How to Get From Rome to Amalfi Coast

How to Get From Rome to Amalfi Coast

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The Amalfi Coast boasts an array of beautiful seaside towns that overflow with rich Italian culture and cheerful locals. Positano and the town of Amalfi — both easily accessible by ferry — are two of the most popular tourist destinations on the coast.

The cheapest way to get to the Amalfi Coast from Rome is by taking a train from Rome to Naples or Salerno and then hopping on the ferry or SITA bus to Amalfi or Positano. But, if it’s comfort and convenience you’re after, hiring a private driver to transfer you from Naples or Salerno is your best bet.

Find out the best ways to reach the Amalfi Coast’s beautiful towns from Rome with this in-depth guide.

About Traveling From Rome to Amalfi Coast

Get From Rome to Amalfi Coast

Since there are no direct trains to the Amalfi Coast from Rome, finding the perfect combination of transport options for your itinerary can be tricky. Luckily, there are more than a few ways to go from Rome to the Amalfi Coast.

How Far is Amalfi Coast From Rome?

Both Rome and the Amalfi Coast are situated in Italy’s western region. Between the busy capital city and the idyllic coastal region lies around 172.74 miles (278 km) of scenic landscapes. 

Travel by Train From Rome to Amalfi Coast

Travel by Train From Rome to Amalfi Coast

Traveling around Italy by train is your best bet if you’re looking for the fastest route and the most comfortable journey. Italy has a fantastic network of high-speed and intercity trains. 

You won’t find a high-speed train that takes you directly from Rome to the Amalfi Coast. But you can take a high-speed train from Rome to Naples or Salerno and organize a transfer, hop on a bus, taxi, or take a ferry to the Amalfi Coast. 

Below is a closer look at transportation in Italy.

Train From Rome to Naples

This comfortable journey on one of Italy’s air-conditioned, high-speed trains lasts only about an hour and fifteen minutes. Train tickets are generally affordable, but prices do vary according to individual train companies, the level of comfort offered, and the time of the train ride. 

Tickets from Rome to Naples range from around €10 to €56. 

TIP: Using the Omio App is the easiest way to check information and make bookings when traveling by train around Italy.

Train From Rome to Salerno

Salerno is a little further from Rome than Naples. But the good news is that you’ll have more time on the comfortable direct train from Rome to Salerno. So, the next leg of your journey to the Amalfi Coast will be quicker.

Travel time from Rome to Salerno by high-speed train is about two hours — give or take an extra thirty minutes. Italo trains leave for Salerno train station from both Roma Termini train station and the Tiburtina station in Rome. Train tickets start at around €34 for an economy seat. 

Pros and Cons of Train Travel from Rome to Amalfi Coast


  • It’s the fastest method of public transportation
  • Tickets are affordable


  • There are no direct trains from Rome to the Amalfi Coast towns, so you’ll have to continue to your final destination by taxi, transfer, ferry, or bus.
  • Delayed trains may cause you to miss your next connection

How to Get to Amalfi Coast from Naples

The city of Naples is a connecting city between Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Since direct transportation is scarce, most routes stop over in Naples or Salerno. The easiest way to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast is by getting a private transfer, taking the ferry, or hopping onto a direct bus. Here’s a closer look at each travel option.

Private Driver From Naples to Amalfi Coast

Private Driver Amalfi Coast from Rome

Hiring a private driver from Naples to the Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly the most costly option. But, at the same time, it will allow you more comfort and convenience.

A private transfer will take you directly from Napoli Centrale to your Amalfi Coast accommodation. So you can skip the hassle of finding a taxi once you arrive at the coast. The approximately one-and-a-half-hour drive will cost around €200 per group of two passengers.

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Ferry From Naples to Amalfi Coast

You’ll witness magnificent views on the ferry from Naples to the Amalfi Coast. The trip from Naples to Amalfi town takes approximately one and a half hours and costs around €25.

There are up to five ferries daily, but it is important to note that ferries only travel through the Gulf of Naples from April to October. 

TIP: The easiest way to book ferry tickets is by using directferries.com.

Bus From Naples to Amalfi Coast

Traveling between Naples and the Amalfi Coast by bus is tricky since there are no direct buses between the two destinations. 

The easiest (but slowest) way to get to the Amalfi Coast by bus is by taking a bus from Naples or Rome to Sorrento. From there, you can take the ferry, a car, or the public SITA bus to your final destination on the Amalfi Coast. 

The bus ride from Naples to Sorrento lasts about an hour and forty minutes and will cost between €4.99 and €9 with the Flixbus company. From there the SITA local bus journey takes another 45 minutes to Positano and 1.5 hours to Amalfi. Note – these are local buses and are not equipped with large spaces for luggage.

Local Train From Naples to Amalfi

There are no direct train routes from Naples to the Amalfi Coast towns. You can travel as far as Naples or Salerno by train and then you will need to organize a transfer or catch the ferry or bus to your final destination on the Amalfi Coast.

How to Get to Amalfi Coast From Salerno

Traveling from Salerno to the Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly easier than traveling from Naples.  This is because you can hop on the public SITA bus from Salerno to your Amalfi Coast town and arrive in about seventy-five minutes. Of course, there are other forms of public transport, like the ferry and trains.

Private Driver From Salerno to Amalfi Coast

A private driver from Salerno to Amalfi will ensure the last leg of your journey is nothing short of comfortable. Drivers are usually fairly flexible in their pick-up locations but most often depart from the airport, ferry port, and Salerno’s main train station.

You can expect prices at around €170 for two people.

Ferry From Salerno to Amalfi Coast

The ferry ride from Salerno to Amalfi town lasts approximately thirty minutes, and tickets range from €8 to €10. If you don’t struggle with seasickness, the ferry ride is pleasant and scenic.

Ferries from Salerno to Positano run up to fourteen times per week depending on the season. Rides on standard ferries last between one hour to one and a half hours. The high-speed ferry takes only 35 minutes to reach Positano. Tickets for this route are about €14.

Direct Bus From Salerno to Amalfi Coast

Take the public SITA bus in Salerno and arrive at Amalfi town in just over one hour. This bus stops at several villages along the way, including Atrani and Vietri Sul Mare. SITA buses run every thirty to sixty minutes. 

Drive From Rome to Amalfi Coast

Drive From Rome to Amalfi Coast

Driving to the Amalfi Coast from Rome is not recommended for tourists as the route along the coast can be hard to navigate. Quaint, crowded streets make driving through the Amalfi Coast towns a nightmare for even the most experienced drivers, and it can be extremely challenging finding parking. If you’re determined to drive this route, please take note of the tips below and check with your accommodation that they have ample parking.

Hiring a Rental Car in Rome

Getting a rental car in Italy is fairly easy, provided you book far enough in advance. During peak seasons, cars are limited and more expensive. You’ll find car rentals at airports and every major train station. 

Rome’s Fiumicino airport has the best variety of cars and offers excellent flexibility in terms of drop-off points. The average cost of renting a small, two-door vehicle is €190 per day.

If your final destination is the Amalfi Coast, you’ll need to rent the smallest car on offer — that is, if you want to fit through the narrow streets.

Getting a Private Transfer from Rome to Amalfi Coast

Hiring a private transfer from Rome to the towns on the Amalfi Coast is costly in comparison to other methods of transportation. It’ll cost approximately €310 per group. But you can rest assured knowing your transportation between the two cities is sorted.

If you don’t have much time to spare but fancy a drive to the coast, consider booking a day trip to Amalfi instead.

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Driving to the Amalfi Coast – Average Travel Time

Overall, the 172-mile (278 km) journey takes about four hours and ten minutes, minus traffic and stops along the way. 

Rome to Amalfi Coast – Average Fuel Cost

Currently (February 2023), the average fuel cost in Italy is €1.66 per liter. So, the 172-mile (278 km) trip will cost around €41, including the toll fees, which come to about €16. Of course, this will also depend on which town along the Amalfi Coast you are heading to.

Pros and Cons of Driving From Rome to Amalfi Coast


  • More flexibility to stop for sightseeing
  • Less worry about carrying baggage 
  • More freedom to explore the region


  • More expensive than other methods
  • It’s difficult to drive around Amalfi
  • Parking is very expensive and difficult to find

Final Thoughts on How to Get to Amalfi Coast From Rome

How to get to Amalfi Coast from Rome
With the right information, traveling from the capital city of Rome to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy is easier than it seems. Now that you know everything, from the cheapest to the fastest way to get to the Amalfi coast, you’re just about ready to go.

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