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Episode #067: Exploring the Amalfi Coast by road and by sea

  In this episode we are taking a trip to the incredible Amalfi Coast, a place many of our listeners love or can’t wait to visit. It’s a dream destination for good reason, with a stunning coast line, mountains, a fascinating history, azure blue Tyrrhenian Sea, and, of course, wonderful food. Show notes We talk […]

Episode #065: Uncovering Umbria’s Towns and Villages

  In this episode we are headed to Umbria, an un-sung region wedged between Rome and Tuscany, to discover more about the region’s beautiful towns, rolling hills, delicious food, and fascinating festivals. Show notes In this episode, we are joined by American author and traveler Michelle Damiani who wrote a book, Il Bel Centro: a […]

Episode #064: Stunning South Tyrol and The Dolomites

  In this episode, we head to the stunning South Tyrol and the Dolomites area of Italy. The Dolomites are some of the most spectacular mountain peaks in the world and although they are very well known in Europe and are popular summer hiking and winter skiing destinations for Europeans, they are relatively unknown outside […]

Episode #063: Amazing Abruzzo – from Coast to Mountain Peaks

  In this episode, we are visiting a region of Italy that over the centuries has had many challenges – from earthquakes to famines to marauding invaders. Most people don’t know too much about Abruzzo and hopefully, this episode will help change that. Show notes Tucked away behind Rome’s Lazio region, Abruzzo is a place […]

Episode #062: Special products from Tuscany

  In this episode, we head back to Tuscany and the Chianti region to chat with Arianna Cini about the artisan souvenirs and gifts available in her region. These special crafts and food products have been created and made by locals who have developed their skills over many generations. Show notes Arianna, runs a slow […]

Episode #059: Romantic Amalfi Coast weddings

  In this episode, as it is San Valentino (Valentine’s Day), we are getting seriously romantic and talking about what it is like to get married on the Amalfi Coast, where hundreds of couples celebrate starting the journey of a lifetime together with family and friends every year. Show notes In this episode, we talk […]