Episode #009: An insider’s view of the Cinque Terre

Listen to “Cinque Terre: An Insider’s View on Italy’s famous coastal towns” on Spreaker. Visiting the villages of the Cinque Terre is a bucket list item for many. But what’s it like to live there? Riomaggiore resident and Cinque Terre insider Amy Inman joins us to tell us about her beautiful home and the unsung […]

Episode #008: Accommodation in Italy – hotels, AirBnB, agriturismo and more

Listen to “Hotels, AirBnBs, farm stays and more – how to choose accommodation for your Italy trip” on Spreaker. Booking accommodation for your trip to Italy can be stressful. If you’re not sure of the best locations and style of lodging to expect, how do you know if you’ve made a good choice? Show notes […]

Episode #007: Do you need to tip in Italy?

Listen to “Do you need to tip in Italy?” on Spreaker. Tipping is a subject that confuses many visitors to Italy. This is because we each bring with us cultural expectations of what is and isn’t acceptable when giving tips. In this episode we explain tipping in Italy compared with the culture in the United […]

Episode #006: Florence highlights

Listen to “Must see sights and attractions in Florence” on Spreaker. Bathed in dreamy Tuscan light, Florence is often the second stop after Rome for many visitors to Italy. The Renaissance city is home to priceless works of art, a cultural sensibility and of course it’s in the heart of wine country. In episode six […]

Episode #004: Mangia! Mangia! Food and eating in Italy

Listen to “Mangia! Mangia! How, where and what to eat in Italy” on Spreaker. Italian food is delicious and trying the world’s best pasta, pizza and gelato is no doubt a highlight of any trip to Italy. In episode four we share our love for Italian cuisine, some favorite restaurants, and experiences and let you […]