How To Get From Naples to Amalfi Coast

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Wondering how to get from Naples to Amalfi Coast? The gorgeous towns of Positano and Amalfi, both easily accessible by ferry, are the top choices for the majority of visitors to this stunning coastal stretch.

While this slice of paradise is a popular spot, reaching it from Naples can be a bit tricky due to the lack of direct train services. Luckily, there are still various transportation options available, and with some preparation, you’ll be on your way to this dreamy destination in no time. 

For the ultimate comfort and convenience, opt for a private transfer from Naples, Italy, to the Amalfi Coast. On a budget or craving a more adventurous route? There are alternatives like combining trains, ferries, or public transportation.

Before you start planning your Amalfi Coast itinerary, you should familiarize yourself with the available transportation options. This guide will provide all the information you need for a seamless journey to this breathtaking destination.

Travel to Amalfi Coast from Naples Train Station

how to get from naples to amalfi coast

When it comes to traveling from Naples train station (Napoli Centrale) to the Amalfi Coast, you have a few options to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Private Transfer From Napoli Centrale to Amalfi Coast

If convenience is your top priority and you don’t mind spending a bit more, a private transfer from Napoli Centrale is a great choice. It will cost between €165–€400 depending on the number of passengers and luggage, and the journey will take around an hour and a half. It’s a comfortable and convenient option that takes you directly to your hotel.

Renting a Car in Naples

naples to amalfi coast transportation

Renting a car and driving from the train station is not recommended for visiting the Amalfi Coast. The roads on the Amalfi Coast are narrow and winding, and traffic can get heavy, especially during peak tourist seasons. Plus, finding parking can be a real challenge. It’s generally best to avoid the stress and potential hazards of driving in this area.

Take a Ferry From Naples to Amalfi Coast

For a scenic and enjoyable journey, consider taking a ferry from Naples to Amalfi. You’ll need to go from the train station to the ferry terminal, where ferries depart five times per day from April to October. Tickets cost around €19 for a one-way trip and will take approximately an hour and a half. Just remember to check the schedules in advance to plan your trip accordingly.

Hop on a Train From Naples to Amalfi Coast

 transportation naples to amalfi coast

If you’re on a budget and have some extra time, taking the train from Naples Centrale to Sorrento and then continuing by ferry or SITA bus is a good option. The train ride takes about an hour and ten minutes and costs around €18.

From Sorrento, the SITA bus is a reliable and more affordable choice compared to a private transfer. You’ll still get to experience the beautiful coastal route, however, it will take up more travel time (around 90 minutes). Bus tickets start at around €5.

TIP: Use the Omio App to easily check ticket prices and departure times for trains, buses, and ferries.

Travel to Amalfi Coast From Naples Cruise Terminal

The Naples Cruise Terminal, also known as the Stazione Marittima di Napoli, is a central point for cruise ships visiting the area. It is conveniently located near the city center, close to the historic district and the popular attractions of Naples. From the terminal, you can easily access transportation to the Amalfi Coast.

Ride the Ferry From Naples Cruise Terminal

naples to amalfi coast by ferry

One of the most convenient ways to reach the Amalfi Coast from the Naples Cruise Terminal is by taking a ferry. Ferries depart from the Beverello port, which is located near the main cruise terminal. This means you won’t have to go too far to catch your ferry.

It’s best to check the ferry schedules and book tickets in advance. Keep in mind that the weather can interrupt ferry operations. Conditions like rough seas or rain can lead to cancellations for safety reasons. So, before embarking on your coastal adventure, it’s wise to check the weather forecast and stay updated on any changes or disruptions to the ferry schedules.

Naples Cruise Terminal to Amalfi Coast Transfer

If getting to your destination quickly is your priority, a transfer is the fastest option. You can arrange a private transfer service to take you directly from the cruise terminal to your accommodation on the Amalfi Coast. This will save you time and provide a hassle-free experience. Private transfers can be a bit more expensive, but they offer convenience and efficiency.

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Travel From Naples Airport to Amalfi Coast

Naples International Airport (NAP) offers various transportation options for reaching this stunning coastal destination. Here are the best ways to embark on your journey from the airport to the Amalfi Coast. 

Private Transfer From Naples to Amalfi Coast

visit naples to amalfi coast

The most convenient and hassle-free way to travel from Naples Airport to Amalfi Coast is by arranging a private transfer. This way, you can relax and enjoy the scenic journey while a professional driver takes you directly to your destination.

The travel time from Naples Airport to the Amalfi Coast is approximately one hour and 20 minutes via the E45 highway. It offers the advantage of a direct route without the need for transfers. Depending on the company, number of passengers, and luggage, a private transfer costs around €200.

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Rent a Car at the Airport

Renting a car and driving from Naples International Airport to the Amalfi Coast is not the recommended choice, but it is still an option. Just make sure you are comfortable with the local driving conditions before choosing to rent a car. The drive takes approximately one hour and 20 minutes via the E45 highway.

Use Public Transport

how to get from naples to amalfi coast

If you prefer to make use of public transportation in Italy, you can take a combination of bus and train to reach the Amalfi Coast from Naples Airport.

First, take a bus or shuttle from the airport to Naples Central Train Station (Napoli Centrale). Bus tickets cost under €3, and the journey takes only five minutes. From there, board a train to Salerno, a major transportation hub near the Amalfi Coast. The train ride takes 45 minutes and costs around €6. Finally, you can take a bus or ferry from Salerno to reach different towns along the Amalfi Coast.

Take the Naples to Amalfi Coast Ferry

Although not a direct option from Naples Airport, ferries are a delightful way to travel to the Amalfi Coast. 

To take a ferry, you would first need to travel from the airport to the nearest ferry terminal in Naples, such as the Beverello port. From there, you can board a ferry connecting Naples with the main Amalfi Coast towns. Keep in mind that you will need to factor in additional travel time to reach the ferry terminal from the airport.

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Getting From Naples to Amalfi Coast | FAQ

naples to amalfi coast transportation

Now that you have an overview of transportation options, you may have some lingering questions. Here are a few additional factors to consider to further assist you in planning your journey from Naples to the Amalfi Coast.

When To Book Your Transfer From Naples to Amalfi Coast

When it comes to booking your transfer, it’s best to plan ahead and secure your spot up to a month in advance if you can. By doing so, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is all set for your journey. Remember that if you leave it to the last minute, you might encounter surge pricing, which means higher costs for your transfer.

Should You Drive on the Amalfi Coast?

transportation naples to amalfi coast drive

Driving from Naples to Amalfi Coast is generally not recommended, especially between May and October. The area usually has slow-moving traffic and can become quite congested during the peak tourist season. 

Finding parking can also be a real challenge, as the coastal towns have narrow streets and limited parking spaces. The roads along the Amalfi Coast are winding and often require sharp turns, which can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the area.

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When Do Ferries Operate From Naples to the Amalfi Coast?

Ferries from Naples to the Amalfi Coast operate during the peak season from April to October. During these months, you can hop on a ferry directly from Naples and enjoy the picturesque journey along the coastline.

If you are visiting outside of the operating season, make your way to Sorrento and catch a ferry from there to reach the Amalfi Coast. The ferry ride from Sorrento takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour and 20 minutes, with tickets starting at around €19 one way.

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Ready To Travel From Naples to Amalfi Coast?

travel from naples to amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast is an exciting and beautiful destination that deserves a spot on your Italy itinerary. With its picturesque towns, stunning coastal views, and rich culture, it is sure to captivate you.

Now that you know how to get to Amalfi Coast from Naples, the best mode of transportation ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and time constraints. Consider what matters most to you – whether it’s convenience, cost, or enjoying the views – and make your decision accordingly. 

No matter which option you choose, the Amalfi Coast promises unforgettable beauty and charm that will make your journey well worth it.

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