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Episode #178: Living La Dolce Vita on a Study Abroad Program in Italy

  Studying abroad in Italy is an incredible opportunity for people young and old, to spend time and get under the skin of Italy. With many universities now offering study abroad programs, it is an amazing chance for students to spend a semester or a year at an Italian university. This rite of passage will […]

Episode #164: Italian phrases you need to know for your trip to Italy

  Planning a trip to Italy? It’s always a good idea to learn some of the language before you visit any country. It will always be appreciated by the locals and can add so much to your experiences.  But sometimes people don’t just don’t know how best to go about it and can end up […]

101 basic Italian phrases for travel you need to know for your trip to Italy

common italian phrases for travel

If you’re planning on visiting Italy then it’s a good idea to learn some key Italian phrases, words and sentences. In this guide to basic Italian phrases for travel, we step you through the most useful ways to communicate on your trip to Italy. After all, language is a big part of Italian culture and […]

Episode #123: 5 tips for learning Italian fast

  Learning some Italian for your trip is one of the best ways to enrich your travel experience. When you’re in Italy, there’s so much satisfaction in ordering your very first gelato and getting a smile back when you manage to say what you once thought was a total tongue twister. But where to start? […]

Episode #091: Learning Italian for your trip

Listen to “Learn Italian for your trip (and beyond) with this super fast method” on Spreaker. You don’t need to speak Italian when you visit most of the major tourist destinations in Italy,  but if you have at least a few phrases in your repertoire – you’ll have a much richer experience. And it just […]