How to Get From Rome to Florence

how to get from rome to florence

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If you’re looking for the quickest way to travel from Rome to Florence, your best bet is by train. Renting a car is the ideal way to enjoy scenic views of the picturesque countryside, but it comes at a cost. If you’re looking to save the most on travel expenditure, the bus is going to be perfect for you.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about how to get from Rome to Florence depending on your travel plans and style. All your most pressing questions have been answered below. 

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About Traveling From Rome to Florence

travel from rome to florence 

Before jumping straight in, here are some key details you need to know.

How Far is Florence From Rome?

Both Rome and Florence are in the central part of Italy, but this doesn’t mean they’re close. There are 162 miles of unforgettable Italian countryside between the two cities, teeming with history and culture.

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When is the Best Time to Travel From Rome to Florence

As far as months go, the most convenient time to travel between Rome and Florence is either April to May or September to October. Not only will you miss the summer crowds but you’ll also find cheaper accommodation in Italy.

Sunday is the perfect day to go from Rome to Florence. Not only are there fewer crowds as people aren’t traveling for work, but you can also find the best train deals.

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Catching Trains From Rome to Florence

train from rome to florence

Italy’s train services are amongst the most reliable in Europe, making it a fantastic option. Here’s everything you need to know, whether you’re in a rush and need high-speed trains or don’t mind slower regional trains.

High-Speed Train between Rome and Florence

Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa trains (Le Frecce) or Italo high-speed trains are the ultimate way to travel from Rome to Florence. Both companies are fantastic and provide a wide variety of seating options, from standard seats to first class.

Not only that, but all seating options have air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and a food carriage where you can purchase snacks and drinks. 

If you want to get an early start to the day, the first train leaves Rome at 05:30, with the last one departing at 21:30. There are plenty of options throughout the day, with 95 trips completed a day.

If you want to find the exact schedule, you can use the Omio App to keep track of all your tickets. 

TOP TIP: Book tickets and check schedules on Omio.

Direct Intercity Trains between Rome and Florence

If you’re not in as much of a rush but still want a direct train ride, consider using Intercity trains. These trains are slightly slower than high-speed trains, so you have more time to admire the beautiful Tuscan landscape.

Intercity trains offer passengers free Wi-Fi and comfortable reclining seats.

Catching a Train From Rome to Florence Costs

Rome to Florence train cost varies depending on the day you travel and the service you choose. As you might expect, high-speed trains are slightly more expensive than slower services.

Cheap train tickets from Rome to Florence vary in price for each day of the week. If you plan on catching a high-speed train or other direct train ticket, you can expect prices to start at €22. The prices change based on how far in advance you are booking. If you leave your booking to the last minute, prices can go up to €60. To check the prices for train tickets and easily manage your bookings, use the Omio App.

TOP TIP: Book your train tickets at least a week in advance to get the best deals possible.

Average Rome to Florence Train Time

If you decide to travel on a high-speed train, the average train from Rome to Florence time is 1 hour and 30-minutes. However, if you choose a slower regional train service, the average travel time is roughly 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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About Rome Train Station

Most of the trains you can catch will leave Rome Termini Station, with a few also departing from the Rome Tiburtina Station. On average, 61 trains depart the Rome Termini Station daily between 05:30 and 21:30.

About Florence Train Station

The main station in Florence is the Firenze Santa Maria Novella, where all the direct trains from Rome will travel.

Pros and Cons of Using a Train For Travel


  • It’s the quickest way to get from Rome to Florence.
  • The earliest train departs before 06:00.
  • Night trains are also available until 21:30.
  • There are no luggage restrictions or security lines.


  • You can receive a hefty fine if your ticket is not checked before boarding.
  • It can get busy during weekday travel.
  • It can get noisy depending on where you are on the train.

Driving From Rome to Florence

driving from rome to florence

If you want to see the countryside, driving from Rome to Florence is a fantastic option. Although driving is one of the most expensive ways to get between the two cities, the freedom it provides is second to none.

Not only can you choose when you would like to drive, but you also have complete control of the entire process. There are two main ways you can travel by car, either by renting or booking a private transfer.

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Renting a Car For Rome to Florence Travel

Renting a car in Italy is a great way to get around the country. You can get to places that train and bus routes do not travel to.

There are many places throughout Rome where you can rent a car, with Fiumicino Airport being the most popular. You can schedule your pick-up time and select a different drop-off location, such as Firenze Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Choosing to pick-up and drop-off the vehicle at the airports is the best option, as navigating the cities can often be challenging. 

Renting costs start at €23.08 to €923 per day (as per Car Rental by booking.com), depending on the car type you choose to hire and when you’re renting. You will also need to factor in toll charges if traveling on the highways known as Autostrade as well as insurance costs

Average Fuel Costs For Rome to Florence Travel

Gas prices fluctuate each month, so it’s tough to pinpoint how much it will cost. However, at the time of writing (November 2022), Italian gas prices are $6.38 per gallon (€1.68 per liter).

The amount of gas you’ll need depends on the car’s fuel consumption. However, on average, between seven and eight gallons is enough for a one-way trip.

TOP TIP: Keep track of current gas prices in Italy on the global petrol prices website.

Traveling From Rome to Florence on a Private Transfer

transfer rome to florence

Another option is to travel via private transfer. These can often be expensive, so people also like ride-sharing, which allows you to split travel costs with another traveler. A private transfer usually starts at €500, but with ride-share it can get as low as €71.23.

TOP TIP: If you want to travel in style, consider this Rome to Florence private transfer.

Driving Travel Time From Rome to Florence

The quickest and most direct route between Rome and Florence is along the A1/E35. The total distance you will travel is 172 miles. The average travel time ranges between 2 hours and 30 minutes and 3 hours and 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

Pros and Cons of Driving From Rome to Florence


  • Freedom to drive when you like.
  • You have more room for luggage.
  • You have private transportation.


  • It is expensive.
  • Finding parking isn’t easy.
  • You are responsible for any damages to the car.
  • Road tolls between Rome and Florence are €18.20. These may change, and you can calculate toll costs on autostrade per l’italia

Catching a Bus From Rome to Florence

bus from rome to florence

Although this is the most time-consuming method of travel between the two cities, it is also the cheapest. You will be able to meander through the Tuscan scenery and reach the wonderful city of Florence in comfort.  

Which Bus Service to Use

Italy has several world-class bus companies, but if you’re traveling from Rome to Florence, it’s best to go with either Itabus or Flixbus. Both companies provide free Wi-Fi connection and a seat reservation option.

Buses From Roma Termini Train Station

The earliest coach to depart Roma Termini Station is at 07:30, with the latest departing at 23:45. Roma Termini Station is the main point of departure from Rome when traveling to Florence.

Buses From Fiumicino Airport

Generally, you can also take a bus from Rome Airport to Florence. However, only one bus per day departs the airport at 13:30. If you want more variety, you can catch the Leonardo Express Train to the Roma Termini Train Station and take a direct bus from there.

Average Bus Costs From Rome to Florence

Bus travel is the cheapest way to get between the two cities, with tickets starting at €6.02 and the most expensive tickets reaching €28.09.

You can choose the extendable seat, extra legroom, and free seat selection option for an additional €5.

Travel Time From Rome to Florence by Bus

No matter what company you choose to travel with, you can expect a reasonable travel time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Pros and Cons of Using a Bus For Travel


  • It’s the cheapest way to travel.
  • It’s an environmentally friendly travel method.


  • It can get crowded.
  • There can be a long waiting time between buses.
  • It’s the most time-consuming travel option.

Final Thoughts on How to Get to Florence From Rome

rome to florence travel options

Now you know the ins and outs of all the best travel methods from Rome to Florence. With this newfound knowledge under your belt, the Rome to Florence leg on your Italy itinerary will be smooth sailing.

If you plan on staying in Florence for a while, be sure to put our Florence travel guide and our 3 day Florence itinerary to the test. And before you leave, make sure to head to some of Florence’s hidden gems for an unforgettable experience.

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