How to Get From Rome to Sorrento

how to get from rome to sorrento

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The fastest way to get from Rome to Sorrento is by train and then private transfer. But if taking a slow and scenic drive along the coast sounds like something you’d enjoy, renting a car is an excellent way to enjoy the scenery and the popular destinations along the way. Just be sure to check the road rules and driving conditions in Italy. Don’t worry; there’s a budget-friendly option too. You can save money by taking the bus to Sorrento.

So, if you’ve already seen Rome’s hidden gems, why not take a trip to sunny Sorrento? 

If you want all the details on how to get from Rome to Sorrento, consider yourself covered. This guide has everything you need to know about the Rome to Sorrento journey.

About Traveling From Rome to Sorrento

travel from rome to sorrento

This trip will require some planning. This is because there is no direct train journey or flight from Rome to Sorrento. Luckily there are plenty of travel options to choose from when picking your transfer between these great Italian cities.

TOP TIP: If you can, consider stopping at the nearby landmarks of Mount Vesuvius and the ancient city of Pompeii. They’re both en route to Sorrento from Naples.

How Far Is Sorrento From Rome?

Rome is more centrally located than Sorrento, but they are both in Italy’s western region. Between the two cities is a pleasant and scenic 165-mile (265km) route of mountain and coastline.

Travel by Train From Rome to Sorrento

train from rome to naples

Italy has fantastic air-conditioned high-speed trains, which make traveling around the country super easy. 

On this train route from Rome to Sorrento, you’ll stop once in Naples and change to the local train. From Napoli Centrale train station in Naples, you can continue your journey by train to Sorrento from Naples. Alternatively, combine two modes of transport and travel the rest of the way by ferry or taxi/private transfer (we think this is the best option).

Train to Naples from Rome

On average, traveling by high-speed train from Rome to Naples will cost between €10 and €56. They vary according to train companies and departure times. You can see all the prices and even make bookings using the Omio App.

This fast train journey takes only about one hour and fifteen minutes through scenic regions of Italy. 

Travel Options to Sorrento from Naples Train Station

The best ways to get from Naples station to Sorrento are by private transfer, local train, or a scenic ferry ride. Here is a closer look at some of your options for how to get to Sorrento from Naples.

Private Driver to Sorrento

private transfer naples to sorrento

After your high-speed train journey from Rome to Naples, travel the remainder of your journey to Sorrento in comfort with a private driver – essential to book a driver well in advance. A private transfer from Naples to Sorrento is more reliable and comfortable than traveling by taxi and you’ll know the cost upfront. Taxi drivers in Naples are known to be creative with their pricing.

The cost of a private transfer from Napoli Centrale to your hotel in Sorrento will vary depending on your chosen service. But you can expect to pay around €120 per car for the approximate hour-long drive from Naples direct to your accommodation in Sorrento. 

PRIVATE TRANSFERS: For direct transfer from Naples to Sorrento we choose Welcome Pickups and Sun Transfers. If you’d like a stop in Pompeii along the way consider Joe Banana Limos.

Local Train to Sorrento

naples to sorrento train

Once you arrive at Napoli Centrale Station, you can board the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento. While it’s a little slower than the Campania Express, taking this train will help you save money and allow for more flexibility. 

The Circumvesuviana runs every thirty minutes and takes just over an hour to reach Sorrento station. This train is an older style local commuter train, and you may experience delays. This can be incredibly frustrating in the warmer months as there is no air-conditioning on the train.

The Circumvesuviana commuter train also gets crowded, especially in summer. So, it’s advised that you stay vigilant and keep your personal belongings close to you during busy times, more than what you would on most intercity trains.

You don’t have to buy tickets in advance for the Circumvesuviana; they are available at the ticket office in Naples. The ticket price is around €5 per person.

Ferry to Sorrento

Another great option to get from Rome to Sorrento is by taking the train to Naples and then boarding the ferry to Sorrento. Ferries through the Gulf of Naples are seasonal, meaning they only operate from June to October. So if you’re traveling to Sorrento from November to May, you’ll have to choose another form of public transport.

There are five to six daily departures from Beverello port to Marina Piccola in Sorrento. You can purchase tickets online or from the Beverello port in Naples. A ticket will cost you about €14. 

Note: you will need to take a taxi or local bus to the ferry terminal from Naples train station which adds another level of complexity to this travel option.

TIP: If you get seasick, it’s recommended that you take some motion sickness medication beforehand, as the waters can get choppy.

Pros and Cons of Train Travel From Rome to Sorrento


  • It’s the fastest connection from Rome to Sorrento if you then take a private transfer
  • The earliest train leaves Rome at 05:30
  • Trains from Naples to Sorrento run between 06:00 and 23:00


  • There are no direct Rome to Sorrento trains; they stop in Naples
  • From the Sorrento train station, you have to take a taxi or bus to your hotel
  • Sorrento train rides can be crowded and pick-pocketing can be an issue

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Getting From Rome to Sorrento by Car

rome to sorrento by car

If you prefer to be in the driver’s seat, renting a car for your trip from Rome to Sorrento is ideal. The fastest route to take is the A1/E45. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled between the Castellammare di Stabia exit and the small towns of Meta, Piano, and Sant’Agnello for the best views.

Car Rental for Travel From Rome to Sorrento

Renting a car in Italy is fairly easy, as long as you remember to book well in advance. During peak season, it can be very difficult to find a car at the last minute. 

Rome Fiumicino Airport is the best spot to pick up a rental car as they often have a wider variety and allow more freedom in terms of drop-off points. The average cost of renting a small two-door vehicle from Fiumicino Airport is around €190 per day. 

Hiring a Private Driver or Getting a Private Transfer From Rome to Sorrento

Hiring a private driver is an excellent idea if you’d prefer to travel by car but aren’t sure about the roads. Although it can be pricey, private transfers may be more cost-effective than hiring a car if you are traveling with a group of more than three people or carrying lots of luggage.

Opting for a Rome to Sorrento private transfer means you’ll be transported from a pickup location of your choice to your Sorrento accommodation. 

Driving to Sorrento — Average Travel Time

Driving from Rome to Sorrento will take you around three hours; that is, if you travel from Rome without stopping along the route. Allocate at least an extra hour for breaks and any traffic on the roads.

TOP TIP: Take a day trip to the Amalfi Coast, which is only an hour and fifteen minutes from Sorrento.

Average Fuel Costs From Rome to Sorrento

At the moment (November 2022), fuel in Italy costs €1.67 per liter. So, at average fuel consumption, you will spend around €37 on fuel between Sorrento and Rome.

Pros and Cons of Driving From Rome to Sorrento


  • You can stop at popular destinations along the way
  • Renting car grants you the freedom to visit surrounding areas like the Amalfi coast
  • The Rome to Sorrento drive is a scenic route and makes for a lovely day trip


  • Car rentals can be risky and expensive
  • Getting around in Italy, especially through small streets, can be difficult
  • Driving to Sorrento takes longer than taking a train

Bus Ride From Rome to Sorrento

bus rome to sorrento

Taking a bus is the cheapest way to get to Sorrento from Rome. There are three direct buses to Sorrento daily, and tickets are cost-effective and easy to buy. While the direct trains to the city of Naples are considerably faster, traveling by bus means you don’t need to arrange additional transportation from Naples to Sorrento.

Which Bus Service to Use

The main bus services operate from Rome’s Tiburtina bus station and Roma Termini station. However, only two to three buses leave the station for Sorrento every day. If you’re looking for comfort and a little luxury, the Italo bus service is your best bet. However, FlixBus is the cheapest direct bus from Rome to Sorrento.

You can check the latest bus schedules and book tickets on the Omio App.

Buses From Roma Termini Train Station

FlixBus is the most affordable bus service from Roma Termini; it leaves three times daily. 

Average Cost of a Bus Ticket From Rome to Sorrento

A bus ticket from Rome to Sorrento will cost you about €21. Although travel by bus is among the cheaper travel options, prices depend on the comfort level the bus service offers and the time of departure.

How Long Is a Bus Ride From Rome to Sorrento?

From Rome, you’ll arrive in Sorrento within four and a half hours. Certain buses are slightly faster than others. However, the time difference is not more than half an hour.

Pros and Cons of Taking a Bus From Rome to Sorrento


  • Traveling from Rome by bus is the cheapest way to get to Sorrento
  • There are no changeovers between Rome and Sorrento


  • The bus can get crowded during vacation times and summer
  • It takes twice as long to get from Rome to Sorrento on a direct bus compared to trains

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Final Thoughts on How to Get From Rome to Sorrento

rome to sorrento travel options

So there you have it. Everything you need to know to get from Rome to Sorrento. From the cheapest way to the fastest connection, this guide will make your Italian adventure easy and unforgettable.

Now that you know how to get there check out this Sorrento travel guide so you know how to spend your days.

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