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Episode #089: Harvest in Tuscany

  This week, we head to Tuscany’s gorgeous Chianti region to talk about an important and exciting season – harvest-time. At this time, grapes are harvested for wine, olives for olive oil, and truffles and porcini mushrooms are foraged for in the woods. Villages and towns hold festivals to celebrate the abundance of wonderful produce.  […]

Unique gifts from Tuscany – artisan products and souvenirs

tuscan gifts - ceramics

Visiting the Tuscan countryside is a highlight of many Italian trips. If you want a memento of your time there, then make time to browse the unique gifts from Tuscany found in small shops and boutiques in its picturesque towns and villages.These crafts and products have been perfected over decades and often centuries of dedication […]

Episode #079: Maremma – Exploring Tuscany’s undiscovered coast

  In Italy, summer means one thing – the beach! And with miles and miles of coastline to enjoy (7500 kilometers of coastline in fact!), This week we head to the Maremma region in Tuscany. Covering almost a quarter of Tuscany, Maremma in the South West and has a stunning coastline known as the Silver […]

Episode #062: Special products from Tuscany

This week, we head back to Tuscany and the Chianti region to chat with Arianna Cini about the artisan souvenirs and gifts available in her region. These special crafts and food products have been created and made by locals who have developed their skills over many generations. Show notes Arianna, runs a slow travel tour […]

Episode #057: Tuscany’s Chianti region with Arianna Cini

This week, we head to Tuscany’s beautiful Chianti region. This small but perfectly formed region, just south of Florence, is famous for its wine (which is worth the notoriety) but has so much more to offer, including a stunning landscape of sweeping hills, topped by charming, medieval towns with welcoming people and an abundance of […]