Episode #230: Vatican Jubilee 2025 – What to expect in Rome and Italy

Listen to “Vatican Jubilee 2025 – What to expect in Rome and Italy” on Spreaker. In Rome, in 2025, they will be celebrating the Vatican’s Jubilee Year. As anticipation builds for this momentous occasion in the Catholic Church, promising a unique blend of spiritual enrichment, cultural festivities, and historical significance, we look to the practicalities of […]

Episode #229: From Grit to Grapes – How Puglia is Redefining its Wine Culture

Listen to “From Grit to Grapes: How Puglia is Redefining its Wine Culture” on Spreaker. Puglia, the sun-drenched heel of Italy’s boot, has long been one of the country’s largest wine producers, but historically more for quantity than quality. But as with its tourism, in recent years things have turned around and it has been […]

21 most romantic places in Italy to add to your itinerary

most romantic places in Italy

Looking for the most romantic places in Italy? Whether you’re exploring ancient sites, discovering some of the world’s finest artworks, devouring pasta and gelato or simply living La Dolce Vita in a coastal resort, romantic Italy is a favorite among lovers, honeymooners and poetic types from all over the globe. Why is Italy seen as […]

The Best Amalfi Coast Hotels: 10 Ultimate Places to Stay

best amalfi coast hotels

How does a dreamlike destination set on the coastline of southern Italy sound for your next unforgettable getaway? Welcome to the Amalfi Coast. A picturesque stretch of beaches, towns, stunning landscapes, and after reading this guide, you’re next paradise playground. A number of idyllic towns and villages dot the landscape, each catering to quite literally […]