Best Places to Stay in Puglia

best places to stay in puglia

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The enchanting region of Puglia beckons travelers with its magnificent vistas and rich heritage. It boasts stunning coastlines stretching along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, as well as breathtaking landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and charming villages. With so much on offer, it’s not hard to find the best places to stay in Puglia. 

The region’s diverse accommodations cater to every visitor’s preferences. You’ll find everything from self-catering apartments and traditional masserie and trulli to boutique stays and luxury hotels in Puglia. So, no matter your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect stay in one of Italy’s best regions to visit.

Bari and the Adriatic Coast

where to stay in puglia

The Adriatic coast of Puglia is a treasure trove of sites and activities. It offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and coastal charm. You’ll find many beautiful beaches and charming towns like Bari, Monopoli, and Polignano a Mare.

Traveling through Puglia might take some planning as the public transport in this region can be slow and inefficient. However, you can get around pretty easily if you hire a car from Bari or Brindisi airport. The good news is that from Bari, you can connect to other exciting cities in Italy, like Rome and Naples, with high-speed trains or connecting flights.

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puglia hotels

If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Puglia, the town of Bari provides a captivating experience. Explore Bari’s impressive Basilica di San Nicola, stroll through its charming old town, and indulge in the region’s delectable cuisine. The city’s old town, known as Bari Vecchia, is an essential stop. It is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways overflowing with culture and history.

In Bari, the capital city of Puglia, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the vibrant local atmosphere. Indulge in shopping at local markets for crafts and souvenirs like traditional baskets, and get a taste of the rich food culture around every corner. There’s nothing quite like the delicious focaccia in Bari, so be sure to try some while you’re there.

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Luxury – Casa Almika Sparano

This guesthouse is ideally located in the heart of Bari. It offers comfortable accommodation in spacious and stylish rooms. Casa Almika Sparano is just a few minutes from the old town, Bari Vecchia, and many other highlights of northern Puglia >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – La Felicia

La Felicia guesthouse is within walking distance of Pane e Pomodoro Beach and many other highlights of the picturesque town. This accommodation is quaint, making it an excellent choice for couples looking for a quiet and affordable stay >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Relais Petruzzelli

Relais Petruzzelli is a budget-friendly B&B in Puglia. The city-center B&B is within walking distance from Pane e Pomodoro Beach. Plus, the B&B offers a scrumptious buffet and continental breakfast each morning at an additional cost >> Check Rates and Availability.


Polignano a Mare

puglia hotels polignano a mare

Polignano a Mare boasts alluring coastal caves and rocky shores and overflows with culture. If it’s relaxation you’re longing for, head to the iconic beach of Lama Monachile. Here, you’ll find crystal-clear turquoise waters gently lapping against towering cliffs.

For a taste of the town’s rich culture, head to Vicolo della Poesia, where poetry is written on doorways, walls, and staircases. Or, visit the famous statue of Italian singer, actor, and politician Domenico Modugno — known for his song “​​Nel blu dipinto di blu.”

Polignano a Mare is conveniently located on the train line from Bari, making it easily accessible for day trips or longer stays. This town is also home to a few hotels with their own private beach, which is ideal for more exclusive stays.

Luxury – BAYIT Charming Place

For an Italian escape like no other, visit Polignano a Mare’s BAYIT Charming Place guesthouse. You’ll get the best of both worlds here as this accommodation is perfectly located between the historic center and the town’s beautiful beaches >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Poesia Di Mare

Poesia Di Mare is the ideal mid-range stay in Polignano a Mare, and it’s a short walking distance from Lama Monachile Beach. This B&B offers a variety of comfortable rooms, sleeping up to four guests, making it perfect for families >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Levante House

This quaint one-bedroom apartment sleeps up to three guests and is equipped with a small kitchen, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. Plus, this apartment is just a short stroll from Lama Monachile Beach >> Check Rates and Availability.


best places to stay in puglia monopoli

Monopoli, Puglia is an enchanting seaside escape that’s easy to reach from Bari by train. This picturesque town will captivate you with its charming narrow streets, historical town, and magnificent coastal views. Monopoli is one of the best towns to stay in if you’re seeking a fantastic dining scene and lovely spots for an aperitivo as the sun sets.

This seaside town is also a paradise for food lovers, as the area is dotted with numerous restaurants. Monopoli is a great location to indulge in delicious local cuisine, including the fresh seafood specialty, crudo. If you’re looking for a vibrant and authentic Italian experience, spend a few nights in Monopoli.

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Luxury – Hotel Don Ferrante

Once a fortress and now a stunning 5-star hotel, Hotel Don Ferrante is the perfect place to stay to immerse yourself in the culture of Monopoli. Rooms here are elegant, spacious, and charming. This hotel is also conveniently located along Monopoli’s coast >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – AL Console Luxury Suite

This guesthouse in the small town of Monopoli boasts incredible views, as well as a roof terrace, a swimming pool, and an outdoor hot tub. The central location means you’ll never be far from the exciting attractions on offer in Monopoli >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Donna Maria Pina

Donna Maria Pina is the ideal place to rest your head between exploring Monopoli’s magnificent scenery and experiencing its vibrant culture. This budget-friendly accommodation is ideally located near Monopoli train station to easily explore the rest of Puglia >> Check Rates and Availability.

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Valle d’Itria / Itria Valley

masseria puglia

Known for its iconic trulli houses — the cone-shaped structures that dot the landscape — the Itria Valley is a delight to explore and one of the best places to stay in Puglia. The region is home to towns like Alberobello and Locorotondo that boast especially stunning architecture.

Here, you’ll also find an abundance of masserie — fortified farmhouses offering a blend of traditional and modern comforts in the countryside. 

The Itria Valley is a large region with rolling hills and many quaint villages, so having a car to get around is essential.

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Alberobello and Close By

where to stay in puglia alberobello

For a unique glimpse into Puglia’s rich history and culture, it’s essential to spend a few nights in Alberobello and its surroundings. This historical town, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its trulli houses — traditional dwellings with whitewashed walls and conical roofs.

Wandering through the narrow streets of Alberobello’s Rione Monti feels like stepping back in time, as these unique structures truly preserve the region’s architectural heritage. While you’re there, visit the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua and look out for souvenirs like mini trulli homes.

Luxury – Resort La Corte Dell’ Astore

If you’re looking for the best hotels, Puglia has a lot to offer. Resort La Corte Dell’ Astore is one of the many Puglia hotels built in a historic structure. The building’s original stone architecture is perfectly contrasted with its simple, modern elegance >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Tipico Hotel

Immerse yourself in the traditional architecture of the trulli houses without compromising on modern comforts like Wi-Fi. This mid-range stay is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the area’s rich history >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Domus Antiqua Residence

This budget-friendly accommodation with historical flair offers guests well-equipped and comfortable rooms with a private terrace. Plus, it’s just a stone’s throw away from local highlights and nearby towns >> Check Rates and Availability.

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Martina Franca and the Surrounding Countryside

agriturismo puglia

Martina Franca is located right in the heart of Puglia. This centrally located town is best known for its exquisite Baroque architecture, picturesque streets, and some of the best hotels in Puglia, Italy. Explore the old town, admire the ornate buildings and churches, and visit the vibrant piazzas in the historic center.

Because of its convenient location, Martina Franca is a perfect base for exploring nearby towns in the beautiful region.

Luxury – Masseria San Michele

This hotel features a combination of modern decor and historic architecture, and it’s a superb choice for ultimate relaxation. Delight in the sun terrace, barbeque area, and outdoor saltwater pool after a long day of exploring the region’s historic center >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Masseria lazzo Scagno

When it comes to affordable luxury hotels, Puglia has no shortage. Masseria lazzo Scagno offers an idyllic escape in the heart of Puglia. You’ll love the Italian breakfast served each morning and the simple charm of the rooms at this farm stay >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Cuore dei Venti

This farm stay in Martina Franca is the perfect budget-friendly base for exploring the nearby attractions. Each apartment has a kitchenette, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and a private bathroom >> Check Rates and Availability.

Ostuni and Close By

ostuni puglia hotels

Known as the “White City,” Ostuni’s historic center is a maze of narrow streets dotted with whitewashed houses, which beautifully contrast the blue sky. This town is also close to the beaches of Costa Merlata, with crystal clear water and pockets of perfect shores.

Ostuni’s piazzas are great spots to visit during the day, and there are also many lively beach clubs for refreshing drinks and gorgeous sea views.

Luxury – 1940 Luxury Accommodations

Expect classic checkerboard floors, high ceilings, and plenty of old-world charm at 1940 Luxury Accommodations. These luxury apartments and rooms offer some of the best places to stay in Puglia while you’re visiting Ostuni. Plus, it’s located just a short distance from the Centro Storico  >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Alesia Luxury Suite

This apartment in Ostuni is not only loved for its central location but also for its mix of modern and traditional charm. Alesia Luxury Suite is tastefully decorated and features beautiful historic architecture >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Pietrefitte

This small country house offers outstanding value for money and a gorgeous outdoor space in Ostuni. Pietrefitte is ideal for a couple on an Italian escape. With an outdoor pool, patio, and garden, this accommodation is the epitome of summer relaxation >> Check Rates and Availability.

Lecce and the Southern Coast

masseria puglia lecce

Staying in Lecce and exploring the southern coast of Puglia is an excellent choice for beach lovers and those seeking beauty and history. The southern coast is home to some of the most beautiful towns in the Puglia region, like Lecce, Gallipoli, and Otranto.

This area is mostly known for its exquisite Baroque architecture and coastal allure. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Puglia that offers a little bit of everything, the southern coast offers nothing short of an enchanting experience.


where to stay in puglia lecce

Lecce is also known as the “Florence of the South.” Discover the ornate churches, elegant palaces, and vibrant piazzas in the city’s historic center. From Lecce, it’s easy to access the breathtaking beaches of Torre di Roca Vecchia, boasting azure waters and hidden coves.

If you’re spending some time in Puglia and want to explore most of the southern coast, Lecce is a fantastic place to base yourself.

Luxury – Taranta Suite

Taranta Suite is close to the town’s historic center, and you’ll find that this B&B also offers a pleasant atmosphere and delightful dining options. Taranta Suite also offers packed lunches if you want to spend the day exploring the historic city in southern Puglia >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Donna Teresa Guest House

Donna Teresa Guest House is the ideal place to stay in the heart of Lecce. This mid-range accommodation is charming and tasteful and has delightful views of the city. All rooms are well-equipped, and some even have private terraces >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – BaroccoSuite

This budget-friendly accommodation is centrally located within walking distance of Lecce’s highlights, like Lecce Castle and the town’s piazzas. Rooms at BaroccoSuite are simple and pleasant, with private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi >> Check Rates and Availability.

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best places to stay in puglia otranto

If you’re seeking a quaint seaside escape, the small town of Otranto is well worth the visit. This lovely town is nestled along the stunning Adriatic coast of Puglia and offers a serene and picturesque setting in southern Italy.

The crown jewel of the town is the magnificent Otranto Castle, a fortress that overlooks the dazzling blue waters. This town is home to beautiful beaches, cathedrals, palazzos, and more.

Luxury – Hotel Bella Vista

Hotel Bella Vista is one of the best boutique hotels in Puglia. This luxury seaside stay offers vibrant rooms, lovely relaxation areas, and breathtaking vistas in the heart of Otranto >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Camere a Oriente

Close to the town center and just a short distance from the beach, Camere a Oriente is a great place to stay in Otranto. This mid-range accommodation offers a comfortable stay in a well-equipped suite >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Bio&B Aquaviva

This sustainable B&B is located on the outskirts of Otranto. It’s a perfect, budget-friendly escape for a relaxed vacation in Puglia. Bio&B Aquaviva offers just a few rooms, with each spacious and airy room sleeping up to two guests >> Check Rates and Availability.


gallipoli puglia hotels

Gallipoli is a charming off-the-beaten-path gem that’s more serene than many other towns in Puglia. Split between a small island and the mainland, it offers a tranquil escape from the busier tourist destinations. Gallipoli is the best place to stay in Puglia for a romantic escape.

Wander through its historic center, explore ancient churches, and savor the town’s relaxed atmosphere. The renowned “Spiaggia della Purità,” or Beach of Purity, captivates with its crystal-clear waters and pristine sands. For those seeking an intimate retreat and a glimpse into authentic Italian life, Gallipoli is a must-visit destination.

Luxury – Palmieri Luxury Rooms

Palmieri Luxury Rooms offers well-decorated and very spacious rooms with a hint of old-world charm. Plus, this accommodation is close to Castello di Gallipoli, Spiaggia della Purità, and Sant’Agata Cathedral >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Popula, The Lifestyle Hotel

Popula, The Lifestyle Hotel, offers simple but elegant accommodation in Gallipoli. Rooms here are modern and spacious, and breakfast is incredible. It’s also conveniently located less than a mile from Spiaggia della Purità >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – B&B Fellini Gallipoli

The charming B&B offers simple yet elegant accommodation and great value for money. All units at B&B Fellini Gallipoli have a private bathroom, satellite TV, and a comfortable seating area. Larger units with a small kitchen are also available for longer stays >> Check Rates and Availability.

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Gargano Peninsula

agriturismo puglia gargano peninsula

The Gargano Peninsula in Italy is a stunning coastal region and should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a quiet escape. It boasts beautiful towns like Vieste, Mattinata, and Vico del Gargano. With its rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters, it offers an idyllic retreat for nature lovers.

Additionally, the peninsula provides easy access to the enchanting Tremiti Islands, where you can enjoy pristine beaches and explore the rich marine life. Gargano Peninsula is a paradise for those seeking a mix of natural beauty, cultural charm, and island adventures off the beaten path.

Luxury – Villa Coppitella

Nestled in the hills above the town of Vieste, Villa Coppitella is one of the best luxury hotels in Puglia. Enjoy roomy accommodation and breathtaking views of the sea from the villa’s luxurious outdoor pool. Plus, San Lorenzo Beach is less than a mile away >> Check Rates and Availability.

Midrange – Il Pagliaio B&B

Conveniently located less than a mile from the beach, Il Pagliaio B&B is a quaint accommodation with simply furnished suites and a lovely garden terrace >> Check Rates and Availability.

Budget – Verde Matematico

Verde Matematico is ideal for a quiet escape in Vico del Gargano. Located in the region’s more mountainous area, this accommodation provides comfort, serenity, and sweeping views at an affordable price >> Check Rates and Availability.

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Where to Stay in Puglia – Wrapped Up

the best places to stay in puglia

There you have it, the best places to stay in Puglia. In this stunning region, you’ll find some of the most beautiful coastal towns that Italy has to offer and a variety of accommodations for every type of budget, from self-catering apartments to luxury hotels.

Whether you decide to explore the town of Bari in the north, Martina Franca in the heart of Puglia, or Lecce in the south, you are guaranteed to experience a delightful vacation and beautiful beaches.

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