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Episode #158: Slow travel experiences in Tuscany

  When visiting Tuscany, many people only get a small taste of the glorious towns and villages, the rolling hills, and the wonderful people that make this region so very special. But the Tuscan countryside is the ideal place for slow travel experiences, to go deeper into the Tuscany culture and way of life – […]

Review: VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour – The Key to Opening the Sistine Chapel

vatican key masters tour review

If you’ve ever dreamed of standing inside the Sistine Chapel almost alone, or touring the Vatican Museums without going shoulder to shoulder with the crowds, you will love the VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour by Take Walks (formerly Walks of Italy). We were lucky enough to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, and are […]

Episode #156: Experiences to try in Piedmont

  The beautiful northern region of Piedmont, at the foothills of the Alps, is where the Italian royals had their roots and is a region of intellectuals, palaces, castles, and industry, as well as exceptional food and wine. We share some of the incredible experiences you can enjoy on a visit to Piedmont. Show notes […]

Episode #142: Tale of 3 Cities: A Food Tour Adventure in Italy

  Food tours are a wonderful experience during your trip to Italy. Not only do you get to eat incredibly well, but you get to try new food – things you may not have considered before or been brave enough to order on your own. Food is such an important connection to the land, the […]

Episode #138: Things Kids Love About Travel in Italy

  Italy is famously child-friendly and family orientated. We hear a different perspective in this episode – from the kids themselves, about what they love when visiting Italy. We also share some tips on how best to plan a trip to Italy with kids, as well as what doesn’t work so well.  Show notes Untold […]

Episode #135: Ancient Connections Along Puglia’s Pilgrim Trails

  Puglia, in the South Eastern corner of the boot, the heel, is an ancient and undeniably gorgeous region. Full of beautiful scenery, varied and stunning architecture, and of course amazing food and wine. Puglia lies in a very strategic position in the Mediterranean and has a deep and rich history stretching back centuries, being […]

Episode #126: What is an Agriturismo? (and why you should stay in one)

  Staying in an agriturismo is both a special and immersive experience. It is a great opportunity to see and feel the real Italy, but what exactly is an agriturismo and where do you find one?  Agriturismo loosely translated means farm stays but can encompass a simple self-catered stay on a farm through to some […]