Rome Jubilee 2025: Tips and Information for Planning Your Visit

rome jubilee 2025

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Rome is always a top destination for travelers, but 2025 is set to be an especially unique year for the Eternal City. In 2025 the city is hosting the Vatican Jubilee and expects millions more visitors in addition to its already booming tourist numbers. 

If you’re wondering what to expect during the Rome Jubilee in 2025, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we share what to expect, best dates to visit and/or avoid, and how to plan your trip to Italy in the Jubilee year. Let’s explore the pros and cons to help you decide if 2025 is the perfect year for your Roman holiday.

What is the Vatican Jubilee Year?

what is the rome jubilee 2025

A Jubilee year in Rome is a special event in the Catholic Church that usually occurs every 25 years. It’s a time of celebration for Catholics and the city buzzes with religious and cultural events. Pilgrims visit Rome in pursuit of personal spiritual renewal and a deeper connection with their faith. Special prayers, masses, and processions are organized for pilgrims who visit Rome to receive the Church’s blessings.

Of most importance, pilgrims take part in the passing through the Holy Doors of the four Papal Basilicas – St Peter’s, St John the Lateran, Santa Maria Maggiore and St Paul’s Outside the Walls. These doors are only opened during the Jubilee years and symbolize the transition from sin to grace, and a special pathway to salvation during the Jubilee year.

The Pope declared the theme of the 2025 Vatican Jubilee celebrations to be “Hope”.

What to expect in Rome in the Jubilee Year?

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The Vatican Jubilee Year will commence on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2024, with the opening of the Holy Doors at St Peter’s Basilica and conclude on January 6, 2026. Though it is not known for sure how many people will visit the Eternal City for the Jubilee, in 2016, the last and extraordinary Jubilee year, it was estimated that 20 million pilgrims visited Rome from around the world.

Rome will be looking absolutely stunning thanks to the 100s of public works and infrastructure projects taking place throughout 2024 in preparation for the Jubilee year. This will be one of the best times to see the city’s beautiful fountains and monuments in all their glory. The city is also preparing additional transport options to get visitors in and out of the Vatican City. 

Accommodation will be in strong demand due to the influx of additional travelers. Do note however that many pilgrims are traveling from long distances abroad and often on very tight budgets. Demand will be greatest for budget and dormitory or monastery-style accommodation rather than luxury or boutique hotels.

Pilgrims not only take part in religious ceremonies but also visit the many cultural sights of Rome. Once again, most of these travelers will be visiting on a budget so while demand for attraction tickets may be high, it is likely that private and small group tours and experiences may not experience the same level of demand.

It is advisable to plan early and book well in advance if you plan to visit Rome in 2025.

The Best Times to Visit Rome During the Jubilee Year

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Whatever your reasons for visiting Rome, it’s a good idea to check out the Jubilee Calendar of Events to plan your visit around participating in or avoiding the celebrations.

Based on the published calendar of events it looks like late April to the end of June and October will be the busiest times for Jubilee events. At the time of writing there are no events scheduled for August. 

Visiting Rome as a Tourist in 2025

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Planning your trip and booking critical items on your itinerary such as accommodation, tours and activities will be key to making the most of your time in Rome in 2025. If you need assistance with this you can book a call with our Italy travel experts.

Expect accommodation prices to be higher and limited availability, especially in the budget category as the city caters to the influx of pilgrims and travelers. You will also need to book tickets to the main attractions in advance – the Colosseum, Vatican Museums and Borghese Gallery.

While you do not need a ticket to enter St Peter’s Basilica, security lines can be very long (up to 2 hours) so expect longer waits in the Jubilee year. Make sure to check the Jubilee Calendar and plan your visit to avoid peak pilgrim times and events where possible.

Resources for planning your trip

Visiting Rome as a Vatican Jubilee Pilgrim in 2025

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Visiting Rome during the Jubilee year is a very special event for practicing Catholics. As we are not experts in the religious aspects of this celebration, we suggest you browse the Jubilee website and reach out to your local Archdiocese to understand how to best take advantage of the special events.

Visiting Italy in 2025

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Planning a trip to Italy usually includes a stop in Rome as many flights enter and depart from the capital. If you’re keen to visit Italy but don’t want to visit Rome, consider flying into Milan Malpensa or Naples. Both airports have direct flights to the United States and are well-connected in Europe. Of course, Italy has many other airports connected to major cities in Europe like London, Paris and Amsterdam.

You might also consider renting a car from Rome’s Fiumicino airport to explore the neighboring regions of Tuscany and Umbria or even further north into Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont.

Should You Visit Rome During the 2025 Jubilee Year?

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Visiting Rome during the 2025 Jubilee year promises to be a unique and enriching experience, albeit with some challenges. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime event with the city looking at its glorious best and you can handle larger crowds and higher costs, 2025 might just be the perfect year for your Roman adventure.

Ready to start planning? Book a call with one of our travel experts today!

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