7 reasons to take a private tour of Italy

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Want to see Italy on your own terms and in comfort and safety? Choose a private tour of Italy and you’ll be on the way to realizing your dreams. Private tours can be great value, particularly if you want to relax and let an expert get you around the country while you enjoy the scenery and experiences you’ve been dreaming of.

Taking a private tour by car means you can set your own pace and visit the places that you and your travel companions most want to see. There’s no waiting for group members and you can take full advantage of local knowledge to ensure the trip you are dreaming of is realized.

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Why you should choose a private Italy tour

private tour of italy

1 – Choose your own adventure

There is no “one size fits all” for tours of Italy despite what you may have heard. Yes, many people choose to follow the well worn path from Rome to Florence and Venice but that doesn’t mean that you have to. You may want to visit those cities and explore your own interests (and we strongly suggest that you do!). Or you might want to explore some of Italy’s hidden gems.

When you join an organized group tour, no matter how small, you’ll be making some compromises in terms of itinerary and activities. With a private tour, you can decide on the details yourself and let your driver or guide handle the logistics. Your tour is completely customized just for you and your travel companions.

2 – Set your own pace

Some people want to visit Italy to “see it all”. They love to set a brisk pace and fit in as much as possible into their days. Others prefer a slow meander around small villages stopping for lunch and a quiet stroll through the countryside.

Needless to say, group tours may not set the pace you are looking for while a private tour can accommodate your every whim. Want to stop in Tuscany’s Val D’Orcia for Brunello wine and pecorino cheese followed by gelato in San Gimignano? No problem when you’re on a private tour.

3 – Access local experts (dedicated to you!)

One of the best things about a private custom tour of Italy is that during your planning and from the moment you land you’ll have local experts dedicated to you, your travel companions and your needs. There’s no need to worry about getting from the airport and booking separate transfers. Your driver can pick you up after your long flight and transfer you in comfort to your next destination while you sit back and relax.

They are also there to help you find banks, pharmacies, the best restaurants or beach clubs – whatever you need! Of course they can also recommend the most charming hotels to suit your trip expectations and take those all important photos so you can relive your memories later.

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4 – Move around with speed and ease

If you’re short on time or have issues with mobility, a private driving tour has an added advantage. Your driver is there to help you throughout the day – not just getting from town to town but within the cities you visit. They can drive you straight to the Vatican Museums where you’ll join your tour of the celebrated treasures and be waiting to take you to lunch when you’re finished. No searching for taxis or trying to figure out public transportation.

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5 – Handpicked local guides in each destination

If you choose a reputable private company you can also access their network of local guides, specific to the areas of Italy you wish to visit. Did you know that to be an official guide for the major tourist destinations in Italy you need to sit an exam for each city or region? This is challenging even for one city so most choose to focus on only one. An excellent guide in Rome will likely not have expertise in Venice or Florence so it’s important that you can access the right local knowledge.

6 – Activities tailored to your budget

Private Italy tours need not be extravagant, although of course, we all love a little luxury. Whether you’re looking for premium experiences like driving a Lamborghini through the streets of Modena or you prefer a rustic beach lunch and the simple pleasure of a dip in the sea, find a company that can customize your tour with consideration to your budget. Costs are driven by class of hotel and distanced traveled so if you need to work to a set budget you can make amendments as necessary.

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7 – 100% commitment to your health and safety

As the world and Italy emerge from a difficult year, it is fair to say we are all more concerned about our health and safety, particularly when traveling abroad. A private tour offers you the safest way to travel around Italy with a driver who has your well being as their top priority. There is no need to join huge lines for taxis or travel on public transportation with crowds. You can keep your distance easily with private transportation.

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Private tours in Italy FAQ

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Are private tours within my budget?

Private driving tours can be scaled to your needs. If you want the ultimate luxury, of course, that can be arranged. But you might be surprised to learn that private tours can be a cost effective way to travel – especially if you are in a large family group. Take advantage of the van sized transport and you will come out even or save money on ground transportation costs.

How can we choose a suitable provider?

We believe that local companies offer the best experiences due to their on the ground knowledge of local conditions and ability to communicate effective. Look for a family run business, registered with the appropriate authorities and who are fully insured to cover any mishaps. If you don’t speak fluent Italian, an English speaking driver and/or guide is also a good idea.

We recommend Joe Banana Limos private tours because they meet all these criteria and offer a highly personalized service where your comfort and safety is their utmost priority. Pierpaulo from the company is a regular guest on our Untold Italy podcast where he shares his passion for helping customers experience Italy – from the Amalfi Coast to pizza! (he is quite the expert.

How much can I expect to pay for a private Italy tour?

The key variables are your itinerary, group size and choice of accommodation.  Prices start from $US 5,000 per person for a 9 night/10 day tour staying in 4/5 star hotels – review package details

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