things like flights and transport, etc and eating into our budgets. Even if you’re not a budget traveler you want to get the very best bang for your buck and by saving some money on flights and accommodation, […]

Episode #114: Welcome to Emilia Romagna

  Let’s go to Emilia Romagna, a central Italian region between Florence and Venice. In this hugely diverse region you’ll find mountains, beaches, ancient roads, medieval and Renaissance towns, alongside, of course, the country’s best-loved food products and dishes – making it the perfect foodie destination.  Show notes We hear from Giulia Tamarri, a Tour […]

Episode #113: Spring Dishes from Tuscany

  In this episode, we head once more to beautiful Tuscany to take a peek into the rhythm of life and seasonality that makes the produce and dishes of this region so special.  Show notes We talk to proud Tuscan Giulia Scarpaleggia – a food writer, video tutorial creator, and cooking class instructor from Juls’ […]

Episode #112: Caserta Palace – A Glittering Jewel Near Naples

  In this episode, we look beyond the more well-known Italian history of Ancient Rome and the Renaissance and head to the 18th-century to learn about the wealthy and powerful Kingdom of Naples and an incredible woman from a powerful family that had influence all over Europe and a palace so grand that some say, […]

Episode #111: Carnevale in Venice – Parties, Costumes, and more

  It’s Carnevale time in Venice! This annual spectacle and celebration is one of the most spectacular festivals in the world. Carnevale is somewhat similar to Mardi Gras in the United State and it is celebrated throughout Italy – with costumes, parades, feasting and general partying. But no-one does it better than Venice! Show notes […]

Episode #110: Italy’s Most Romantic Places

  In a tribute to San Valentino (Saint Valentine), we are celebrating all the beauty and romance that is found all over Italy. Beauty and romance mean different things to different people, so one person’s swoon-worthy view from the fancy Terrazza Danieli in Venice is another’s sweeping vistas from a hike between the villages of […]

Episode #109: Women of Ancient Rome and Italy: the untold story

  Italy has a rich and exciting past but how many of the stories, history books and hence tours we experience in Italy are focused on the powerful male protagonists who wrote these narratives? We take a look at the past from a different perspective and learn about Italy’s history of influential women and the […]