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tuscan gifts - ceramics

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Visiting the Tuscan countryside is a highlight of many Italian trips. If you want a memento of your time there, then make time to browse the unique gifts from Tuscany found in small shops and boutiques in its picturesque towns and villages. These crafts and products have been perfected over decades and often centuries of dedication to understanding local produce and natural resources.

Often organic, they reflect the connection to the land and seasons felt by the people who live there. In this article you’ll learn about the artisan products from Tuscany that make wonderful gifts and souvenirs. If you have no room in your luggage for souvenirs from Tuscany, don’t worry., vendors are more than happy to ship them back to your home. And, while we can’t be in Italy we’ve found a way to deliver a Tuscany gift basket or box to you or a loved one.

What to buy in Tuscany


hand painted Tuscan ceramics

Terracotta tiles are among the best known products made in Tuscany however the tradition of decorative ceramics dates back hundreds of years. In the Renaissance era, wealthy families acquired collections of beautifully decorated vases, platters and bowls and this tradition continues today. From hand painted spoon rests to olive oil decanters and full dinner sets, you will find ceramic pieces to add to your kitchen or collection.

Linen and textiles

beautiful linen from Tuscany

Weaving beautiful textiles is another skill passed down the generations in Tuscany. Using traditional loom methods, artisans weave cotton, linen and cashmere into beautifully finished products, often enhanced with embroidery. Choose your unique gift or souvenir from tablecloths, napkins, placemats, bread baskets and towels as well as elegant scarves and other personal items.

Perfume and skin care

irises tuscany

Beautiful irises like those pictured above are the symbol of Florence but also an important ingredient in perfume and other cosmetic and skin care products. The natural essence and root from the flower has been used for centuries to make fragrances and that tradition continues in Tuscany today. Organic cosmetics are made by combining organic goat milk with the essence of irises. These natural products are gentle on your skin and known for their anti-aging properties. At the historic Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy in Florence, you’ll find many products including soaps and toothpaste featuring iris.

Olive oil

tuscan olive oil decanter and bread basket

Tuscan olive oil is unique in Italy thanks to different varieties of olive trees and the harvesting method where a mixture of green and black or ripe olives are combined to create a unique flavor. Served with bread, for dressing salads, or used in cooking, olive oil is one of the most important ingredients in Tuscan cuisine and a welcome addition to any table. Olive oil is also used to preserve delicacies so they can be tasted year-round. In Springtime, abundant wild artichokes and asparagus are bottled with olive oil, while in Summer basil leaves, pine nuts and oil are the key ingredients of delicious pesto.

Pecorino cheese

Sheep’s milk cheese or pecorino is a stalwart of Tuscan cuisine that you can try in towns and villages all over the region. Served with a drizzle of honey and a glass of local wine, it is a simple yet delicious way to bring Tuscany into your home. Simply close your eyes and enjoy the delicious flavor in your mouth and you could almost be in a rustic wine bar overlooking the Tuscan hills. It’s actually straightforward to bring pecorino home with you as the cheese can be vacuum-packed for easy transportation. Make sure to check your local customs rules before you buy though.

Wine from Tuscany

chianti wine

Of course, Tuscany is also renowned for wine and a bottle that takes you back to those rolling green hills in a sip is the perfect way to relive vacation memories. From world famous Chianti to the celebrated Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscan wines are enjoyed by many and are widely available. But, there is something so special about enjoying wine at home from a vineyard you visited on vacation or knowing the unique history and story behind its production. If you visit a winery on your trip, you’ll usually enjoy your wine tasting over a long leisurely lunch. Choose some bottles to ship home and recreate the moment with your friends and family. It’s such a wonderful way to relive vacation memories. Don’t forget to check customs and import duties which can be expensive depending on your home country.

Honey and jam

We mentioned that honey pairs particularly well with pecorino cheese and it’s also a specialty in Tuscany worth bringing home. Bees love the abundant fields of flowers across the region that enhance the flavor of the honey, particularly in springtime. A jar of organic honey can easily be slipped into your luggage and makes a lovely gift. The tradition of jams and preserves is also strong in this region. You’ll find delicious fruit jams made from berries, plums, and cherries bottled in season so they can be enjoyed year-round on bread or as the filling of a tasty crostata.

Cakes, sweets and chocolate

colomba cake

If you have a sweet tooth you’ll be delighted to know that cakes and biscotti (cookies) from Tuscany travel particularly well. From cantuccini almond cookies to Panettone at Christmastime and the dove shaped cake called Columba at Easter, each season is marked by different delicacies in Tuscany. We like to bring these home and enjoy them straight away over coffee with friends keen to hear all about our Italian vacation.

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Tuscany gift baskets and boxes

tuscan gift basket

When you can’t travel to Italy, the good news is that you can bring some of these gorgeous Tuscan products into your own home or send them to a loved one. Our friends at KMZero tours based in the rolling Chianti hills create seasonal, thoughtful gift boxes and Tuscan food hampers with locally made artisan products.

Every season is special in Tuscany so it makes sense to celebrate each one by highlighting the unique products and treats available at different times throughout the year. 

Summer gift box from Tuscany

In Summer we celebrate sunny days and the joy of sharing a meal with family and friends around the table. Celebrate Summer with delicious treats from an Italian summer including grilled eggplant, peppers, olives and of course extra virgin olive oil and pasta all found in this seasonal gift package. Not only is this gift box full to the brim with delicious treats for the family table, it also includes a beautiful apron and Tuscan cookery book to help you complete your delicious feast at home. This package is the perfect way to bring an Italian Summer into your home, bite by bite! – learn more here

tuscan gift boxes

Summer wine box

Are you a wine lover? You might like to sip your way to Tuscany with this hand-selected box of six unique artisanal wines from Tuscany and the Cinque Terre. Pairing perfectly with the tastes of summer, this fresh and delicious wine selection will have you dreaming of the Tuscan sun. 

Tuscany wellness gift box

This gorgeous package from the artisans of Tuscany includes beautiful handmade linen, a hand painted olive oil bottle plus luxury iris skin care products.  A beautiful gift all year round, this box would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Mothers are revered in Italy (as they should be!) and this box is a sincere way to show your Italy-loving parent your appreciation – more details here

Take a peek inside

Each box can be shipped to the USA, Canada and Europe as well as Australia. If you like the concept but would like to create something unique for your loved one, this is possible too. Simply contact Arianna with your request – more information here.

Favorite gifts from Tuscany

gifts from tuscany

The perfect gifts and souvenirs from Tuscany are those you will cherish forever and bring back memories of the time you spent strolling cobbled streets in Medieval hill towns and gazing out over the countryside dotted with cypress pines. For us, a beautifully dressed table with Tuscan linens, ready for a family lunch made with olive oil, pecorino and honey, and of course a glass of Chianti brings Italy into our home. It’s even more special when you know the time, attention and care that has gone into making these products by genuine local artisans. Make sure to save room in your luggage for these amazing Tuscan treats. What will you bring home from Tuscany?

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