Best Places to Stay in Sicily

best places to stay in sicily

Sicily’s prime location in the middle of the Mediterranean and its diverse and dreamy landscapes make for the perfect Italian seaside escape. The island boasts breathtaking views, the smoldering Mount Etna, charming villages, and glistening beaches. Finding the best places to stay in Sicily will depend on what you’re looking for out of your trip.  […]

Episode #199: Perfect Pienza – Hilltop town of dreams in Tuscany’s Val D’Orcia

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Episode #198: Tempting Treviso – Home of Tiramisu and Prosecco

Listen to “Tempting Treviso: Home of Tiramisu and Prosecco” on Spreaker. Treviso, in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, is known as ‘Little Venice’ due to its many canals. This magical city, less than an hour by train from Venice, is full of Roman ruins,  Renaissance palaces, and Baroque frescoes, as well as a fascinating […]

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Episode #196: Beyond Chianti – The Wonderful World of Italian Red Wine

Listen to “Beyond Chianti: The Wonderful World of Italian Red Wine” on Spreaker. Italian red wine is enjoyed all around the world and is something Italy is unquestionably famous for. Italian red wines are a true delight for wine lovers everywhere and while you may be familiar with Chianti, Barolo or the Super Tuscans, we’d […]