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Episode #035: Venetian secrets – uncovering the soul of Venice

  Venice, built on water, is a city full of mystery and wonder. But many visitors skip through in a day, seeing the highlights but missing the shadows and subtlety and ultimately its people and soul. In this episode, we talk to Monica Cesarato, Venetian blogger and tour guide about what makes her city and […]

Episode #034: Lifting the lid on Bologna’s food culture

  If Italy has a food capital (and yes we know this is controversial!) then surely it must be Bologna.  Here you will find some of the country’s most recognized and best-loved produce and dishes and a commitment to food excellence. If you have even a passing interest in learning more about Italian cuisine then […]

Episode #033: Foodie finds in the Sabine hills near Rome

  Not far from Rome, you can step into another world when you visit the beautiful and ancient Sabine hills. Known for its abundant natural produce, historic hilltop towns, and artisan traditions, it’s an easy day trip from Rome. Or you may want to stay longer and soak up the peaceful rural atmosphere of the […]

Episode #031: Exploring Sicily’s Val di Noto

  Wondering where to find historic towns with sweeping piazzas, incredible food, and friendly people? Look no further than Sicily’s Val di Noto in the south east of the island. We’re joined by Sicily travel expert Karen La Rosa who takes us on a journey through pretty towns and colorful landscapes and shares some of […]

Episode #029: What to eat in Rome – must try dishes and where to try them

  Rome is one of the world’s great food cities. And it pays to have a plan for eating its iconic dishes when you get there. In this episode we share our best tips on what to eat in Rome – the best of the city’s pasta, pizza, street food and more. Of course you’ll […]

Episode #028: Best places to stay in Florence – neighborhoods to consider for your trip

  Wondering where to stay in Florence? The Renaissance city is small and compact but it has several distinct areas that will suit different types of travelers. Do you want to be right in the heart of the city or perhaps you prefer a quieter neighborhood? Do you want to splurge on a room with […]

Episode #027: How to choose where to stay in Rome – a district by district guide

  Are you getting overwhelmed by all the accommodation choices in Rome? It’s not surprising as there are over 700 hotels and around 30,000 AirBnB listings in the city. So you need to be strategic when you’re searching for the perfect place to stay. In this episode, we discuss seven districts in Rome that are […]

Episode #026: 10 things we wish we knew before our first trip to Italy

  When we asked our online community what they wish they knew before heading off on their first trip to Italy, so many people chimed in with their experiences, views, and excellent tips that we just had to share them. In this episode, we walk you through their thoughts and useful ideas for making the […]