Visiting Italy in April – Reasons to Go and What to Expect

italy in april

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Each region has its own flavor, from the extraordinary culture and architecture in Rome to the beautiful beaches dotted along the coastal areas. The country attracts visitors year-round; however, visiting Italy in April has many unique opportunities to […]

Episode #215: Discover Regional Italy Without a Car

Listen to “How to Discover Regional Italy Without a Car” on Spreaker. Discovering regional Italy without a car opens up a world of different and unique experiences for visitors. While the allure of iconic destinations like Rome, Florence, and Venice is undeniable, there’s a hidden charm waiting to be discovered in the lesser-known corners of […]

Episode #214: Rome’s Best Kept Secrets – Explore the Eternal City with Liv Tours

Listen to “Rome’s Best Kept Secrets: Explore the Eternal City with Liv Tours” on Spreaker. Ditch the tourist crowds and embark on a journey through the Eternal City with a twist! Rome is a city that you can return to again and again as there’s always something new to discover, with layers of history and […]

Where to Stay in Lucca, Italy: Hotels and Accommodation Guide

where to stay in lucca italy

Found along the Serchio River and surrounded by rolling hills and the Apuan Alps, Tuscany’s Lucca is a dream destination and one of Italy’s most adored cities. The city boasts ancient walls that surround it, Gothic-era architecture, and historic landmarks. There are plenty of reasons to visit, but many visitors wonder where to stay in […]

Episode #213: Wines of Southern Tuscany – Brunello di Montalcino and Beyond

Listen to “Wines of Southern Tuscany – Brunello di Montalcino and Beyond” on Spreaker. We uncork the story of Brunello di Montalcino wine and the revered Tuscan wine region, in the Val d’Orcia, where it is produced. Each bottle of wine holds not just a vintage, but a sip of the captivating history and dedication […]

10 Reasons to Visit Southern Tuscany and the Val D’Orcia

southern tuscany

The Val D’orcia is located in central Italy, in the province of Siena. This part of southern Tuscany is characterized by long stretches of the most beautiful countryside with roads lined with cypress trees, olive groves and vineyards, as well as thermal baths, and medieval villages. Southern Tuscany is a jewel of natural beauty and […]

Episode #211: Eating Out In Italy – Etiquette Tips and More

Listen to “Eating in Italy: Etiquette Tips to Make the Most of Your Trip” on Spreaker. Food and eating in Italy are not just seen as sustenance but a part of the cultural experience and a passionate topic of conversation. We delve into Italian food etiquette – exploring the vibrant market culture, the nuances of […]