Episode #129: Best of Untold Italy – Come Away to Capri

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We’re revisiting one of our most popular episodes where we learn about the famous island of Capri from a local perspective and hear the romantic story that led to guest, Australian Holly Star, making it her home. We find out how to get away from the crowds and make the most of your time on this island gem.  

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Show notes
In this episode, we look back on one of our most popular episodes and a topic that comes up time and again in our Italy Travel Planning Community – traveling to the island of Capri, famed for its artistic history, upscale hotels and shopping, rugged landscape and grottos.

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Travel the Untold Italy way

Traveling the Untold Italy way is soaking up every last minute, exploring the many different regions and subcultures of Italy. When you’re in the big cities it’s looking for those unique curiosities you can only find there or chasing after a unique experience that speaks to your passions – whether that be history, food, or creating art.

Our style of travel includes getting to grips with a myriad of pasta shapes and unique tastes that draw on seasonal local ingredients because pasta in Italy is not just Pasta al Pomodoro. We’re about meeting local artisans and discovering the passion and dedication behind their creations. But above all, we believe in having time to explore and time to relax. And to enjoy long leisurely aperitivo and meals with great wine and even better company.

Untold Italy Tours

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to experience Italy beyond the obvious but were not sure how to organize your trip, let Untold Italy Tours take care of it for you and help you discover your authentic Italy. Come journey with us to untold regions and discover the Italian places, faces, stories, and tastes whose memories linger for years to come.

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