Where to Stay in Venice, Italy: Neighborhood and Area Guide

where to stay in venice italy

The City of canals is known for its sparkling bodies of water, bridges, gondola rides, and festivals. It’s one of Italy’s most beautiful cities and popular tourist destinations. There are also so many great places to stay in Venice, all within walking distance from the nearest attractions.  You can stroll down the streets and admire […]

Episode #146: Best Food and Wine Gifts to Bring Back from Italy

  Buying food and wine gifts for friends and family (or yourself) is an enjoyable part of any trip to Italy! As it’s almost Christmas time, we’re sharing gift ideas of things you can bring back from an Italy vacation, and for those who’ve already been or haven’t been (yet), we’ve got some things that […]

The Best Amalfi Coast Hotels: 10 Ultimate Places to Stay

best amalfi coast hotels

How does a dreamlike destination set on the coastline of southern Italy sound for your next unforgettable getaway? Welcome to the Amalfi Coast. A picturesque stretch of beaches, towns, stunning landscapes, and after reading this guide, you’re next paradise playground.  A number of idyllic towns and villages dot the landscape, each catering to quite literally […]