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Episode #100: In Search of Authentic Italy

Listen to “In Search of Authentic Italy” on Spreaker. Pop the prosecco! We’re celebrating 100 episodes of the Untold Italy podcast with our views on authentic travel and some very special announcements about our upcoming tours (oh my!) and a way our podcast fans can access an exclusive extra podcast episode each month and input […]

Episode #099: Magnificent Milan – Favorite Places and Coffee Bars

Listen to “Magnificent Milano: Favorite Places and Coffee Bars” on Spreaker. Let’s take a trip to Italy’s second biggest city Milan – a thriving hub of design, fashion and also coffee! In Milan, you’ll find an interesting mix of old and new – from the incredible Duomo and Galleria Emanuele II to modern architecture and […]

Episode #098: Vatican Museums: Tips and Highlights for Your Visit

Listen to “Vatican Museums: Tips and Highlights for Your Visit” on Spreaker. In this episode, join us as we take a virtual walk through one of the most important and most visited attractions in Rome – the Vatican Museums. This huge complex holds a wealth of art and history and in pre-pandemic times would see […]

Episode #097: Magical Matera – the Cave City

Listen to “Magical Matera: The Cave City” on Spreaker. Matera in the southern region of Basilicata is a truly unique city that has had a troubled past but is now bursting with newfound optimism thanks to its incredible history, architecture, and magical appeal. Show notes We talk to Danielle Oteri. Danielle is an art historian […]

Episode #096: A Wander Through Trastevere

Listen to “A wander through Rome’s romantic Trastevere district” on Spreaker. In this episode, we head to Rome’s charming district of Trastevere. Just over the river Tiber from the Centro Storico, you can wander cobbled streets draped in vines and eat at trattorie that have been around for decades. It’s a neighborhood whose character endures […]

Episode #092: Wine Windows of Florence

Listen to “The Curious Case of the Wine Windows of Florence” on Spreaker. Lovers of wine and history, today we’re heading back to Florence to talk about something you may not even notice when you first visit the Renaissance city. But, once you know about them, you’ll be on the lookout for them on each […]

Episode #091: Learning Italian for your trip

Listen to “Learn Italian for your trip (and beyond) with this super fast method” on Spreaker. You don’t need to speak Italian when you visit most of the major tourist destinations in Italy,  but if you have at least a few phrases in your repertoire – you’ll have a much richer experience. And it just […]