Episode #100: In Search of Authentic Italy

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Pop the prosecco! We’re celebrating 100 episodes of the Untold Italy podcast with our views on authentic travel and some very special announcements about our upcoming tours (oh my!) and a way our podcast fans can access an exclusive extra podcast episode each month and input into the show content.

Show notes
I’ve been wanting to record this episode for a while now. Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world and so it’s open to many clichés and arguments that it is “too touristy”. My opinion is that, while many of the places in Italy that make us gasp in delight are seriously popular (and almost overwhelmingly so), they are sought out for a reason. 

So let’s turn the term authentic travel on its head and ask not what is authentic about the places we visit in Italy but how we as visitors can travel more authentically and with respect for this beautiful country. Whether you choose to travel on the offseason or rise early in the morning to beat the crowds at the Trevi Fountain, there are small actions we can all take to ensure we have the experience we remember for a lifetime, and create memories that will hold us through even the darkest days


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