Where to stay in Calabria: Best Towns and Hotels [Updated 2024]

where to stay in calabria

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Any Italophile will tell you that Calabria, in southern Italy, is the place to go, far removed from the radars of many visitors. But, in a less visited destination, it can be challenging to find where to stay in Calabria.

Calabria is known for its countless picturesque beaches and massive mountain ranges. Take your pick from captivating hiking trails, local cuisine that rivals the best, and history-rich museums to explore.

The region’s villages, towns, and cities also hold treasures to be explored. Go roaming the streets of its bounty of hilltop villages, wandering seaside towns, or reveling in the spirit of the region’s capital, Reggio Calabria.

Before you plan out your itinerary, though, you’ll need a place to sleep at night. This guide has everything you need to know about where to stay in Calabria.

Cities in Calabria, Italy

where to stay in calabria cities and hotels

The cities of Calabria are as varied as the unique and somewhat spicy cuisine the region is known for. From the bustling streets of Reggio Calabria to the breakaway destination, away from the coastline, Cosenza.

Along the coastline lies the slow-paced Catanzaro, while Tropea and Scilla are the jewels of Calabria’s coastal vacation spots. Within Pizzo, you’ll find stunning showcases of architecture, with Sovareto combining a bit of everything that makes the other towns special.

Another wonderful seaside town, Le Castella, thrives around the remains of the 16th-century Aragonese Castle Le Castella. Crotone is a precious gem in the crown of Calabria, as Gerace dominates a scenic hilltop.

When looking for one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, look no further than Moreno Calabro. Situated within the Pollino National Park, the town has kept its ancient historical past unspoiled by the outside world. And in the foothills of Pollino is Altomonte.

Reggio Calabria

places to stay in calabria

When you stay in Calabria, choose its largest city, Reggio di Calabria. This town is easy to spot at the tip of the region and is small enough to make it a breeze to roam around on foot.

Reggio Calabria is famous for the Riace Bronzes, nude ancient Greek warriors captured in stone housed in the Museo Nazionale della Magna Graecia. Food historians should visit the Museo del Bergamotto, recounting the region’s distinctive citrus cultivation history.

Head for Officina Del Gusto, which focuses solely on local cuisine made of the freshest locally farmed ingredients. For breakfast, lunch, or aperitivo, Malavenda Cafe is a hip little cafe with fresh pastries baked every morning.

Reggio di Calabria is also home to beaches like Scilla, Bova Marina, and Raueana di Palmi. 

Good to know: When traveling to Calabria internationally, your flights will arrive at the Lamezia Terme International Airport, with shuttle buses to Reggio Calabria can be found.

Best for: First-time visitors to Calabria.

Luxury / Mid Range: Palazzo Fiaccadori

The Palazzo Fiaccadori is a few minutes walk from icons such as the Archeological Museum and the Aragonese Castle. The uber-luxe property offers an eclectic interior design, while in the rooms, you’ll find air conditioning, free WiFi, and a flat-screen TV >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: B&Blue

The perfect choice of accommodation at a budget-friendly price, with an excellent location. The B&Blue offers elegant, contemporary rooms with air conditioning, shared loung and courtyard views – some with balconies >> Check Rates and Availability.

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hotels in calabria

Cosenza is the ideal hilltop breakaway from the more urbanized cities of Calabria, split between its Old Town and a more new-aged suburb, the city is found on the confluence of the Busento and the Crati rivers.

The town’s bustling modern downtown area meets with a historic hill district that’s as Calabrian as one could get. Within the modern city, stroll around the shop-and-sculpture-lined Corso Mazzini and then head further into its heritage area.

Cultural enthusiasts can visit the Galleria Nazionale di Cosenza, filled with contemporary and Renaissance to Baroque pieces and then visit Villa Rendano, a 19th-century mansion.

Within the heart of Cosenza lies the Renando Theater, dedicated to the legendary pianist Alfonso Rendano. Don’t miss the immaculate St Mary of Assumption Cathedral and the Diocesan Shrine of the Most Holy Crucifix.

Good to know: Cosenza has an extensive transit hub that services bus and train routes. Parking in the town is near-impossible, so renting a car is not advised.

Best for Nature lovers.

Luxury / Mid Range: Italiana Hotels Cosenza

Close to Sila National Park, Italiana Hotels Cosenza is the perfect overnight spot with various room choices, even allergy-free. Interiors showcase a modern and refined look, while room features include a shared lounge to relax in >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Epoca Home

Epoca Home is an unpretentious, highly-rated hotel with a spacious outdoor sun terrace leading into a manicured terraced garden. Interiors of wooden floors, comfortable beds, and a tasty, sweet-inspired daily breakfast are the cherry on top >> Check Rates and Availability.


calabria hotels

The capital of Calabria, Catanzaro, often goes by the name “City between two seas”, courtesy of the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian nearly meeting at the narrowest part of the city.

Lovers of the arts can spend time at a performance in the newly dedicated Politeama Theatre, designed by renowned architect Paolo Portoghesi. Head over to the Monumental Complex of San Giovanni exhibitions, attend the open-air “Magna Grecia” Arena, or marvel at the Casalinuovo Auditorium.

Venture into the historic center of Catanzaro and feast your eyes on one of its most prominent landmarks, the Duomo. Inside, take your time to admire Madonna and the Child. Then, head to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, built in 1254 in the city’s heart.

Spend your afternoons roaming the more than 60-hectare landscapes of the Biodiversity Park and the International Sculpture Park, where you can unwind and marvel at the Wild Animals Recovery Center or the Brigata Catanzaro Military Historical Museum.

Good to know: As it is the capital, there is much to see and do. Plan a thorough itinerary that features both entertainment, cuisine, and education.

Best for: A family-focused getaway.

Luxury / Mid Range: Hotel Guglielmo

The Hotel Guglielmo is a refined and luxurious 4-star property in Catanzaro. On-site, you’ll find a fitness and wellness center, hot tub, and daily yoga classes. This grand hotel is pet-friendly and offers shuttles to and from the airport — most rooms have city views >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: San Michele Apartments & Rooms

Closely located to the beach, the San Michele Apartments & Rooms provide guests with affordable luxury where its renovated villa rooms offer the most modern of amenities. All apartments and studios have private entrances and an outdoor swimming pool >> Check Rates and Availability.

West Coast

calabria where to stay

The west coast of Calabria presents a more tranquil side of the region, perfect for family getaways or romantic couples excursions.

Here lies some of the best hotels in Calabria, as well as a beach scene that’s hard to beat.


where to stay in calabria

History and art find a home in Scilla, situated on a promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Although most would call Tropea the gem of the Calabrian coast, Scilla surely comes in at a close second.

Giving you all the beauty of Tropea without the heavy foot traffic, exploring Scilla on foot is an easy and enjoyable experience. The town sits on a hilltop, but an elevator will take you up and down for €1 – unless you prefer the stairs.

On the right side of the town, you’ll find Borgo Chianalea di Scilla. A collection of narrow streets, fishing boats at sea adrift on the turquoise water, and tiny Italian homes make this one of the most photogenic spots in Calabria. Scilla also delivers several excellent beaches, such as Marina Grande, Cala della Rondini, and Punta Pacì – perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Finally, Ruffo Castle sits atop the hill, overshadowing Marina Grande. This landmark, of Norman and Swabian origin, is one of the city’s most important monuments.

Good to know: When looking for accommodation, scout the numerous B&Bs on the water for a unique stay.

Best for: The best of Calabria’s beaches.

Luxury / Mid Range: Hotel Palazzo Krataiis

Housed within an 18th-century villa, the Hotel Palazzo Krataiis rests a few steps from the beach in Scilla. The hotel offers elegant rooms decorated in neutral tones with marble floors, each with a separate seating area >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Casa Vela B&B

This warm and atmospheric 19th-century property today houses the Casa Vela B&B, offering air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a daily breakfast served at the wine bar on the ground floor. Although the property offers no on-site parking, pets are allowed upon request, and there are helpful concierge services >> Check Rates and Availability.


places to stay in calabria

Located on a reef connected to the mainland via a narrow stretch of sand, the coastline scenery of Tropea makes it worthwhile already. Presenting picture-perfect old-world Italian charm and beyond-belief golden sandy beaches, the town’s popularity is no surprise.

Make your way to the rocky outcrop at the edge of town to visit the Santuario di Santa Maria dell’Isola church. After some sightseeing, head for Tropea’s many beaches, but aim for Spiaggia del Cannone, the area’s least-visited shore, for a more private experience.

Staying in Tropea wouldn’t be complete without sampling a Tropea red onion. Renowned as one of the most delicious in the world, you’ll find a hint of it in most local dishes.

Good to know: Tropea’s al fresco dining scene is exciting, and the best place to indulge is at La Lamia.

Best for Nightlife and beaches.

Luxury / Mid Range: La Dolce Vita a Tropea

Mere footsteps from Rotonda Beach, La Dolce Vita a Tropea saw a recent renovation, turning it into a 4-star beauty. The renovated villa offers rooms with all the bells and whistles, such as soundproofing, private terraces, some with a sea view, and an a la carte daily breakfast >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Il Duca

A premier beachfront property, Il Duca is the ideal beach B&B. While all rooms feature coffee makers, some have sea-view terraces. You won’t need a swimming pool here, as the beach of Spiaggia A Linguata is a 5-minute walk from the property >> Check Rates and Availability.


pizzo hotels in calabria

If you’re going to Pizzo expecting an eye-catching town perched atop a cliff boasting traditional architecture and an inviting beach, then you’re in luck. Situated in the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia, Pizzo is one of the most famous towns in the Vibanose area.

Visiting means you’re in for some of the best food around. As you travel around Italy, the dessert menu item Tartufo will pop up repeatedly. But, it is here, in Pizzo, where it originates and is known as Tartufo De Pizzo.

The historic center of Pizzo is where to go sightseeing, as is the location of the Cathedral of San Giorgio. On the beach of Pizzo, you can admire the Church of Piedigrotta, dug into the cliffside and adorned with statues brought by worshippers.

Don’t miss a trip to the Aragonese Castle, dedicated to Joachim Murat, dating back to 1400.

Good to know: If you’re exploring the historic center of Pizzo, do yourself a favor and go on foot. The entire area is exceptionally walkable and best enjoyed via a casual stroll.

Best for: Busy travelers with plenty of energy.

Luxury / Mid Range: TUI Magic Life Calabria

An all-inclusive resort, this nature retreat offers more than just elegant rooms. Aside from its outdoor swimming pool, terraced garden, and free WiFi, the resort also showcases nightly live entertainment across its many in-house venues >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Casa Vacanze Penelope

This fabulous, cozy property is near Pizzo Beach, Spiaggia della Marina, and the Piedigrotta Church. Each unit has air-conditioning, a dining area, and a private bathroom. There is also an on-site minimarket for your convenience >> Check Rates and Availability.

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East Coast

east coast calabria hotels

Along the east coast is where you can get intimate with the dramatic coastlines of the Ionian Sea.

Although the towns and villages here are smaller, this is where you’ll find a traditional restaurant around every corner and cultural attractions by the dozens.


calabria where to stay soverato

A quintessential Calabrian village, Sovareto is rightfully referred to as the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”. 

The town is split into three areas: the lower urban center along the coast, the hillside built-up area, and the upper town where you’ll find Sovareto Vecchia. Aside from lounging by the beach, spend your days here exploring the quaint shops, indulging in seafood, and capturing the gorgeous sunset from the beach.

Good to know: In Soverato, you must indulge in the local cuisine at places like Master Pasta, Sale Pepe, and La Tavola di Melusinda.

Best for: Quiet beach days and shopping.

Luxury / Mid Range: Il Nocchiero City Hotel

Set within the city’s main square, the Ill Nocchiero City Hotel is one of the most popular Calabria hotels. It offers spacious rooms, complimentary WiFi, and room service. The sun terrace is the spot to spend a perfect afternoon with a drink from the on-site bar >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Akheilos

An idyllic budget option with stunning interior design, Akhelios features air-conditioned rooms and is one of the most affordable luxury hotels in Calabria. The sandy coves of both Spiaggia Libera Soverato and Spiaggia della Galleria are nearby >> Check Rates Availability.

Le Castella

where to stay in calabria le castella

Within the province of Crotone is the near-perfect seaside village of Le Castella, named after the Aragonese Castle of Le Castella.

Get your cameras out because not only does the surrounding scenery warrant a photo or two, but the immaculate views of the crystal-clear Ionian Sea water are too good to miss.

All that aside, touring the famed Le Castella Castle is a top priority, while you can fill the rest of your days here by browsing the local markets and beach days.

Good to know: Considering the main attraction, the Le Castella Castle, is an ancient structure, you must take extra care when visiting, with rules and regulations signs throughout.

Best for: Visiting the Castle of Le Castella.

Luxury / Mid Range: Praia Art Resort

A 5-star resort along the Ionian Coast, Praia Art delivers tasteful design and high-end amenities, such as an outdoor heated pool, swimming pool, and a private beach area >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Hotel II Corsaro

The Hotel II Corsaro presents a manicured garden, and outdoor pool with sun loungers, while interiors feature air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free wifi. Some suits offer private balconies with a hot tub overlooking the coast >> Check Rates and Availability.


places to stay in calabria crotone

Offering a vast cultural heritage that spans more than two millennia, the maritime town of Crotone offers everything Calabria is famous for: good food, immersive history, and amazing culture.

Wandering around the city’s historic center, you’ll spot its maritime terraces, alluvial plains, sandstone ramparts, and tabular reliefs. The crown jewel is the Castle of Carlo V, a vast Spanish fortress built in the 16th century. Ensure a visit to the Duomo for a complete historic center experience.

Just south of Crotone lies Cape Colonna, where most of Calabria’s archaeological and historical art discoveries were made. Back in town, pay a visit to the Crotone Cathedral.

Good to know: Due to the reverence of the Black Madonna, it is advised that you stick to a modest clothing scheme and adhere to visitation rules.

Best for: A cultural vacation.

Luxury / Mid Range: Hotel San Giorgio

Located in San Nicola Arcella, the Hotel San Giorgio offers a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, and a super helpful concierge service. Each room features a private bathroom and private terraces >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Parco Carrara

Housed in the upper residential area of Crotone, Parco Carrara is a no-frills B&B with genuine Calabrian charm. Rooms feature a colorful design with standard features and private bathrooms. Free private parking is available >> Check Rates and Availability.

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Mountain and Hilltowns

mountain hotels in calabria

Sometimes, it’s best to leave the glistening coastlines of Calabria to explore its more culturally rich mountains and hillside villages.

Away from the beaches of Calabria, the mountainside towns of the region present idyllic spots to go for genuinely beautiful scenery.


gerace calabria hotels

Deep within the high grounds of Locride is Gerace, where the Norman and Byzantine influences of the entire region are on full display. The town itself is a maze of alleys that seamlessly lead into the surrounding nature.

While here, explore the 8th-century Gerace Cathedral, a dedicated Byzantine-Romanesque-Norman monument. And don’t miss the chance to attend the Il Borgo Incantato. This international exhibit of street art, held in Gerace, is an ideal insight into the traditions and foreign cultures that have shaped the region.

Good to know: Because of its small size, there are only a few places to eat, and the best of the bunch is A Quella.

Best for: Travelers who prefer mountainside villages over coastal cities.

Luxury / Mid Range: Hotel San Giuseppe

Situated close to the Locri Epizephyrii Archaeological Museum, the Hotel San Giuseppe is a 4-star property with lofty rooms and attentive staff. The helpful concierge services arrange tours for you while the sun terrace is the perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Barone GR Macri Agriturismo Modi

Overlooking fields of olive trees, the Barone GR Macri Agriturismo Modi has seen recent renovation to turn it into the perfect overnight spot. Rooms showcase air-conditioning, complimentary WiFi, and private parking >> Check Rates and Availability.

Morano Calabro

morano calabro calabria where to stay

As for the ultimate medieval mountain-esque escape destination, head for the captivating village of Morano Calabro, situated within the Pollino National Park. Morano Calabro rests on the slopes of the Plinno massif, but due to its dense urban configuration, it holds the most evocative historical centers in Calabria.

Lying within the ruins at the top of the town, the wreckage of the Norman-Swabian Castle, which once was a stronghold of the valley overlooking the ancient Sybaris river. Another gem of Morano is the Church of San Bernardino da Siena, originating in the 5th century.

A last stop in Morano Calabro is the SS. Pietro e Paolo is the most ancient church in the city, with an estimated age of more than 1,000 years.

Good to know: As there is no train station in Morano Calabro, and with substandard public transportation systems in the area, renting a car is a must.

Best for: A basecamp for hikers to explore the Pollino National Park.

Luxury / Mid Range: Villa San Domenico

The 4-star Villa San Domenico features room service, a tour desk, a terraced garden, and an on-site restaurant. Rooms come with air-conditioning and a private bathroom >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Al Castello

A plain and stripped-back accommodation option, Al Castello gives you the basics, such as air conditioning, free WiFi, and private parking. The biggest draw is Pollino National Park, which surrounds the property >> Check Rates and Availability.


where to stay in calabria altomonte

Settling at the foothills of the Pollino National Park, right within the fold of the northern Calabria mountains, Altomonte is one of the most inviting towns in the Cosenza province, come for the artistic and cultural heritage, stay for the lifestyle and locals.

Lapped by the Rivers Esaro, Grondi, and Fiumicello, the town nestles in the plain of the foothills, showcasing panoramic views of the Sibari plain and the Ionian Sea. The Castle of Altomonte, dating back to the 10th century, crowns the picturesque village and is now a premier hotel. Plan your visit for May when the annual Great Bread Festival is held in the old center of town.

Good to know: For an easy time reaching Altomonte, choose via train, as there are three stations close to the town.

Best for: History-buffs.

Luxury / Mid Range: Castello di Altomonte

The Castello di Altomonte is designed to replicate the aged city surrounding it and offers air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. A shared lounge at the property is the perfect spot to mingle as the tour desk arranges biking tours daily >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: La Casa nella Prateria

A rustic escape is exactly what La Casa nella Prateria offers. All rooms at the guesthouse feature private bathrooms, and on-site is a restaurant, a bar, and a stunning garden. A daily Italian breakfast is served in the dining room >> Check Rates and Availability.

Wrapping Up – Where You Should Stay in Calabria

best places to stay in calabria

As hidden and unbothered as it might appear, Calabria has a world of possibilities that just waits for eager visitors. Now that you know where to stay, it’s time to begin planning your ultimate Italy trip (Calabria included, of course).

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