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Episode #216: 10 Reasons We Love Italy’s Umbria Region

Listen to “10 Reasons We Love Italy’s Umbria Region” on Spreaker. The region of Umbria has earned its endearing nickname of the ‘Green Heart of Italy’. With verdant landscapes, medieval hilltop towns, and a timeless allure, this central Italian region, is often overlooked compared to it’s more famous neighbor, Tuscany. As the only landlocked region […]

Visiting Italy in April – Reasons to Go and What to Expect

italy in april

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Each region has its own flavor, from the extraordinary culture and architecture in Rome to the beautiful beaches dotted along the coastal areas. The country attracts visitors year-round; however, visiting Italy in April has many unique opportunities to […]

Episode #215: Discover Regional Italy Without a Car

Listen to “How to Discover Regional Italy Without a Car” on Spreaker. Discovering regional Italy without a car opens up a world of different and unique experiences for visitors. While the allure of iconic destinations like Rome, Florence, and Venice is undeniable, there’s a hidden charm waiting to be discovered in the lesser-known corners of […]

Episode #210: Travel Smart to Italy – Your Guide to New Regulations and Important Dates

Listen to “Travel Smart to Italy: Your Guide to New Regulations and Important Dates” on Spreaker. If you are traveling to Italy in 2024 or 2025, it would be wise to brush up on the latest travel regulations and important dates to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to Italy. We share info on some […]

Venice Tourist Tax – Latest information on the new Access Pass for Venice

Venice Tourist Tax - Latest Information

Visiting Venice in 2024? You need to be aware of a new requirement for ALL visitors. Starting on specific days in April 2024 the city will collect a fee to enter the city aimed at the large number of day trippers who put pressure on the city’s delicate infrastructure. Historically visitors staying overnight pay a […]

Episode #207: How to find the perfect stay for your Italy trip

Listen to “How to Find the Perfect Stay for your Italy Trip” on Spreaker. Accommodation options in Italy range from swanky hotels to cozy Airbnbs, charming historic B&Bs or retreating to stunning agriturismo or Masseria in the Italian countryside, amongst other unique and interesting options. We guide you through the rich tapestry of Italian hospitality […]

Episode #205: Best Ever Tips for your 2024 Italy Trip

Listen to “Planning Your 2024 Italy Trip: Our Best Ever Tips” on Spreaker. Planning a trip to Italy in 2024 and beyond? As you gear up for an unforgettable adventure, meticulous planning can be the key to transforming your dream trip into a reality. To help you navigate planning a memorable trip to this enchanting […]