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Episode #059: Romantic Amalfi Coast weddings

This week, as it is San Valentino (Valentine’s Day), we are getting seriously romantic and talking about what it is like to get married on the Amalfi Coast, where hundreds of couples celebrate starting the journey of a lifetime together with family and friends every year. Show notes In this episode, we talk to Victoria […]

Episode #042: Come away to Capri!

episode 42 capri

Capri is an island off the Sorrentine coast in southern Italy that has captured our imagination since Roman times. This dramatic and picturesque island is a favorite day trip from Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, but today we’re going to build a case for you to stay a little longer. Joining us is local Holly […]

Episode #021: Savoring Sorrento – a food lovers guide to Italy’s city by the sea

Are you excited to visit Sorrento on your trip to Italy? Make sure you spend some time exploring this famous seaside town. Many visitors head off to nearby Amalfi Coast or Capri and miss out on the many charms of beautiful Sorrento. Our guest Lee Trapani from Gourmet Girls Italy food tours tells us why […]

Episode #014: Amalfi Coast highlights

Are you dreaming of the Amalfi Coast? So are we! Constantly it seems. This stunning stretch of coastline is recognized as an area of great physical beauty and natural diversity by UNESCO. Combine that with a rich culture, colorful houses and the azure blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and you get one of the […]

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