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Episode #059: Romantic Amalfi Coast weddings

Listen to “Amalfi Coast weddings – what dreams are made of!” on Spreaker. As it is San Valentino (Valentine’s Day), we are getting seriously romantic and talking about what it is like to get married on the Amalfi Coast, where hundreds of couples celebrate starting the journey of a lifetime together with family and friends […]

Episode #057: Tuscany’s Chianti region with Arianna Cini

Listen to “Tuscany’s Chianti region – idyllic countryside just minutes from Florence” on Spreaker. Tuscany’s beautiful Chianti region is a small but perfectly formed region, just south of Florence, is famous for its wine (which is worth the notoriety) but has so much more to offer, including a stunning landscape of sweeping hills, topped by […]

Episode #055: Picturesque Piedmont – lesser known region of wine and truffles!

Listen to “Piedmont: picturesque region of wine, chocolate and hidden treasures” on Spreaker. The Piedmont region in the north of Italy is often often-overlooked. Piemonte as it is known in Italian is a beautiful region, bordering France and Switzerland is best known for its wine, truffles, and royal connections. Show notes In an episode sure […]

Episode #054: Solo travel tips for an exciting Italian adventure

Listen to “Inspired by Eat, Pray, Love? Discover how to visit Italy as a solo traveler” on Spreaker. Italy is the perfect place to enjoy solo travel and for women particularly it is a popular choice. Inspired by Italian experiences in movies and books, like Eat, Pray, Love, we dig a little deeper into the […]

Episode #053: Planning the perfect Italy itinerary with Corinna Cooke

Listen to “Planning your dream Italy itinerary” on Spreaker. Ready to start planning your trip to Italy? Research has shown that planning trips for the future is a huge mood booster – so let’s start planning those trips and dreaming of Italy. We’ll share tips and processes for getting started and building your itinerary for […]

Episode #051: Christmas In Rome And Italy

Listen to “Christmas in Rome and Italy” on Spreaker. Merry Christmas or Buon Natale as it is in Italian! The Christmas season is a wonderful time to visit Rome and Italy. Being a Catholic country and the seat of the church in Rome, it’s an important time of year in the Eternal City and across […]

Episode #050: Josie’s Favorite Experiences to Enjoy in Italy

Listen to “Josie’s favorite experiences you must have when you visit Italy” on Spreaker. Seeing the sights of Italy is one thing but enjoying a moment of pure joy is quite another. If you ask us, travel is all about experiences and that’s exactly what we’re talking about with Josie in this episode. Josie reveals […]