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Episode #150: What to Wear in Italy: A Guide to Planning your Italy Trip Outfits

Listen to “What to Wear in Italy: Best shoes, outfits and more” on Spreaker. What to wear on your trip to Italy? The short answer is – whatever you like! But while we all want to feel comfortable when we’re on vacation, it is a time when more photos than usual are being taken and […]

Episode #149: Pasta Grannies: Preserving Traditions Across Generations

Listen to “Pasta Grannies: Preserving Food Traditions across Italy” on Spreaker. Pasta is so important to Italian culture and is loved by so many people all around the world. Pasta Grannies is an inspiring project working with the grannies (nonnas) of Italy who are preserving the traditions of pasta-making and keeping a record of these recipes […]

Episode #148: Dishes to try in the Lagoon city

Listen to “Venetian Dishes: Tastes of the Lagoon City” on Spreaker. Venice’s cosmopolitan past and history of trade have shaped the cuisine of the lagoon city. A mix of traditional dishes alongside modern, innovative cooking – both using the unique ingredients that are found around its many islands, make for a unique Venetian dining scene. […]

Episode #147: 7 Secrets of Rome [Untold Italy Amici preview]

Listen to “7 Secrets of Rome with Michele Frolla” on Spreaker. Rome is a city so full of treasures that no matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to discover or experience. There’s no one better to give you insider info on a city than someone who has lived there and […]

Episode #146: Best Food and Wine Gifts to Bring Back from Italy

Listen to “Best Food and Wine Gifts to Bring Back from Italy” on Spreaker. Buying food and wine gifts for friends and family (or yourself) is an enjoyable part of any trip to Italy! As it’s almost Christmas time, we’re sharing gift ideas of things you can bring back from an Italy vacation, and for […]

Episode #145: Budget Friendly Ways to Explore Rome

Listen to “Rome: Budget Friendly Ways to Explore the Eternal City” on Spreaker. Rome on a budget is easier than you might think. With prices for travel increasing around the world, we have some tips to help you stretch your travel budget further while experiencing an incredible trip to the Eternal City. We share some […]

Episode #144: Sip Your Way Through the Wine Bars of Florence

Listen to “Sip Your Way Through the Wine Bars of Florence” on Spreaker. The winebars of Florence are wonderful places to start or continue any journey in learning about Tuscan and Italian wine. Florence’s wine bars and restaurants are not only a great place to learn more about the region’s wines and producers, but they […]

Episode #143: 7 Delicious local dishes from Abruzzo

Listen to “7 Delicious Dishes to Try in Abruzzo” on Spreaker. Abruzzo, the beautiful Italian region that shares a border with Lazio and the Adriatic Sea, is a region of epic mountains, stunning coastline, and traditions as old as time. The incredible, produce-driven dishes of the region include many unique ingredients and techniques and are […]

Episode #142: Tale of 3 Cities: A Food Tour Adventure in Italy

Listen to “Tale of 3 Cities: A Food Tour Adventure in Italy” on Spreaker. Food tours are a wonderful experience during your trip to Italy. Not only do you get to eat incredibly well, but you get to try new food – things you may not have considered before or been brave enough to order […]