Episode #144: Sip Your Way Through the Wine Bars of Florence

  The winebars of Florence are wonderful places to start or continue any journey in learning about Tuscan and Italian wine. Florence’s wine bars and restaurants are not only a great place to learn more about the region’s wines and producers, but they are also amazing places to just hang out and appreciate the great […]

Episode #143: 7 Delicious local dishes from Abruzzo

  Abruzzo, the beautiful Italian region that shares a border with Lazio and the Adriatic Sea, is a region of epic mountains, stunning coastline, and traditions as old as time. The incredible, produce-driven dishes of the region include many unique ingredients and techniques and are the ultimate comfort food. Show notes We talk to American […]

Things to Do in Piedmont, Italy: 21 Exciting Activities, Attractions and Cities

things to do in piedmont

Ready to explore some of the best things to do in Piedmont, Italy? Let’s get started.  There’s no doubt that Italy is home to many gorgeous places, but the Piedmont region will really leave you breathless. Nestled between France and Switzerland, Piedmont’s name means “at the mountain’s feet,” in reference to its location at the […]

Episode #142: Tale of 3 Cities: A Food Tour Adventure in Italy

  Food tours are a wonderful experience during your trip to Italy. Not only do you get to eat incredibly well, but you get to try new food – things you may not have considered before or been brave enough to order on your own. Food is such an important connection to the land, the […]