Episode #077: Photographing Italy

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Do you want to take beautiful photos of Italy when you finally get there? Instagram is full of stunning snaps of iconic Italian sights and picturesque views but how can you capture them yourself and make sure you’re in them.

Show notes
In this episode, we are talking to Natalie and Andrea, both professional photographers who take people on amazing photoshoots for vacation photoshoot specialists – Flytographer. We uncover where you’ll find photogenic locations, how to access the best light and other tips to get those Insta-worthy shots.  Our professionals also share tips on getting yourself into those vacation shots so you can relive the memories when you return home, letting the roads lead you and the planning behind romantic proposal shoots.

Photo credit: Andrea in Positano for Flytographer

What you’ll learn in this episode

  1. As well as the main sites and attractions – take a look around at other things you could photograph which give a glimpse into the feel of being in Italy. From that Vespa outside a flower-covered doorway to the entrance to an intriguing alleyway – go for a wander and let the streets guide you.
  2. Andrea’s top tip for a great spot in Venice to take photographs is Castello island. The sunrise is the best time as you’re on the east and there’s few people around.
  3. Sorrento is great in the summer for sunset shots
  4. A top tip from Natalie is to take the camera that you’re realistically going to use. If you want to get deep into photography then a DSLR is great, if carrying a heavy DSLR and the various lenses around is too heavy and too much bulk then a mirrorless is a great option (Natalie uses a Fujifilm X-T3) or just use your phone camera – the quality is great these days and it’s nothing extra to carry around with you.
  5. It’s worthing working out a way to back up your photos  – there’s nothing more crushing than discovering you’ve lost all those shots from your day or trip.
  6. Drones are getting more and more popular, but if you’re wanting to take your drone to Italy, then you’d need a license and the relevant insurances (as per EU rules). These are in place for a number of reasons, not least wanting to avoid drones crashing into all the wonderful, historic architecture.
  7. It’s really worthwhile doing some research ahead of time, to where you want to take some photos. Work out where the best locations are and what angles to take them – then when you return to shoot (preferably early in the morning when there’s fewer people about and great light), you can get straight to it
  8. To make sure you and/or your loved ones feature beautifully in some fantastic vacation shots, booking a Flytographer experience means you can spend time in great spots around your chosen city, and leave with great memories to take home. They have over five hundred photographers around the world in over 250 cities. Andrea, who lives on the Amalfi Coast even specializes in proposal and wedding photographs – it doesn’t get more romantic than proposing in Positano!
  9. All of the Flytographer photographers are locals and so they live in the cities that you’re visiting. So if you would like to book a shoot it’s a great idea to book one towards the beginning of your trip because then those photographers will give you amazing local recommendations to make your trip even more memorable.

About our guests – Natalie Schulte & Andrea Gallucci from Flytographer

Andrea was born and raised in Italy and loves everything about this wonderful land. Even today he get excited when he admires every single landscape that surrounds him.
As a good Italian, he is a lover of good food and loves to savor the dishes of any cuisine. In particular, he is a lover of Pasta and Eggplant Parmigiana.

Thanks to his work he has been lucky enough to travel and visit many wonderful places. He approached the world of photography at the age of 16, and over the years it gradually became his job.

He loves being among people, learning about their history and learning more about their culture. His family has a hotel in Ravello and since he was a child he has grown up with people from all over the world, this has given him the opportunity to know more and more, and to meet people from all over the world every day. As a photographer he specializes in weddings, engagements and marriage proposals.

He has been part of the Flytographer family for 4 years (He had his first shooting with them in May 2018). It has been, for him, a great and a great honor to be part of this team.

Andrea’s Flytographer page


Aloha from Natalie! Natalie is Social Media Manager for Flytographer, as well as a professional photographer with Flytographer for nearly 4 years. She’s worked for Flytographer as a photographer in Prague, Houston, Austin, and Maui, and is now based in Honolulu! She has been a photographer for 10 years, and her favorite photo shoots are capturing the magic of travel for people visiting her island. Her passion for travel was cemented when she studied abroad in Florence, Italy during her college years, and it quickly became one of her favorite countries. In addition to photography, she manages the social media platforms for Flytographer, connecting with travelers across the world.

Natalie’s Flytographer page

About Flytographer

If you want some gorgeous photos of your trip to Italy, organize a vacation photo shoot with Flytographer. They know all the best spots around Italy to get the best snaps of you on your vacation and you can choose the photographer with the style you like best.

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Places mentioned in the show

  • San Pietro di Castello – a little island in Venice
  • Aventine Hill – one of the Seven Hills on which ancient Rome
  • Aventine Hill keyhole – a nondescript door at the end of a cul-de-sac features an amzingly well-framed, tiny view with the dome of St. Peter’s perfectly situated in the middle



  • Lightroom – a great app for photo editing and making your photos look more professional

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