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Episode #050: Josie’s Favorite Experiences to Enjoy in Italy

Seeing the sights of Italy is one thing but enjoying a moment of pure joy is quite another. If you ask us, travel is all about experiences and that’s exactly what we’re talking about with Josie in this episode. Josie reveals her favorite experiences in Italy – all well worth considering when you plan your […]

Episode #049: Exploring Florence with Corinna Cooke

Untold Italy Episode 49 - Florence with Corinna Cooke

One of the world’s best known cities, Florence holds many treasures and it’s one of the Italy’s most popular places to visit. Once you’ve enjoyed the highlights, make sure to build time into your visit to explore the nooks, quirks and hidden secrets of the Renaissance city. Our guest author and boutique tour leader Corinna […]

Episode #048: Venice districts – best places to stay for your trip

Untold Italy episode 38 - venice districts

Choosing the best place to stay in Venice for your trip is an important decision. While the city is very small and you can walk to most places, each neighborhood offers something a little different. In this episode we walk you through the main areas of Venice and let you know where to stay if […]

Episode #047: Basilicata – ancient southern region of tradition and history

Almost hidden among its better known neighbors – Campania, Puglia and Calabria – Basilicata is a small region of Italy finally getting its moment in the sun.  Best known for Matera, the cave city, the region’s diverse terrain means you can be sunning yourself on the beach one day and exploring hilltop towns the next. […]

Episode #044: Ciao Napoli! Don’t miss this noble and exciting city

If you were thinking of passing right through Naples without stopping for a look, think again. Naples has borne the brunt of some mean reports in recent times. And they are quite unfair. Naples is home to elegant neighborhoods, historic cafes, incredible castles and a food culture that most cities dream about (even in Italy). […]

Episode #042: Come away to Capri!

episode 42 capri

Capri is an island off the Sorrentine coast in southern Italy that has captured our imagination since Roman times. This dramatic and picturesque island is a favorite day trip from Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, but today we’re going to build a case for you to stay a little longer. Joining us is local Holly […]

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