How to Buy Tickets for Pompeii

how to buy tickets for pompeii

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The ancient Roman city, Pompeii, is where you’ll find some of the world’s most fascinating ruins. This historic site, just 30 minutes from Naples, attracts millions of visitors each year. And if you’re wondering how to buy tickets for Pompeii, you’re in the right place.

Purchasing tickets to Pompeii can be confusing and challenging if you’re visiting for the first time. Because the Pompeii tickets official site is not very friendly to users, most people end up buying Pompeii tickets through third-party sites. 

This can be risky and disappointing without the right help. In this article, we’ll dive into how to buy tickets for visiting Pompeii, recommended tours, skip-the-line tickets, and more. 

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Pompeii Tickets and Tours Quick Links

pompeii tickets

  • Official Pompeii Ticket Site – this is the “official” ticketing agency. You’ll end up here if you follow the prompts on the main Pompeii site. Please make sure to check the refund/exchange policy, as it can be confusing. This system is not easy to use. 
  • Pompeii Entrance with Audio guide or Priority Entrance Pompeii Ticket on GetYourGuide – This site offers a more flexible booking policy. It is also much easier to use. Although, tours and tickets on GetYourGuide are often slightly more expensive.
  • Pompeii Tickets on Tiqets –This partner offers individual entrance and small group and large group tickets for touring Pompeii. Tiqets is easy to use and provides a variety of tours to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.
  • Complete Pompeii Experience with Walks of Italy – This tour and ticket operator offers skip-the-line entry to the Pompeii ruins, plus guided tours by an archaeologist. Walks of Italy do not charge for cancelations made at least 24 hours before the tour.
  • Small Group Tour of Pompeii with Liv Tours – There are no hidden charges on Liv Tours, and you won’t be charged for canceling your tour more than 24 hours before the excursion.

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Pompeii Tickets or Tour?

tickets for pompeii

Depending on whether you’re an independent tourist or not, you’ll have to choose between a guided tour or a simple entry ticket to the archaeological site of Pompeii.

Entry and skip-the-line tickets are great if you’ve already visited Pompeii in the past or if you aren’t too interested in the history of Pompeii. You should note that there aren’t many informational signs among the ruins, and you might miss out on a lot this way. 

However, guided tours are a fantastic option if you’d like to learn everything about Pompeii from a historical, archaeological, and geological point of view. Tour guides are often very knowledgeable on the subject matter, and you’re bound to learn something new, even if you’ve visited before. 

If you’re not keen on a skip-the-line entry ticket but not entirely sold on a guided tour, audio guides are available from the ticket offices at Pompeii Archaeological Park. The audio guides are available in a variety of languages. It’s suggested that you bring your own 9mm earphones (not Bluetooth) for this.

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What Does Your Pompeii Ticket Include?

pompeii ticket price

What your Pompeii ticket includes will depend on which ticket provider you book Pompeii tickets through. The basic Pompeii entrance ticket from the official site includes: 

  • Single-timed entrance to the Pompeii Archaeological Park. 

If you want to experience more, it’s recommended that you book a guided tour through an official third-party ticket site. Make sure to double-check the details of your preferred tour. It may stipulate the time of your Pompeii entrance and the time you can spend in the ancient city. 

Certain ticket options may even include audio guides, skip-the-line entry, and a visit to nearby Mount Vesuvius. There are a variety of available ticket packages to explore Pompeii and other sites that were destroyed by Vesuvius in 79AD including Herculaneum. 

Buy Tickets on the Official Pompeii Site

pompeii entrance fee

The official website of the Pompeii Archaeological Park is called Pompeiisites.org. However, all ticket purchases are made through TicketOne, the official ticket site. TicketOne is an Italian company that sells tickets to events and historical locations across Italy. 

Unfortunately, this website is not easy to use and is sometimes confusing as ticket information is translated from Italian to English. Plus, their refund policy is not ideal. 

  • Pros of booking on TicketOne – TicketOne is the official page, tickets are cheaper than third-party partners, and there is only one ticket option, so the choice is not overwhelming.
  • Cons of booking on TicketOne – The system is difficult to navigate, there is little to no information about the ticket and what is included, and it currently only shows the 09:00 entry time.

Pompeii Tickets via an Official Partner

how to buy tickets for pompeii

Whether you prefer buying a physical ticket or would rather book tickets online, there are many places you can buy tickets to visit Pompeii. Official ticket partners include GetYourGuide, Liv Tours, Walks of Italy, and Tiqets

Besides the range of tour packages that these partners offer, you’re almost guaranteed to find availability for your ideal date and time. We strongly suggest using GetYourGuide when you visit Pompeii because of their 24-hour free cancellation policy, reasonable prices, and user-friendly interface.

  • Pros of booking on official partners – great range of ticket/tour packages, good availability, the websites are easy to navigate, cancellation policies are more clear, payment is easier for tourists using foreign credit cards.
  • Cons of booking on official partners – prices are more than the Pompeii ticket official website, and the selection of tickets and tours can be overwhelming. 

Because the official website is not user-friendly, official partners are often the only way to get Pompeii Ruins tickets. 

TIP: Buying tickets from the ticket office is not advised, especially if you’re visiting Pompeii on a day trip from a nearby city. It’s generally best to book your ticket to Pompeii online and in advance

Recommended Pompeii Tours

tickets for pompeii recommended

There are always a few things to consider when choosing a ticket, or Pompeii guided tour. You’ll need to take the size of your group into consideration, the preferred date and time of your tour, the length of the tour, and the areas that it covers. 

Luckily there are a few ticket options and group tours to choose from when you visit Pompeii. 

  • General Pompeii Ruins Ticket – If you only have an hour or two to spare and want to tick off the ancient town of Pompeii on your bucket list, a general entry ticket to Pompeii is the perfect option. This ticket allows you to enter Pompeii and explore at your own pace. Unfortunately, there aren’t many signs along the way, and the audio guide is not included in the ticket price.
  • Walks of Italy – Complete Pompeii Experience: Skip the Line Tour & Archaeologist Guide – This 3-hour tour of the Pompeii ruins is the perfect way to experience Pompeii on a day trip from Rome or Naples. The tour is for a maximum of 15 guests at a time and includes skip-the-line entry. Plus, you’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide throughout the tour. The tour explores the theater, Porta Marina, Pompeii’s Main Street, the famous plaster-cast remains of Pompeii’s residents, and more. 
  • Liv Tours – Semi-Private Pompeii Tour – If you like the idea of a guided tour but would appreciate a more intimate experience while exploring Pompeii, this semi-private tour is the best option. The tour takes a maximum of 6 guests at a time and includes skip-the-line entry to the park. On the tour, you’ll visit all of the ancient city’s highlights, such as the Roman bathhouse, the Pompeii theater, the main street views of the infamous Mount Vesuvius, and more. The tour is also led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide. You can also book a private tour experience with Liv Tours.

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Pompeii Tickets FAQ

pompeii tickets faq

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about visiting Pompeii.

Do You Need to Buy Pompeii Tickets in Advance?

Yes, buying tickets in advance is advised. Tickets can be purchased on the ground, but availability is not always guaranteed. Furthermore, the ticket line can be very long. You’re looking at up to two hours of waiting time in summer, which isn’t ideal if you’re a tourist. 

Make sure to purchase your tickets well in advance to leave room for changes and to make sure you find availability on your preferred dates.

When Do Pompeii Tickets Go on Sale?

Unlike many of the major sites in Italy, tickets for Pompeii are not released to a set schedule. You can save some money by booking in advance. 

Can You Buy Pompeii Tickets on the Day?

pompeii ticket price FAQ

Yes, tickets can be bought at certain gates of the Pompeii ruins. Porta Marina, Piazza Esedra, and Piazza Anfiteatro are the entrances where you can purchase tickets. The Pompeii entrance fee is about €19 per person.

What Are the Opening Hours for Pompeii?

From April to October, the archaeological park is open from 09:00 to 19:00, and from November to March, the Pompeii opening hours are 09:00 to 17:00.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Pompeii?

tickets for pompeii visit

The best time to visit Pompeii is in the afternoon after all the cruise ship passengers have left the park. To really appreciate the ruins, it is best to go when it’s quiet, for that reason, it’s recommended that you don’t visit on the first Sunday of each month as they are very busy.

Are There Any Discounts or Free Entry for Pompeii?

If you visit on the first Sunday of the month, you can get a free entry ticket to Pompeii at the physical ticket office. But do be warned, there will be a lot of people, and availability is limited to prevent overcrowding. 

EU citizens between the ages of 18-25 qualify for a reduced fee of €2.00, and children under the age of 18 are granted free access. An identity document needs to be presented in these cases. 

Do I Need to Print My Pompeii Tickets?

No. While having a copy of your ticket is never a bad idea, you can show the PDF version of your ticket from your smartphone to enter the Pompeii Ruins.

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