Episode #091: Learning Italian for your trip

Listen to “Learn Italian for your trip (and beyond) with this super fast method” on Spreaker. You don’t need to speak Italian when you visit most of the major tourist destinations in Italy,  but if you have at least a few phrases in your repertoire – you’ll have a much richer experience. And it just […]

Episode #089: Harvest in Tuscany

  We head to Tuscany’s gorgeous Chianti region to talk about an important and exciting season – harvest-time. At this time, grapes are harvested for wine, olives for olive oil, and truffles and porcini mushrooms are foraged for in the woods. Villages and towns hold festivals to celebrate the abundance of wonderful produce.  Show notes […]

Episode #084: A Walking Tour of the Amalfi Coast

  The gorgeous Amalfi Coast is many people’s favorite place in Italy. We learn about a slightly different way of enjoying this wonderful coastline – on a self-guided walking tour! Show notes We talk to Karen Salter, who, having spent a lot of time in and fallen in love with Italy when she was younger, […]

Episode #083: Sardinia: Sun, Sand and Sea (and much, much more)

  Sardinia is a jewel of the Mediterranean and Italy’s second-largest island. Beautiful Sardinia (or Sardegna as it’s called in Italian) is not as well known outside Europe as her southern sister Sicily. Sardinia is however a very popular resort island beloved by Europeans with stunning beaches and rich in history, culture, tradition, and natural […]