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Review: VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour – The Key to Opening the Sistine Chapel

vatican key masters tour review

If you’ve ever dreamed of standing inside the Sistine Chapel almost alone, or touring the Vatican Museums without going shoulder to shoulder with the crowds, you will love the VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour by Take Walks (formerly Walks of Italy). We were lucky enough to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, and are […]

Episode #070: Cooking pasta with Nonna

  This episode we are talking a whole lot of pasta with the founder of Nonna Live, an online cooking school that’s brought the art of pasta making to the world! Pasta is, of course, an integral part of Italian cuisine with endless variations that are tweaked from region to region. From ear-shaped orecchiette of […]

Episode #050: Josie’s Favorite Experiences to Enjoy in Italy

  Seeing the sights of Italy is one thing but enjoying a moment of pure joy is quite another. If you ask us, travel is all about experiences and that’s exactly what we’re talking about with Josie in this episode. Josie reveals her favorite experiences in Italy – all well worth considering when you plan […]

Episode #037: Unearthing Truffles (Italy’s most decadent ingredient)

  Fellow foodies, if you are serious about trying all the things in Italy, then a healthy dose of truffle must be on your wish list. These decadent morsels are found throughout the country and are an important feature of regional Italian cuisine. In this episode, our guests, Chantelle and Giovanni from small group tour […]

Episode #029: What to eat in Rome – must try dishes and where to try them

  Rome is one of the world’s great food cities. And it pays to have a plan for eating its iconic dishes when you get there. In this episode we share our best tips on what to eat in Rome – the best of the city’s pasta, pizza, street food and more. Of course you’ll […]