Episode #065: Uncovering Umbria’s Towns and Villages

Listen to “Uncovering Umbria’s towns and villages” on Spreaker. The Umbria region of Italy is an un-sung region wedged between Rome and Tuscany, to discover more about the region’s beautiful towns, rolling hills, delicious food, and fascinating festivals. Show notes In this episode, we are joined by American author and traveler Michelle Damiani who wrote […]

Episode #063: Amazing Abruzzo – from Coast to Mountain Peaks

Listen to “Amazing Abruzzo – from mountains to coast” on Spreaker. Abruzzo is a region of Italy that over the centuries has had many challenges – from earthquakes to famines to marauding invaders. Most people don’t know too much about Abruzzo and hopefully, this episode will help change that. Show notes Tucked away behind Rome’s […]

Episode #062: Special products from Tuscany

Listen to “Special Gifts from Tuscany” on Spreaker. We re-vist Tuscany and the Chianti region to chat with Arianna Cini about the artisan souvenirs and gifts available in her region. These special crafts and food products have been created and made by locals who have developed their skills over many generations. Show notes Arianna, runs […]

Episode #061: New Discoveries in Ancient Pompeii

Listen to “New Discoveries in Ancient Pompeii” on Spreaker. Pompeii is somewhere that has captured the imaginations of so many over the centuries. The lost city of Pompeii was destroyed by the volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. The original (official) excavations of Pompeii began in the 1700s, but this was just the start of the […]

Episode #060: Garfagnana – My Tuscany With Buzz McCarthy

Listen to “Garfagnana – undiscovered Tuscany” on Spreaker. Garfagnana is a little know area in the North West of Tuscany which is often known as the natural park of Tuscany due to its stunning landscape. We talk mortadella the size of a car tire, drinking olive oil by the glass, and buying wine by the […]

Episode #059: Romantic Amalfi Coast weddings

Listen to “Amalfi Coast weddings – what dreams are made of!” on Spreaker. As it is San Valentino (Valentine’s Day), we are getting seriously romantic and talking about what it is like to get married on the Amalfi Coast, where hundreds of couples celebrate starting the journey of a lifetime together with family and friends […]

Episode #057: Tuscany’s Chianti region with Arianna Cini

Listen to “Tuscany’s Chianti region – idyllic countryside just minutes from Florence” on Spreaker. Tuscany’s beautiful Chianti region is a small but perfectly formed region, just south of Florence, is famous for its wine (which is worth the notoriety) but has so much more to offer, including a stunning landscape of sweeping hills, topped by […]