Where to Stay in Sorrento, Italy

where to stay in sorrento italy

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Wondering where to stay in Sorrento on your next trip to Southern Italy? This town in the Sorrentine Peninsula lies south of Naples and is not far from Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, and Capri. Aside from its ideal location, the town offers traditional Italian charm and high levels of safety.

The area is surrounded by the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, overlooking the Bay of Naples, and is the ideal vacation spot for day trips. During your stay, you’ll find easy access to notable attractions like Pompeii, the ancient civilization preserved in the ash of Mount Vesuvius. 

Ferry about the gulf to see the island of Capri and its Blue Grotto on a day out, or road trip up the Amalfi Coast and take in its spectacular views. Sorrento is a fabulous destination for a vacation, known for its fragrant lemon groves, clifftop views, and pristine beaches.

To save you time, this guide has the best areas to stay in Sorrento and offers hand-picked accommodation options for each neighborhood, including hotels, apartments, and B&Bs.

Areas of Sorrento

places to stay in sorrento italy

There are three main areas worth staying in during your visit to Sorrento. Piazza Tasso, nestled in the heart of the town, Marina Piccola, the buzzing port for Sorrento’s sea travel, and Marina Grande, an idyllic coastal area detached from the town’s center.

Continue reading for the top recommendations for accommodation in each spot and all the attractions and things to do in Sorrento.

Piazza Tasso

best hotels in sorrento italy

Piazza Tasso is Sorrento’s main square in the city center. The square is known as the heart of Sorrento not only because of its central location but also because of its attractive architecture and lively surroundings. This pretty area has the highest concentration of Sorrento hotels, attractions, cafés, and restaurants. 

With its central position, the piazza is just a short walk away from most sights. With a welcoming and upbeat energy, there’s no shortage of people moving about in the day and night. 

Sorrento already has a low crime rate, but Piazza Tasso is one of the safest areas to visit. The streets in the town center are pedestrian-only, offering a relaxed atmosphere, distinguishing it from larger Italian cities like Rome or Naples.

The square was named after Torquato Tasso, a prominent 16th-century Italian poet. His statue sits along the Corso Italia near Fattoria Terranova Shop, a delightful store that sells typical Sorrento staples that range from limoncello to jams and olive oil. 

Corso Italia, a street lined with cafés, restaurants, and shops, runs through the popular piazza, where you’ll find sun-ripened lemon trees creating bright pops of color against the already lovely views. On a stroll, visit streets like Via San Cesareo, a laneway filled with fresh produce, clothing stalls, and souvenirs. 

One of the best gelato bars, Primavera Gelateria and Pasticceria, is situated on the road of Corso Italia, near the piazza. Next door, stop at Fauno Bar Restaurant and sit outside for a limoncello spritz and some people-watching.

Besides the various establishments dotted around the area, numerous historical landmarks are worth seeing during your stay there. There are two absolute must-sees when staying in Sorrento.

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The first is the Cathedral Filippo e Giacomo, also known as Sorrento Cathedral and the Cathedral of Saints Philip and James. This church was built in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 15th century in a Romanesque style.

The second is the Vallone dei Mulini, or Valley of the Mills, is a stunning sight. Hidden within a lush valley, you’ll find the remnants of 13th-century wheat mills, which you can see clearly from the Via Fuorimura vantage point.

Villa Communale is another one of the highlights of staying in this area. Situated atop Sorrento’s cliff face, with sweeping views of the bay and Mount Vesuvius looming in the distance, this neat park is decorated with carefully tended flower beds and shady palm trees.

The park also sits next to the Church and Cloisters of San Francesco, a must-visit historical attraction near Sant’Antonino Square and the public gardens. This captivating structure is from the 14th century and was built on the ruins of a seventh-century monastery. Intricate arches and the historic bell tower are also important design features incorporated into its architecture.

Nearby, visit the Basilica di Sant’Antonino, an 11th-century church. Constructed in a mixed Baroque and Romanesque style, the basilica still houses the remains of Saint Antonino today. Museo Coreale di Terranova also isn’t far out of reach. The museum holds 24 exhibits of wide-ranging artifacts, from delicate ceramics, clocks, and marquetry (intricate woodcraft).

Good to know: The square is flat and easily accessible to those who need wheelchair accommodation or have trouble walking up steep hills.

Best for: Piazza Tasso is best for first-time visitors on a tight schedule who want to be close to the shops, restaurants, historical attractions, and intriguing things to do there.

Luxury: Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is one of the best hotels in Sorrento, thanks to its ideal location in Sorrento’s square as well as its five-star opulence. The Grand Hotel overlooks the Bay of Naples and comprises three historic buildings in a private park.

Each room has a beautiful terrace and is furnished timelessly with hues of cream, baby blue, and gold detailing that can only be found in a luxury hotel. This establishment offers endless amenities, including a buffet breakfast, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, and regularly scheduled live music and entertainment.

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria also offers free parking and a pick-up service from Napoli Train Station >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange: Elys Suites

Elys Suites is a lovely guest house ideally situated merely a minute away from Piazza Tasso. Here, the location is almost as highly rated as the service. The suites feature amazing terrace views, generously sized rooms, and a complimentary, fully-stocked mini-fridge ready with treats upon arrival for every guest.

Those interested in spending most of their time in Corso Italia or at well-known attractions like Cathedral Filipo e Giacomo, Teatro Tasso, or Piazza Sant’Antonino need to look no further. This is the best hotel to stay at when visiting these landmarks >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Palazzo delle Grazie

Palazzo delle Grazie is a charming B&B only 100 yards from the city center. The rooms are decorated in vibrant blue and orange, with a unique set of tiles laid on the floor of each room. The establishment has been rated highly for its spacious rooms and buffet breakfast.

Palazzo delle Grazie is five minutes from Corso Italia and other nearby attractions like Piazza Sant’Antonino and Museo Correale. Guests interested in going out on the sea can get a boat rental service sorted on request. The ever-popular Marameo Beach and Peter’s Beach are only 200 yards away as well >> Check Rates and Availability.

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Marina Piccola/ Sorrento Port

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Marina Piccola is below Piazza Tasso on the seafront and can be found by following the Via Luigi Maio road up to the marina. This area, lined with multi-story buildings in various hues, is the perfect location for boat trips and for those wanting to see the panoramic sea views of the Gulf of Naples.

This harborside area boasts a fair share of Sorrento hotels, great restaurants, and stores. But the main attraction in this area is the marina, which is primed for day trips to places like Capri and Positano and boat rides up the Amalfi Coast.

You can reach the marina in three ways — by foot, by bus, or by lift. If you begin in Piazza Tasso, you can take a 100-step staircase down to the port — which usually takes 10 minutes to reach the marina. Or, head to Villa Communale, the scenic park, which has a lift that will lead you to a few steps from the port, near the beach clubs.

Alternatively, you can use the Cooperativa Tasso and EAV buses that run between the city center and the port. It is a one Euro fee, and you can make stops at Piazza Sant’Antonino, Piazza Lauro, and the Sorrento train station.

On the seafront, you’re near Peter’s Beach Club, Leonelli’s Beach, and Marameo Beach Club. Each offers the chance to tan on the available sun beds or visit the on-site restaurants at each beach club.

Good to know: You can access plenty of day trips from here. Examples include a Sorrento sightseeing cruise with limoncello tasting and a Sorrento to Capri boat trip (Blue Grotto visit included).

Best for: This area is the best place to stay in Sorrento for travelers interested in staying near the sea as much as possible

Luxury: Bellevue Syrene Hotel

Bellevue Syrene Hotel is an 18th-century villa with large, luxurious and elegant bedrooms with chic, modern design. Every room at this gorgeous 5-star hotel has balconies with views over the Bay of Naples.

Enjoy the private sunbathing deck and a lounge bar with live piano music, perfect for sunset drinks with landmark views. Both onsite restaurants offer the highest quality cuisine from the Campania region, one of which has a sea-view terrace >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange: Yacht Club Capo Cervo Suites

Yacht Club Capo Cervo Suites, situated within the harbor of Sorrento, less than a mile from Corso Italia, offers a serene experience. This B&B is only a stone’s throw from the port and the coast. You’ll have no trouble getting to Peter’s Beach or Marameo Beach on foot, and the town square and its many attractions are less than a mile away.

The rooms are simple, comfortable, and modern, with ensuite bathrooms. Breakfast is served daily, and a shared lounge is available for all guests >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Marina Piccola 73

Marina Piccola 73 is a family-friendly bed and breakfast in the Sorrento Harbour, only a short distance from both Marina Piccola and Piazza Tasso. The rooms are simple yet pleasing to the eye, with their pastel-color theme, and while some rooms only have partial sea views, the roof terrace overlooks the harbor.

In summer, breakfasts are served on the large sea-view terrace. The B&B is less than a mile from Villa Communale, Piazza Tasso, and the Sorrento Train Station >> Check Rates and Availability.

Marina Grande

sorrento italy where to stay

Marina Grande offers panoramic views of Sorrento’s seafront and is a fair distance from the town center, but not too far that it isn’t a convenient location. People come to Marina Grande for its range of accommodations, including luxury hotels, all close to the area’s beaches.

Once a fisherman’s wharf, Marina Grande has some of the best seafood restaurants. Try out some of the freshest Mediterranean cuisine at Ristorante Bagni Sant’Anna, which sits directly on the harbor and offers a fish-based menu — try their Mediterranean fish soup. You can also head to Zi’Ntonio Mare for more delectable seafood or wood-oven pizzas.

The Mediterranean climate of Sorrento begs for easy access to the sea, making Marina Grande an ideal spot to kick back at any of the nearby beach clubs. Marina Grande Beach is quiet, with colorful buildings and boats sitting on the soft sand, making it feel like an idyllic escape.

Near the beach, you’ll find Piazza della Vittoria, a breathtaking garden square near both marinas. It’s perfect for a laid-back stroll or as a shortcut into Piazza Tasso. Another historical landmark worth seeing in the area is the Chiesa di Sant’Anna. The church of the patron Saint Anne was built in the 17th century in a Baroque style. It has a distinct pink facade and a mint green interior with gold detailing.

Moving back to the coast, Bagni Salvatore is an excellent option for visitors interested in seeing Roman ruins while soaking up the sun in the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Situated between Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, this beach club is far more relaxed and cheaper than surrounding beaches.

Another notable hidden gem in the area is the tiny private beach of Regina Giovanna. This peaceful and picturesque pool features the Roman ruins of Pollius Felix’s villa and is surrounded by large cliffs that cover the area in shade all day. 

Good to know: While there is plenty to do in Marina Grande, a full-day boat trip from Sorrento to Amalfi Coast should be on your to-do list during your stay.

Best for: This section of Sorrento offers a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its fishing village feel and is ideal for travelers who like to take things slow and love their seafood.

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Luxury: Hotel Bristol

An excellent luxury accommodation choice near Marina Grande is Hotel Bristol on Via Capo, just a few minutes from the port. This four-star establishment offers panoramic sea views from its rooftop terrace, restaurant, swimming pool, gym, and garden.

While you’re not busy relaxing amongst the flowers and olive trees, take a moment to enjoy the sauna or play table tennis. The two dining halls offer international cuisine, and the rooftop restaurant serves authentic Neapolitan dishes. Finally, check out the piano bar that serves exquisite cocktails >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange: Coltur Suites

Coltur Suites are a group of self-catering accommodations on Marina Grande Beach. These apartments are a good choice for small groups or families who like to take charge of their holiday, especially those who enjoy trips to the Amalfi Coast or Capri Island. 

A bonus to these modern apartments isn’t just the views of the port but complimentary access to Coltur Suites’ partner hotel’s seasonal swimming pool and fitness club. You’ll also find the suites in a quiet area but close enough to Salvatore Beach, Leonelli’s Beach, and the Sorrento Circumvesuviana Train Station >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget: Hotel del Mare

Hotel del Mare is a comfortable accommodation that overlooks Marina Grande and offers magnificent sea views from its rooftop terrace. With affordable, air-conditioned rooms decorated in blue and white and an inviting outdoor lounge area, visitors will enjoy the serene atmosphere of this budget lodging.

This hotel in Sorrento is within walking distance of Spiaggia Sorrento Beach and just a bus ride from the old town and Piazza Tasso. It’s also an excellent location for day trips to the Amalfi Coast or visiting Pompeii >> Check Rates and Availability.

Best Places to Stay in Sorrento, Italy – Wrapped Up

where to stay in sorrento italy

There you have it, where to stay in Sorrento, Italy. From the charming fishing village atmosphere of Marina Grande to the captivating sights of the city center, there’s something on offer for every type of traveler looking to visit this part of  Italy, not to mention, the abundant accommodation options for any budget, from the best luxury hotels to B&Bs with comfortable rooms. If the enchanting yet slow pace of Sorrento isn’t enough for you, be sure to embark on a day trip or two. Whether visiting the archaeological ruins of Pompeii or taking a boat out to the gorgeous island of Capri for a day of fun in the sun.

Whatever you fancy, Sorrento offers a somewhat off-the-beaten-path experience that appeals to solo travelers, couples, and families alike. When you make it over to this part of Campania, savor the regional limoncello while you laze the day away living La Dolce Vita.

TIP: Before you pack your bags, get your itinerary ideas for your Sorrentine escape.

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