Rome’s amazing Pantheon: Facts and history to enliven your visit

pantheon rome history

Alongside the Colosseum, Rome’s Pantheon is perhaps the most iconic remnant of the ancient Roman Empire. The Roman Pantheon is truly an architectural wonder. Its impressive design, scientific and harmonious proportions, and striking elegance remind the visitor of the glory of the great Roman Empire. Why visit the Pantheon? The Pantheon has stood for nearly […]

Review: VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour – The Key to Opening the Sistine Chapel

vatican key masters tour review

If you’ve ever dreamed of standing inside the Sistine Chapel almost alone, or touring the Vatican Museums without going shoulder to shoulder with the crowds, you will love the VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour by Take Walks (formerly Walks of Italy). We were lucky enough to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, and are […]

Episode #156: Experiences to try in Piedmont

Listen to “Perfect Experiences to Try in Italy’s Northern Piedmont Region” on Spreaker. The beautiful northern region of Piedmont, at the foothills of the Alps, is where the Italian royals had their roots and is a region of intellectuals, palaces, castles, and industry, as well as exceptional food and wine. We share some of the […]

Episode #155: 2023 Italy Trip Inspiration

Listen to “Dream Italy Travel Destinations – Inspiration for Your Trip” on Spreaker. Looking for inspiration for a future trip to Italy? We ask some of our regular guests where in Bella Italia they will be visiting in 2023 and why.  Show notes In this episode, we hear from some of our regular and favorite […]

Episode #154: Listener Q&A – Tips for Planning Your 2023 Trip to Italy

Listen to “Listener Q&A – Tips for Planning Your 2023 Trip to Italy” on Spreaker. In this episode, we look ahead at travel planning to Italy in 2023. We share a live Q&A session from our Italy Travel Planning Facebook community, where Katy is joined by Italy expert Danielle Oteri from Feast Travel to help answer […]

Episode #153: Christmas Markets in Northern Italy’s South Tyrol region

Listen to “Christmas Markets in Northern Italy’s South Tyrol Region” on Spreaker. Christmas markets in Italy might not be as well-known as those in Germany or Switzerland but with its snow-capped mountains, pretty chocolate box villages, and magical local markets –  it could not be more Christmassy. Plus you get the added bonus of it […]

Episode #152: Dishes to try in Bologna and the Emilia Region

Listen to “Dishes to try in Bologna and the Emilia Region” on Spreaker. Emilia is part of the Emilia-Romagna region where you’ll find Bologna, Parma and Modena. With famous products like Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and the Balsamic vinegar di Modena, this area is renowned within Italy and around the world as a […]

Episode #151: 2023 Italy trip planning with 2022 hindsight

Listen to “2023 Italy trip planning with 2022 hindsight” on Spreaker. If you’re planning a trip to Italy in 2023 or beyond, it can be invaluable to learn from the lessons of 2022 travelers – about what has changed, any mistakes they’ve made & other tips & tricks. Recent events have meant changes to world […]

Episode #150: What to Wear in Italy: A Guide to Planning your Italy Trip Outfits

Listen to “What to Wear in Italy: Best shoes, outfits and more” on Spreaker. What to wear on your trip to Italy? The short answer is – whatever you like! But while we all want to feel comfortable when we’re on vacation, it is a time when more photos than usual are being taken and […]