Best Lake Como Itinerary Ideas

lake como itinerary

Nestled in the Italian Alps, Lake Como is a dreamy vacation destination famous for its scenic natural beauty, historic villas, and picturesque lakeside villages. If you’re planning a trip to Northern Italy’s Lombardy region, these Lake Como itinerary ideas are crafted with you in mind. Lake Como is worth visiting for an alpine setting surrounded […]

Episode #222: Must have experiences in Venice

Listen to “Top 5 experiences to have in Venice” on Spreaker. Venice is a city like no other, with every canal, every bridge, and every cobblestone alleyway telling a tale of centuries past. This floating masterpiece truly is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. From the mesmerizing sensation of arriving by boat, […]

Italy in July – Reasons to Visit & What to Expect

italy in july

It’s no surprise that Italy is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world. It’s undeniably alluring, from dramatic landscapes in the Italian Alps to Rome’s mesmerizing architecture and stunning beaches along the coast. But what if you were to visit Italy in July? July is a summer month with soaring temperatures, and […]

Visiting Italy in June – Reasons to Visit and What to Expect

italy in june

Visiting Italy in June promises warm sunny days, plenty of beach time, and endless outdoor exploration opportunities. You can take advantage of the longer daylight hours to explore Italy’s outdoor attractions early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are cooler and crowds are thinner. There’s also the chance to indulge in […]

Episode #221: Magical Marsala – The Sweet Taste of Sicilian Wine

Listen to “Magical Marsala: The Sweet Taste of Sicilian Wine” on Spreaker. Western Sicily, home to Marsala wine and the salt pans, is lesser known and visited than the East, with a very different and contrasting rugged beauty. This region’s unique climate and soil is home to vineyards producing the renowned Marsala wine, which is […]