Episode #058: Listener Q & A Vol 3

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Listen to “Italy travel update and listener Q&A Vol 3. – Wineries in Tuscany, agriturismi and what to do if you fall ill in Italy,” on Spreaker.


Italy trip planning Q&A. Our 3rd listener Q&A episode on Untold Italy. Our topics range from staying in the perfect agriturismo and how to reach Sardinia, to all things medical.

Show notes
A big thank you and grazie to all our subscribers and regular listeners. It’s a huge thrill to hear from you and get to enjoy your stories and tales of travel in Italy.

Our call out for questions resulted in a huge number of queries sent in via email and our online community – please come along and join us there if you haven’t already! We really love answering them on the podcast because we can give a much more in-depth answer than can often be achieved in a few lines of text.

This time we had practical questions about accessing medical services, as well as questions about finding the best agriturismos and wineries. We also cover some questions on getting to the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their questions. We love doing these sessions, so stay tuned for more Q & A and Italy travel inspiration in the future. As a result of your requests, we have upcoming episodes about the Dolomites and Abruzzo for you to look forward to.

Travel to Italy

Make no mistake, Italy is waiting for us and wanting us to return as soon as it is safe to do so. At the beginning of each month, Italy reviews its general restrictions including those for travel. As soon as we hear of any changes we update it on our website at untolditaly.com/latest.

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Agriturismo and winery mentions in the show:

Emergency Medical Info for Italy:

  • You can go to the 24-hour emergency rooms, or pronto soccorso, at any hospital.
  • If you need an ambulance the number to call in Italy is 118 or 112 is the general emergency including police and fire services.

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