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Episode #080: Picturesque towns of Puglia

Listen to “Favorite towns in Puglia (by a local)” on Spreaker. Puglia, a region in South Eastern, in the heel of Italy’s boot. Puglia is deservedly having its moment in the sun – with beautiful landscapes, white-washed towns with baroque architecture, turquoise waters, and the iconic Trulli houses. Show notes We talk to Nikki Taylor, […]

Episode #079: Maremma – Exploring Tuscany’s undiscovered coast

Listen to “A trip to the Maremma: Tuscany's Undiscovered Coast” on Spreaker. In Italy, summer means one thing – the beach! And with miles and miles of coastline to enjoy (7500 kilometers of coastline in fact!) In this episode, we head to the Maremma region in Tuscany. Covering almost a quarter of Tuscany, Maremma in […]

Episode #078: Family adventures in Rome and Sorrento

Listen to “Trip report: Family adventures in Rome and Sorrento” on Spreaker. An extended family adventure to Rome and Sorrento with a Mediterranean cruise thrown in for good measure! We get some top tips for traveling with young children (food and breaks feature heavily!) and hear all about the different types of travel you can […]

Episode #076: Popping Corks in the Prosecco Hills

Listen to “Popping Corks in the Prosecco Hills” on Spreaker. The Prosecco Hills can be found north of Venice, in Northern Italy. Prosecco is a fresh light sparkling wine that is perfect for any celebration, aperitivo or just because. It’s become increasingly popular and seems to have taken over the world in recent years! Show […]

Episode #072: Magical Lake Maggiore

Listen to “Magical Lake Maggiore” on Spreaker. Lake Maggiore, in Northern Italy, is one of Italy’s larger but lesser-known lakes, despite being just a stone’s throw from Milan and Lake Como. Discover more about this beautiful lake that straddles Italy and Switzerland.  Show notes We talk to Jo Mackay from villa specialists Bookings For You […]

Episode #071: Uncovering family history in Northern Italy

Listen to “Trip Report: Finding family in the Prosecco Hills” on Spreaker. Exploring parts of Northern Italy, in the home of Prosecco and how a family history connected to it, lead to a diversion from the usual Italian itinerary and onto an unexpected journey of discovery! Show notes We talk to Keith and Celeste Dickey […]