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Best Things to Do in Catania – Markets, Historic Sites and Culture

It’s time to experience the underrated gem of Sicily: Catania. This city is gaining much-deserved traction after being overlooked by Palermo for far too long. Sitting in the shadows of Mount Etna along the Mediterranean coast – these are the top things to do in Catania.   Exploring Catania will elevate your travels in Sicily. It’s […]

Best Places to Stay in Sicily

best places to stay in sicily

Sicily’s prime location in the middle of the Mediterranean and its diverse and dreamy landscapes make for the perfect Italian seaside escape. The island boasts breathtaking views, the smoldering Mount Etna, charming villages, and glistening beaches. Finding the best places to stay in Sicily will depend on what you’re looking for out of your trip.  […]

Episode #186: Captivating Catania – Sicilian City of Charm

Listen to “Captivating Catania – Sicilian City of Charm” on Spreaker. The stunning island of Sicily has been receiving some justified attention recently, and its second city of Catania should not be overlooked when planning a trip to Sicily. Often in the shadow of her more famous sister Palermo, beautiful Baroque Catania sits at the […]

Episode #107: Tastes of Sicily

Listen to “The Unmissable Tastes of Sicily” on Spreaker. The island of Sicily, Italy’s largest island, just off the boot, is known for its rich history, traditions and culture. It’s also known for its produce, its cuisine, and its hospitality all of which lead to some incredibly tasty cooking and eating experiences. We all know […]

Episode #069: Discovering Sicily’s Aeolian Islands

Listen to “Adventures in the Aeolian Islands off Sicily” on Spreaker. The Italian island of Sicily has several archipelagos off its coast, smaller islands off the large island, and this episode we’re headed to the northernmost point of Sicily, to the little-known Aeolian Islands where our Sicily travel expert Karen La Rosa encourages us to […]

Episode #043: Palermo: a base for excursions in Sicily

Listen to “Exciting excursions from Palermo” on Spreaker. Heading to Palermo? There is so much to see in Sicily’s capital but it’s also a useful base if you want to explore the North Western corner of the island. Sicily travel expert Karen La Rosa joins us again to share her favorite excursions that you can […]

Episode #036: Palermo – not what you expect!

Listen to “Palermo: Sicily’s most vibrant city (and it’s not what you’re thinking!)” on Spreaker. Welcome to Palermo! Sicily’s capital is unique, cosmopolitan and fun. Over many centuries the city has evolved and adapted the cultures of visitors and occupiers into a fascinating melting pot full of history, art and of course delicious food. Come […]

Episode #031: Exploring Sicily’s Val di Noto

Listen to “Exploring Sicily’s Val di Noto with Karen La Rosa” on Spreaker. Wondering where to find historic towns with sweeping piazzas, incredible food, and friendly people? Look no further than Sicily’s Val di Noto in the south east of the island. We’re joined by Sicily travel expert Karen La Rosa who takes us on […]