How To Buy Tickets for The Borghese Gallery Rome

how to buy tickets for the borghese gallery

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One of the most visited museums in Rome, containing one of the greatest private art collections in the world, is Galleria Borghese. Find out how to buy tickets for the Borghese Gallery Rome in this article.

During the 15th century, the Borghese family shot up the ranks of stature and power to become a prominent force in Rome. They had Villa Borghese built and used it as their private residence in Rome. During the 17th century, Cardinal Scipione Borghese assembled a massive collection of ancient Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque art inside it.

Today, situated within the Villa Borghese Gardens is a fantastic art museum that you should visit while in Rome, Italy. Luckily, unlike the Vatican museums overflowing with crowds, Galleria Borghese is far less crowded, thanks to its unique tickets and admission systems.

Continue reading to learn everything you need about getting your tickets online through the Borghese Gallery official website or advance tickets via trusted official partners.

Borghese Gallery Tickets Quick Links

borghese gallery tickets

Don’t want to spend time going through the rest of this guide? No worries, we know how important time is. Here are the top recommended Villa Borghese tour and ticket options.

NOTE: It is essential to book your tickets for Villa Borghese in advance. If you don’t, you won’t be allowed to enter. The Borghese Gallery Art Museum also has a strict 180-visitor limit at any given time, and your ticket will only grant you two hours inside the gallery.

Borghese Gallery Tickets or Tour

tickets borghese gallery

The first choice when deciding on Borghese Gallery and museum tickets is whether or not to tackle the adventure on your own with simply a standard ticket or a guided group tour ticket. Much of this decision will revolve around how much of an art enthusiast you are.

A simple entry ticket will be enough if you have a knowledgeable background on artists such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, with a clear understanding of what you’ll see as part of the Borghese collection.

However, for any art lover – from those with an in-depth knowledge of the subject to simple enthusiasts, it is worth opting for guided tours or an audio guide is best. As with any of the Rome attractions on your trip itinerary, this will give you much fuller picture, with the history, stories and context of the artwork you are seeing. 

Please remember that no tickets are sold at the door and that you must reserve tickets in advance regardless of which Galleria Borghese ticket you choose. This applies to everyone who wants to tour the gallery, including those with free admission or specialty access requirements such as personal wheelchair entry. There might also be an additional booking or reservation fee placed on these.

Ideally, choose a guided tour of the Borghese Gallery, as the entrance to the gallery site and various art exhibits inside need to be marked better. Beyond that, many of the private collection and its pieces come with a detail-rich heritage. This means having a guide who can provide as much insight as possible is invaluable. Another worthwhile option is exploring the Borghese Gallery using an audio guide, should guided group tours be fully booked.

When buying Borghese Gallery tickets, it’s also good to remember that any ticket variation you choose will count as a skip-the-line ticket. Thankfully, unlike other museums with massive crowds and waiting queues at the Galleria Borghese, this is not the case. With their visitor limit and time slots, alongside specified entry times, you’ll arrive, present your ticket at the ticket desk, and be on your way.

Buy Tickets on The Official Site

how to buy tickets for the borghese gallery

One place to get Borghese Gallery tickets is on the official site. This is the best place to get Borghese Gallery tickets on a budget, as prices are pretty low via their website, and you needn’t worry about paying a booking fee.

While ticket prices on the site are low, using the website is clunky. You’ll click countless pages before you get to the booking screen. After you reach the booking page, you’ll also need to fill out an extensive form, but the reason is unclear. We’ve also already mentioned that the dual-language system is not working well across the site, so some pages are translated while others are not.

On top of this, the refund policy falls prey to clarity issues and needs to be revised to understand, even more so in application. Should you want your ticket to be refundable in a situation where you need to cancel your visit, you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

Above that, there’s a cancellation insurance fee, which can be confusing as it is optional. However, you might believe it’s required if you go solely off the information on the booking page.

Those planning to use audio guides for your Villa Borghese Pinciana exploration must note that you cannot purchase them online when you order tickets. You’ll have to buy it in person. Finally, EU citizens pay a far lower ticket price than those not from European Union countries, and you can use your Roma Pass or Omnia Vatican to gain free tickets to the gallery.

Buy Tickets via an Official Partner

In the rare situations where Borghese Gallery tickets are not available for a time slot that suits you. You’ll be relieved to know that the ticket inventory is spread out to the Borghese site, tour operators, and several ticketing partners, including GetYourGuide and Tiqets.

When you buy online via any of the official partners, you get access to various ticketing options that allow you to plan ahead. However, you sometimes sacrifice budget-friendly prices for it. While there are a few official partner options, we prefer to use GetYourGuide courtesy of their 24-hour cancellation policy and low markup.

  • Pros of booking via official partners – Partner sites often have the best availability of tickets and tours – especially if you visit the Borghese Gallery during peak times. They also offer an easy-to-use booking platform with understandable canceling and refund policies. You can also find bundled offers that include tours a t discounted prices.
  • Cons of booking via official partners – These tickets often come at more expensive prices, considering you’ll be paying a markup for convenience and additional services, including personal attention.

Recommended Borghese Gallery Tours

borghese gallery tickets tours

As mentioned earlier, it can be somewhat challenging to figure out where the entrance is once you’ve arrived at Piazzale Scipione Borghese. That, combined with the knowledge needed to fully appreciate pieces of the art gallery, which many don’t have, means getting a guided tour is the best option.

The real challenge then comes with choosing a suitable tour, which means considering a few things. You’ll need to consider the group size, the tour style, the art exhibits covered, and the general tour length. The good thing about tours is that you’ll have an expert guide who needs to pass an exceptionally extensive exam, giving them in-depth insight into much of the Borghese Gallery.

NOTE: Entry to Villa Borghese on the first Sunday of each month is free.

  • Villa Borghese Tiqets Packages – A few options on this partner site range from a standard reserved entrance ticket to an opportunity that includes a sightseeing bus tour. As for group guided tour options, they range from basic guided tours to options including a golf cart tour of the Villa Borghese Gardens. These tours all last for 2 hours and have live guides in English and other languages.
  • Villa Borghese GetYourGuide Ticket – If you choose to go with a GetYourGuide tour like this one, you’ll get express access and two hours of timed entrance to the gallery. It does not, however, include a tour guide or audio guide, and you’ll need to arrange these as additional extras.
  • Galleria Borghese Walksofitaly Tour – This small 15-person group tour includes reservations and tickets to the Borghese Gallery as well as the guidance of an expert English-speaking tour guide. Should your group be more than six people, the tour partner provides headsets to create a more conducive experience free from distractions.
  • Small Group Tour with Liv Tours – This very small group tour is limited to a maximum of six people and includes your pre-reserved entrance ticket. It is a semi-private tour with entirely private options available as well. You should book this tour well in advance and ideally more than two weeks ahead. As a bonus, readers of our site get a 5% discount with the code – UNTOLDITALY.

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Borghese Gallery Tickets FAQ

tours and tickets borghese gallery

Do You Need to Buy Tickets in Advance?

Yes, you’ll need to get your Borghese Gardens and Galleria Borghese museum tickets in advance via the Borghese website, tour partners, or tour operators. Aside from securing yourself a spot at the exact time of the open slots in the Gallery calendar, you’ll also avoid the disappointment of arriving at the gallery only to find that tickets are not sold at the on-site ticket office.

We recommend you choose a VIlla Borghese ticket through GetYourGuide as these give you a higher level of convenience, flexibility, and the best price for tours. You should aim to get a timed entrance ticket during peak season, as all tickets sell out quickly.

When Do Borghese Gallery Tickets Go on Sale?

You can buy Borghese Gallery tickets at any given time before your desired tour, but it is advised to make your purchase before the day of your planned visit. Tickets for the first Sunday of every month go on sale 10 days before the date.

You can purchase your Borghese Gallery tickets Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 18.00 from the Villa ticket offices, online on their website, and via telephone. Tour operators and online booking partners work according to their own times, and you’ll have to ensure you keep up to date with any changes.

If you want to avoid any potential booking issues, opt for a guided tour such as the ones available through GetYourGuide or similar platforms, including Walksofitaly and LivTours.

Can You Buy Borghese Tickets on the Day?

buying tickets for the borghese gallery

If you wait until the day of your planned trip to Galleria Borghese, you may fall into an unwelcome situation where tickets sell out quickly. Considering you must book your ticket in advance, waiting until the day of is a bad idea.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to get your Borghese Gallery tickets on the day, but this is subject to availability and possible cancellations. You should definitely keep an eye on all the ticketing sites for availability, as each features separate ticket allocations. These are the sites to keep an eye on:

What Are the Opening Hours?

Galleria Borghese is open every day except for Mondays and the 25th of December. Opening hours are from 09.00 to 19.00. However, the last entry is allowed up to 17.45, with the ticket office closing one hour before the museum closes.

Visits to Villa Borghese are limited to two hours at a time, and the following entry and exit times apply to all Borghese Gallery tickets:

  • 09.00 – 11.00
  • 10.00 – 12.00
  • 11.00 – 13.00
  • 12.00 – 14.00
  • 13.00 – 15.00
  • 14.00 – 16.00
  • 15.00 – 17.00
  • 16.00 – 18.00
  • 17.00 – 19.00
  • 17.45 – 19.00 

Please note that the final admission only gives you one hour inside the Borghese Gallery, which could be better as you definitely need the full two hours to explore everything. 

When Should I Arrive at the Borghese Gallery?

Even though your Borghese Gallery Ticket gives you the exact time that your two-hour entry starts, it is wise to arrive at the Galleria Borghese about 30 to 45 minutes ahead of time. This will give you enough time to process through security and all their checks.

What Is the Best Time to Visit the Borghese Gallery?

While most Villa Borghese tickets and tour times will fall during the early morning and afternoon, it is best to make your way to the art gallery later in the day. Try to ensure that your tour or entry ticket time aligns with the Villa Borghese hours later in the day.

Although the total number of people who can visit the Borghese Gallery at once is limited, the best time to go is towards the end of the day, starting from their 14.00 timeslot. This means that you can plan your Rome itinerary in advance and potentially include other museums, such as the Vatican museums, early in the day and then finish off with the Borghese Gallery.

Alternatively, you can do the opposite and visit early in the morning as they open, which then opens up the rest of your day. Choosing any time that’s either closer to their opening or closing times is your best bet to make the most of your Borghese Gallery experience.

Are There Any Discounts or Free Entry

borghese gallery tickets and tours

As one of the many attractions included in the Roma Pass, you can gain easy access to the gallery using this multipass without having to pay for an additional ticket. You’ll still need to book a timeslot in advance, and you’ll need to pay the extra €2 booking fee.

Other than the Roma Pass, you can join the membership card club of the Villa itself, which allows you entry to the museum for one year. With the membership card, you can also participate in cultural events and initiatives hosted by the gallery. You can also get exclusive previews of art exhibitions and a 20% discount on audio guides and guided tours.

There are several individuals who can enter the Borghese Gallery with free entry Villa Borghese tickets. These include persons under the age of 18, disabled EU citizens and their family members, students and teachers in architecture, conservation of cultural heritage, educational sciences, and literature.

Finally, on the first Sunday of each month, free entry is given at the Borghese Gallery on a first come, first serve basis. These days tour operators do not run their normal offerings, but take note you will still need to book your advance timeslot.

Do I Need to Print My Tickets?

This is entirely up to you as you can print your tickets and carry them with you, or if it is more convenient, simply present your digital ticket to gain entry. All you need to do is download your Borghese Gallery ticket onto your smartphone and present it at the ticket office.

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