Best Day Trips From Venice: Historic Cities, Wineries, and More

best day trips from venice

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Venice is a beautiful city of romantic intrigue, with its meandering canals, picturesque bridges, and iconic landmarks. It’s one of the most popular cities to visit in Italy, but what if you want to explore beyond the canals?

You’re in luck, because Venice is an excellent base for many adventures in northern Italy. You can discover all the charm Italy offers, from Prosecco wineries to the charming towns.

This article will take you through the best day trips from Venice and cover some key travel information to help you plan your time.

So, when you’re not enjoying all the hidden gems in Venice, you’ll want to take on one of these unforgettable day trips.

Popular Day Trips From Venice, Italy

Venice couldn’t be better placed for fun day trips to the Veneto region. Some unforgettable sites are a stone’s throw away, like the Prosecco wineries and Lake Garda.

With this array of fantastic day trip ideas to the glorious regions of the country, it’s not easy picking your ideal excursion. So, to make your life easier, here are some of the best Venice, Italy, day trips you can book to enhance your trip. 

Prosecco Valley Wine Tasting Tour

venice day trip prosecco wine tasting

If you want stunning views, delicious food, and a relaxing experience, this winery tour of Prosecco Valley is for you. You’ll visit two wineries during this tour, namely Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, where you’ll be able to taste the famous DOCG Italian white wines.

The tour guide — a local wine expert — will give you the ins and outs of all the subtle flavors each wine offers. You’ll also enjoy a light lunch with local produce from farm to table. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Tour Details: Prosecco Valley Tour From Venice

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Murano, Burano, and Torcello Islands Day Trip

day trip from venice burano

Join this Venice Lagoon tour for a unique coastal excursion to discover Murano’s craftsmanship, Burano‘s vibrant streets, and Torcello’s rich history. You’ll start the day at Murano Island, where you’ll visit a glass factory that showcases the island’s artistry. The glass-blowing demonstration will captivate your imagination.

Next up, spend a couple of hours admiring the tapestry of colorful houses and enjoying a light meal in Burano. 

Lastly, you’ll visit Torcello, where you can admire the Byzantine mosaics at Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta before jumping back aboard your boat and heading home.

Experience Details: Venice Lagoon Islands Tour

NOTE: You’ll have an opportunity to admire the emerald-green waters of the Venice Lagoon from the boat’s open-air deck.

Cortina and Dolomites Mountain Day Trip

best venice day trip dolomites

Get fresh air away from the city on this Dolomites Mountain day trip. During this full-day outing, you’ll travel in style to the picturesque ski town of Cortina. You’ll have some free time here to explore the boutique shops and patisseries before hitting the road again.

If you join the tour between the 15th of November to the third week of May, the tour stops in San Candido and Lake Braies. Any other time of the year, you’ll go to Lake Misurina and Tre Cime di Lavaredo, which offer stunning views of the Dolomite Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Experience Details: Cortina and Dolomites Mountain Trip

Lake Garda Day Trip

venice day trips lake garda

For a romantic day floating along the majestic waters near Verona, join this Lake Garda boat cruise. This is the perfect half-day tour along the turquoise lake, sailing past iconic sites such as Scaligero Castle and the Medieval castle of Lazise.

Before you adventure past gorgeous citadels and pristine Venetian villas, indulge in a sommelier-led tasting in Bardolino. To wrap things up, you’ll pass some more timeless monuments, like the Romanesque Torri del Benaco Scaligero Castle.

NOTE: You’ll need to catch an hour and a half train ride or drive a car from Venice to Peschiera del Garda, the tour’s departure point. Train tickets start at around €12 per person. 

Tour Details: Lake Garda Cruise

Full-Day Brenta Riviera Boat Trip

venice day trip ideas villa pisani


There’s nothing better than enjoying the sunshine and some gorgeous scenery, so how about joining this Brenta Riviera boat cruise. This lovely excursion passes many famous Venetian Villas with a guided tour of some, such as Villa Foscari and Villa Pisani (pictured above).

If you get peckish, the cruise stops at the famous Il Burchiello restaurant for a discounted lunch with mesmerizing riverside views. You’ll also pass nine draw-bridges, five locks, and several picturesque villages along the way to Padua.

Tour Details: Brenta Riviera Boat Cruise

City Day Trip From Venice Ideas

If there’s one thing Italy isn’t short of, its beautiful cities — and Venice is an arm’s length away from several charming destinations. These nearby cities each have their magnetizing effects, from inviting atmospheres to impressive architecture that you cannot help but snap a photo of.

These day trips from Venice are all worth considering, so here’s some extra information to help you choose.


best day trips from venice verona

Verona has a long history, and there’s no better place to discover this than at its Centro Storico. Marvel at the wide-arched piazzas, churches like Santi Aposteli, and famous museums like Juliet’s House.

When you’re not exploring, you can enjoy a coffee at one of the many cafes along Piazza Bra, all while admiring the Verona Arena.

If you want to see other fantastic sights across the city, consider joining this private walking tour, including the Arco Dei Gavi and a walk across Ponte Pietra.

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How to Get to Verona


Trains depart from Venice Santa Lucia for Verona Porta Nuova and take an hour and 30 minutes on average. Usually, there are 35 direct trips from Venice to Verona, with tickets starting at around €10.


A bus ride is slightly longer, with times averaging an hour and 45 minutes. Most buses depart from Tronchetto Fermata Dell’autobus and travel to Verona’s Girolamo Cardinale bus station. On average, ticket prices start around €7.


Driving from Venice takes about an hour and 15 minutes, as you’ll travel along the A4 and E70. The Piazzale Olimpia car park is your best bet for finding free parking. You will then have to walk or catch a bus to the historic center (2.1 miles away).

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venice day trips padua

Padua is a Medieval town packed with memorable history and architecture. You simply have to visit the Piazza Dei Signori, with the gorgeous Marciani Column and Torre Del’Orologio taking the limelight.

Other iconic sights include the Padua Duomo and Basilica di Sant’Antonio, which showcase the beauty of the town. If you want to see Giotto’s handy work, visit the Cappella Degli Scrovegni and take in the breathtaking frescos.

Padua also has lush garden spaces, from the exotic Orto Botanico to the Prato Della Valle. Fun fact, the Prato Della Valle is also the largest square in Italy and Europe.

TOP TIP: Join this Padua private experience to explore the entire city. 

How to Get to Padua


Taking the train from Venice Santa Lucia to Padova Train Station is a short half-hour trip. The first train leaves around 05:05, and the last departs at 00:15, with tickets averaging €5 one way.


A bus trip takes roughly 50 minutes and usually runs from Mestre Stazione to Parcheggio Ex Pesa Pubblica. Tickets are also very affordable, starting at around €2 per person.


Driving to Padua is usually a half-hour trip as you travel along the E70. It’s a good idea to park at the Piazza Rabin guarded parking area, as it’s safe and only a 2-minute walk from Basilica di Santa Giustina. 


venice day trip ideas

Treviso is another Medieval town blessed with beauty beyond your imagination. The five turquoise domed roofs of the Cathedral of San Pietro perfectly imitate the Sile River’s crystal waters that flow near the city. 

When you’re not looking at the frescos by Pordenone, or paintings by Titian at San Pietro, explore the city walls and gates. You can get majestic views of the Alps from Porta San Tommaso — one of the stunning city gates.

Although it’s a small city, you can still enjoy life’s simple pleasures at the cafes that line Piazza dei Signori or enjoy its enchanting canals.

TOP TIP: For an authentic experience, enjoy this unique private meal at a local’s house.

How to Get to Treviso


Treviso is a short and sweet half-hour ride by high-speed train from Santa Lucia to Treviso Centrale. There are an average of 64 trips on this route, and you can expect tickets to start at €4 per person. 


Bus rides take about an hour, and most depart from Piazzale Roma and travel to Parcheggio Comunale. Tickets are more than you might expect for this short trip, starting at €4 per person. 


Traveling by car takes an average of 35 minutes as you drive along the A27. Free parking is tough to find, so it’s best to seek out a spot in the city center and pay the €1 per hour fee. 


best day trips from venice

Vicenza is a sprawling historic city where the Basilica Palladiana takes center stage. It’s located in the Piazza dei Signori and includes intricate window designs with high wooden ceilings. 

That’s not the only iconic landmark in the city, as a walking tour of Teatro Olimpico will show. This theater is much more than a place of performance; boasting a pristine garden, towering sculptures, and stunning architecture.

Art lovers can also explore the city’s museums, like the Museo Palladiano or the Vicenza Museo Civico.

How to Get to Vicenza


High-speed trains from Santa Lucia to Vicenza Train Station take 45 minutes to an hour. With a reasonable travel time, the average price is €7 per ticket, making it an affordable option. 


Buses have the longest travel time, averaging €6 per ticket. Most buses depart from Mestre Stazione and travel to Vicenza Autostazione, with a travel time of just over an hour. Note that you will most likely need to catch a 15-minute bus ride from Piazza San Marco to Mestre Stazione, as it’s outside Venice’s city center. 


Driving will take you roughly 50 minutes as you travel via the E70. The Piazzale Vittoria is a good option if you’re looking for free parking in the small city. The parking area is only a mile from Basilica Palladian.


venice day trip

Of the day trips from Venice, Ferrara is one of the shortest and loveliest. You can’t go wrong exploring Castello Estense, with its moat, orange tree garden, and towers that offer a fantastic view of the city.

Despite the damage from World War II (40% of the homes were destroyed), famous landmarks are still standing. Some of the top ones you should consider seeing include the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Cattedrale di San Giorgio, and Rotonda Foschini. 

The city walls and old Jewish District all add to the fact that Ferrara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

TOP TIP: If you want to discover all the city has to offer, join this guided walking tour.

How to Get to Ferrara


Train rides take an average of an hour and 30 minutes, with tickets starting at €10 per person. You will depart from Santa Lucia with a scenic journey to the Ferrara Train Station.  


Direct buses tend to take an hour and 45 minutes and pass through Padua. Most buses depart from Viale Stazione and arrive at Piazzale Della Stazione. You can expect prices in the range of €5 per person. 


Driving to Ferrara will take around an hour and 15 minutes as you travel along the A13. Free parking is at Ex-Mof (15 minutes from the city center), or you can pay €1.60 per hour at Piazza del Travaglio.

Coastal Venice Day Trip Ideas

The Venice trips aren’t finished just yet. The east coast is a region of Italy that you should definitely consider visiting. So here are two great day trips from Venice that might be just right for you.


venice day trip ideas lido

To experience one of the best barrier islands of Italy, you’ll need to take a 30-minute ferry ride to Venice Lido. The boat rides depart from Marco-San Zaccaria and dock at Lido S.M.E, with tickets starting at €1.50 per person.

You can explore an Armenian Monastery, enjoy the beach, or explore the protected nature reserve, Oasis of Alberoni. It’s easy to say this is a lovely day trip you’ll never forget.

LISTEN: to our podcast episode on the Islands of Venice.


An hour’s bus ride or a 50-minute drive south, you’ll find the Medieval city of Chioggia. This coastal oasis offers everything from gondola rides down the Grand Canal to historic buildings like Forte San Felice. If you want to enjoy the beachside getaway, Astoria Beach is a great place to catch some sun.

Summary – Which Venice Day Trips Are You Excited For?

best day trips from venice

If there’s one thing you may have noticed, it’s that there are some fantastic Venice side trips just waiting for you. Whether exploring the Dolomite Mountains or admiring Verona, you can add some of these day trips from Venice to your itinerary. 

While you’re here, have a look at the best hotels in Venice to find your dream accommodation.

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