Episode #122: Amalfi Coast Hikes – Alternatives to the Path of the Gods

Listen to “Amalfi Coast Hikes – Alternatives to the Path of the Gods” on Spreaker. Nothing can prepare you for the jaw-dropping beauty of the Amalfi Coast coastline and one of the best ways to see it and experience it is on foot. There are over 120 trails along the coast and whilst the Path […]

Episode #121: Islands of Venice

Listen to “Exploring the Islands of the Venetian Lagoon” on Spreaker. Venice is famous for its canals but the lagoon that surrounds Venice contains many fascinating places that most visitors don’t see – mostly because they don’t know what is possible. These lesser-known islands of Venice are so important to the city’s ecosystem –  for […]

Episode #120: Mistakes to avoid when planning your trip to Italy

Listen to “Common Mistakes Travelers Make When Planning their Trip to Italy” on Spreaker. Whether you’re new to travel in Italy, or you’ve not been for a while and your trip planning skills have gotten a little rusty, we’ve put together a list of some common mistakes to avoid when planning your trip to Italy. […]

Episode #119: My favorite Italian Places with Ishita Sood

Listen to “My Favorite Italian Places with Italophilia’s Ishita Sood” on Spreaker. Did you ever fall in love with a place or country at first sight? In this episode, we talk to a committed Italophile who, entranced by Italy on her first trip, continued to visit year on year, exploring all across the country. She […]

Episode #118: Fine tuning the details of a trip to Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast

Listen to “Trip consultation: Fine tuning the details of a trip to Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast” on Spreaker. In this episode, we share a live session from our Italy Travel Planning Facebook community, where group member Jen joined Danielle Oteri from Feast Travel for a trip consultation – which is an itinerary review […]

Episode #117: Porchetta, Pasta and Panzanella – Dishes from Umbria

Listen to “Porchetta, Pasta and Panzanella – Dishes to try in Umbria” on Spreaker. In this episode, we head to Italy’s green heart – beautiful Umbria, where you’ll find beautiful green pastures, hills topped with ancient villages, and important Medieval cities and discover its wonderful dishes made with porchetta, pasta, panzanella, and more! Show notes We […]

Episode #116: Extend your Italy trip budget with these travel hacks

Listen to “How to maximize your Italy trip budget – best luxe for less travel hacks” on Spreaker. Travel prices in Italy and across the world have been, for lots of reasons, creeping up for things like flights and transport, etc and eating into our budgets. Even if you’re not a budget traveler you want to […]

Episode #114: Welcome to Emilia Romagna

Listen to “Slow Food, Fast Cars and More: Welcome to Emilia-Romagna” on Spreaker. Let’s go to Emilia Romagna, a central Italian region between Florence and Venice. In this hugely diverse region you’ll find mountains, beaches, ancient roads, medieval and Renaissance towns, alongside, of course, the country’s best-loved food products and dishes – making it the […]

Episode #113: Spring Dishes from Tuscany

Listen to “Spring Dishes from Tuscany” on Spreaker. In this episode, we head once more to beautiful Tuscany to take a peek into the rhythm of life and seasonality that makes the produce and dishes of this region so special.  Show notes We talk to proud Tuscan Giulia Scarpaleggia – a food writer, video tutorial […]