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Episode #182: A Tale of Roman Pastas – Part Two

  Rome’s mouth-watering pasta dishes induce such passionate discussion that this is part two of our chat with Roman local, food tour host and former chef Nesim where he shares the tales, techniques, and tips for Carbonara and Amatriciana. Find out where to taste the best of the famous four pasta dishes and other pastas […]

Episode #181: A Tale of Roman Pastas – Part One

  While we often proclaim that Italian food is more than just pasta, there’s no getting away from the fact that the pasta you’ll eat on any trip to Italy is usually incredibly delicious and unforgettable. And Rome’s four main pasta dishes are definitely something to seek out on a trip to the Eternal City. […]

Episode #172: Touchdown in Rome: Navigating the Airport and Beyond

  Arriving into Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is many traveler’s first experience of Italy and the process of getting through the airport and then onto your accommodation can feel can feel overwhelming and arduous after a long flight, especially if it’s your first time in Italy. To help get your trip off to a great start, […]

Episode #169: How to find authentic restaurants in Rome

  Eating in Rome can unquestionably be a wonderful experience, but as with any popular tourist destination, it is, unfortunately, a place where you’ll find tourist traps and places that serve dishes that would make any Italian despair! Luckily there are some signs to look out for to help tell if an eaterie is good […]