Episode #041: Beautiful Bergamo – gateway to the Alps

  Italy’s Lombardy region is a beautiful area to explore if you love mountains, lakes and pretty towns. A small city in the foothills of the Alps, Bergamo has cobbled Medieval streets, pretty piazzas and magnificent views from its city walls. Our guest, travel writer Di Bortoletto from Travelletto, spent a month in Bergamo as […]

Episode #037: Unearthing Truffles (Italy’s most decadent ingredient)

  Fellow foodies, if you are serious about trying all the things in Italy, then a healthy dose of truffle must be on your wish list. These decadent morsels are found throughout the country and are an important feature of regional Italian cuisine. In this episode, our guests, Chantelle and Giovanni from small group tour […]

Episode #036: Palermo – not what you expect!

  Welcome to Palermo! Sicily’s capital is unique, cosmopolitan and fun. Over many centuries the city has evolved and adapted the cultures of visitors and occupiers into a fascinating melting pot full of history, art and of course delicious food. Come on a walk through its streets with Sicily travel expert Karen La Rosa who […]

Episode #035: Venetian secrets – uncovering the soul of Venice

  Venice, built on water, is a city full of mystery and wonder. But many visitors skip through in a day, seeing the highlights but missing the shadows and subtlety and ultimately its people and soul. In this episode, we talk to Monica Cesarato, Venetian blogger and tour guide about what makes her city and […]

Episode #034: Lifting the lid on Bologna’s food culture

  If Italy has a food capital (and yes we know this is controversial!) then surely it must be Bologna.  Here you will find some of the country’s most recognized and best-loved produce and dishes and a commitment to food excellence. If you have even a passing interest in learning more about Italian cuisine then […]

Episode #033: Foodie finds in the Sabine hills near Rome

  Not far from Rome, you can step into another world when you visit the beautiful and ancient Sabine hills. Known for its abundant natural produce, historic hilltop towns, and artisan traditions, it’s an easy day trip from Rome. Or you may want to stay longer and soak up the peaceful rural atmosphere of the […]